Embattled Starbucks fired CEO Jim Donald and brought back company founder Howard Shultz. Maybe they’ll be forced to close down some stores. Won’t that be the day. [Economist]


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  1. esqdork says:

    I was in Seattle recently and went to a few independent coffee bars (actually, you can’t spit without hitting one in Seattle). At one place in particular, the latte was good and strong and made by someone who cared about what they were doing. It was like Starbucks before they became the fast-food equivalent of coffee. Walk into a Starbucks now and they’ve got multiple drink concoctions and microwave breakfast sandwiches and coffee that is not nearly as good as those indy places or even Peet’s. Howard should focus on the coffee and hire baristas that give a crap.

  2. Craig says:

    What does this have to do with Consumerist? (It’s also posted at least 12 hours late.)

  3. kalmakazee says:

    I LOVE Starbucks Coffee but it is a complete ripoff. If you LOVE a good cappuccino as much as me I recommend getting one of these.


    Once I got one I said “Goodbye Starbucks!”

    This cheap Cappuccino cup makes the best capuccinnos I ever had.

    First frost the Milk. Then add coffee, Sugar, and Cinnamon. Yummy!! :-D

  4. STrRedWolf says:

    NPR covered this: [www.npr.org]

    Howard’s going to shut down underperforming US stores, focus more on international stores, and get back to customer service.

  5. BadStoat says:

    I’m conflicted about this. What if he shuts down the Starbucks that’s across the street from another Starbucks in Houston? That would make me so sad.

  6. danwalter says:

    Howard never left the company. What he needs to do now is bring in a good turn around guy — like Jim Donald.