"Finger Lights" Actually "Miniature Glow Sticks"

This vending machine at Fry’s advertises “Finger Lights” and shows a hand with rings on them showing colored lights shooting out of the fingers like the Green Lantern just got a bunch of technicolor friends. It seems, however, they don’t quite work as advertised as employees affixed a sign informing shoppers they are, in fact, tiny glow sticks. So they would create a localized glow around the finger rather than the beams of light shown in the picture. For that, you would want to get yourself an LED light, which you’re unlikely to find in a vending machine by the checkout, unless as a prize in The Claw game. Tipster Jacob writes, “I can just imagine the frustrated manager refunding yet another 50 cents to little Jimmy who whose ‘finger light’ was found lacking.”

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