There’s a promotion going on right now whereby Comcast customers can get 6 months of internet for $19.99 per month. [SlickDeals]


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  1. GavinEstecado says:

    Just called, no luck. I was told there was a December special for existing cable customers to get 6 month high speed for 6 months, but other than that no dice.

    Would have been nice, I’ve been gouged ever since my $99 a month triple-play package expired 2 years ago and now I’m stuck paying nearly 175…..

  2. Electroqueen says:

    Not a good deal, considering what Comcast’s customer service and their messing with the bandwidth.

  3. jwissick says:

    I agree. That’s no deal.

  4. mrmysterious says:

    Our cable provider just became Comcast. I’m thinking about going with satellite.

  5. darkened says:

    I’ve used comcast for half a decade and could never be happier, that sucks for the rest of you. I wish their rates would be cheaper but since there is no such thing as competition for tv/internet, it’s not surprising.

  6. Walrii says:

    That’s no deal, I agree, but some of us don’t have any other option.

    I live in an apartment building/area where Comcast is the only cable company. Satellite is impossible (because I rent) and DSL is also out (unless they no longer require having a phone number / line with them as I use my cell phone exclusively).

    Either way, they just sent a letter out to me saying rates were going up… with this little trick, it seems otherwise :P

  7. theblackdog says:

    Not a deal at all, especially when it goes up to about $57 (In my area, check on your own) after the promo.

  8. alice_bunnie says:

    I won’t go back to Comcast for internet because we had them for a couple of years and almost daily the signal would drop out for no reason for an hour here, and hour there. We’ve gone to DSL and never had a problem. We’ve thought about going back, and recently asked a friend and he said, nope that still happens occasionally, so we won’t be doing that anytime soon.

  9. jtlight says:

    For all you naysayers, yeah, it’s not a deal, unless you’re already a Comcast customer, which I am. I am in the Chicago area. Called them up, asked about ongoing customer promotions, and in 5 minutes, I will save $20 a month on cable internet for the next 6 months. After that time, it will go up to $42.95/month, which I had been paying previously anyway.

    If you’re a customer, DO THIS!

  10. AbsoluteIrrelevance says:

    Not a chance. We’ve already seen how Comcast handles the responsibility of being an ISP. Or a cable operator. No customer service, high costs, and strangled internet.

  11. Carrnage says:

    I just tried to do this and the customer service rep I got on the phone said that this was only for new customers.

  12. Womblebug says:

    I called yesterday too, and they basically told me to go pound sand, have a nice day.

    Went and picked up three receivers and a dish from someone who wanted to get rid of them today. Will proceed from there. Have to keep the internet or there will be a revolt in the household, but their cable can go.

  13. faust1200 says:

    Not even if that paid me $19.99 a month. Oh snap!

  14. kinksville says:

    I just did this and the rep was extremely pleasant and polite. No arguments, no quibbling, just “Yes I see that promotion and that was the one I was thinking of applying”.

    I was going to leave a thank-you message for her with her supervisor, but unfortunately the hold-time (30 minutes plus) waiting for the supervisors VM kept me from doing that.

    So, Tiffany thank you for the great customer service!

  15. niteflytes says:

    My cable provider just sold out to Comcast, to my dismay.

  16. kevinhall says:

    I just called and it took me 45 minutes on hold but a friendly CSR transferred me to an even friendlier retention rep and they cut my bill by $75 a month for TV + Internet. It was actually way better than the promotional deal and they told me to call back anytime I saw a good deal that I might want and they’d try to lower my bill again. It was relatively easy and painless.

    Also, I’ve been with Comcast for over a year and the service has been fine except for one bad installer who messed up my carpet (but the guy they sent out to fix it was really good and apologetic). Occassional service problems have all been responded to quickly and effectively. I’m actually pretty happy with them. I’m in Metro Detroit.

  17. morganlh85 says:

    That practically ALWAYS have that “deal.” It works well if you have a roommate, so you can switch the cable back and forth between your names every six months and permanently keep the $20 a month deal.

  18. KivaWolf says:

    Wow and yet Time Warner (RoadRunner) has been having this deal since like 2 years (I think..). Although unlike Comcast, RR does give you the the $19.99 special for 6 months.

  19. tevetorbes says:

    Tried it- the local reps were complete boobs, told me that they could “do me a favor” by giving it to me for $24.95/mo even though I was an existing customer and that was for new customers.

    Nope- called 1-800-COMCAST, said “cancel” and “AT&T” in the same sentence and got the deal for $19.99/mo.

    Persistence is the key and YMMV, but it is possible.

  20. raspberryvixen says:

    I just called 1-800-COMCAST and wasn’t on hold for very long before I got a sweet CSR who knocked not only my internet down to $19.95 a month for a year…he also knocked my digital cable package down from $72.30 a month to $40-something (don’t remember the exact amount) a month. In fact, I’m getting almost a $20 credit towards the bill I have now that’s due on the 12th, and this whole thing is good until 1/31/2009!

    I started out by saying that Verizon offered me the $19.99 a month for life deal and that I was thinking of switching. Of course, YMMV. I’m speechless, ’cause all I really wanted was the cheaper internet, but the CSR gave me more, and I can call him back personally and add Comcast Voice for $19.99 a month at a later date!

  21. deadhouseplants says:

    Um, there sure are a lot of positive comments for Comcast here? Does Comcast have a Consumerist response crew working now. Eh, who knows, all I know is that of next week I will dump Comcast and get Verizon Fios. I’m making the switch because I’m offered greater speed for essentially the same price.

  22. V-effekt says:

    I called and said I was thinking of switching to FIOS (Pittsburgh area) and they said. “Hang on, well connect you to the appropriate person” She gave me $30 of a month permanently and 23 more channels.
    It actually is cheaper than Verizon now.

  23. disavow says:

    Caveat emptor. Standard practice is to give you the discount for six months, and then recoup it by continuing to bill you after you cancel.

  24. tebbster says:

    I just called Comcast and asked for the promotion. I was offered $24.99/month for six months or $29.99 for 12 months which pretty much saves the same amount as the $19.99 for six months. He then told me there would be a $1.99 fee to change the rate. His logic was, “If they send out a technician you pay for the service call, and this is just the equivalent of an electronic service call.” Interestingly when I protested he suddenly found the 12 month rate wasn’t valid for my area and only the $24.99 rate for six months would apply. Thanks Comcast!