5 Years, 6 iPods, and $1495 Later, You Just Want One That Works

Last week, Reader Andrew CC’d us on this email to Steve Jobs:

Mr. Jobs –

My name is Andrew [redacted], and I am an Apple consumer, and have been one for my entire life. I’ve been consistently impressed with the computers produced by your company, but have been sadly disappointed by all of my experiences related to your iPods.

I purchased my first iPod, a 10GB second generation model, when it was announced in 2002. It lasted for nearly a year before a hard drive failure caused it to cease working. I decided that it must have been a user error that caused this, and went ahead and purchased a 10GB third generation model shortly thereafter.

This iPod barely managed to survive for another year, I faced issues once I hit the six month mark, but I decided to keep using it until it died altogether. It did die, right when the new fourth generation classic with click wheel was announced.

I bought this iPod with a bit of uncertainty, not sure whether or not it was a good investment. I decided to buy the 40GB model, deciding that perhaps the smaller hard drives in my other iPods were somehow causing them to cease functioning.

Believe it or not, this iPod stopped working as well, a few months after the iPod Shuffle was announced.

Frustrated with my experiences, but still happy overall with Apple, I purchased a 1GB first generation iPod Shuffle, disappointed that I was forced to use it, but happy to have a portable way to listen to my music.

After about a year and a half of full functionality, I bought a fourth generation 20GB iPod off of eBay, and was pleased when I received it and it functioned perfectly. I used my iPod Shuffle and my classic iPod for nearly a year, when they both stopped working while I was doing work overseas. Stuck in another country with hours of train rides ahead of me, without any way to listen to my music, was enough impetus for me to buy the brand-new iPod directly from Apple as soon as I got back to the States. As luck would have it, the iPod Classic was announced a few weeks before I flew home, and I bought the 80GB model.

The same day I received it, the iPod showed signs of a corrupted hard drive, flashing notifications that “this disk cannot be read or written to” when I tried to sync it with my iTunes. I had to head overseas for more work at that point, and left the iPod at home to take care of upon my return. In late November I was home again and called AppleCare, explaining the issue. The next day I received a box, and soon thereafter I sent it back to Apple. (See repair number [redacted]) After about a week, I was contacted and told that there was nothing wrong with my iPod. Assuming that the problem must have fixed itself, I eagerly awaited the return of my iPod. Once I received it, I began to sync it to my iTunes, and the same exact error appeared, accompanied by a hard reset on the iPod. This occurred each time I attempted to sync it. Figuring the issue must be with my computer, I borrowed a friend’s iPod, but it had no problem syncing with my music library.

Mr. Jobs, over the past five years I have owned six iPods and spent roughly $1495 on the five I purchased directly from Apple. That’s $299 per year on iPods alone. In that same amount of time I have owned one Apple desktop computer and two Apple laptops, all of which still function perfectly.

My work has me traveling around the world constantly, and being able to listen to my music or watch my videos is a beginning to become an unattainable luxury for me as opposed to a convenience. In the past I have enthusiastically endorsed Apple products to the scores of people I meet every week. My experiences with my iPods are beginning to make me question my loyalty.

Mr. Jobs, all I ask from you is one iPod that works. That’s all I want.

Thank you very much for your time.


Today, Andrew contacted us with the following update.

Consumerist –

Late last week week I CC’d you on an to Steve Jobs regarding my problems with iPods over the past several years. A few days after my email was sent, I was contacted by an Executive Customer Service rep who, after a few days of phone tag, got me to explicitly describe the malfunction of my current iPod. After about twenty minutes of going into explicit detail, I was told that Apple would get back to me before Monday.

Today I was emailed an article from their support site, along with a few general suggestions for idiots (i.e. “are you running the latest version of iTunes?” “did you try restoring your iPod?”). I was told to call one of the executive relations reps directly. Over the phone I had made it clear that I have been an Apple consumer for many years and am familiar with all their general troubleshooting, and have browsed the support articles already. I’ve attempted to call the number I was given many times, and the representative has been unable to be reached all day.

I’ll give her a couple more days before I email Jobs again. My experience thus far has proved that Apple’s “Executive Customer Relations” department is a joke.

Hope this helps, if you’re considering covering yet another Apple customer’s story.


Yikes, Andrew. That is a shocking amount of iPods. Maybe its time for um, another brand of mp3 player? We suggest that you keep persisting in your attempts to get your (latest) iPod repaired. If you send it back enough times you can play the “lemon” card. Anyone else have advice for Andrew?



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  1. Trae says:

    Bet you most could have been easily fixed too…

    Of course, I am posting this from an iPod… :p

  2. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    It would seem Andrew is having problems primarily with the HD based iPods. Obviously they are more convenient for their extended storage capabilities, but how about trying one that’s flash-based (like a 16 gig iPod touch)? If the 10 gig was decent enough, then the 16 should be just fine…

  3. weggles90 says:

    You’d think after the… 2nd iPod he’d move on to a different brand?

  4. DAK says:

    At this point, if you haven’t given up on them, you probably never will. He’s smart not to respond, frankly. There’s no incentive for him to respond – he’s got $1,500 worth of proof that you’ll keep coming back.

  5. castlecraver says:

    It just works*

  6. Parting says:

    Just buy another brand. My mp3 Sony is 3 years old and my iRiver (bulky, but 20Gb) is 4, but working flawlessly. And this after being dropped several times.

  7. spinachdip says:

    This is kinda tragicomical. I mean, if Andrew isn’t going to switch brands, he should at least switch to a flash-based iPod, since hard disk failure seems to be his undoing.

    On the other hand, I still have a 3rd gen iPod from 2003 (the kind with the backlit buttons above the non-click-wheel) that’s still jamming away despite the moderate abuse I put it through.

    Sure, it doesn’t play video or hold 80GB of music, but 10 GB is just about right for me.

  8. warf0x0r says:

    Get a Zune, or something else. Don’t keep giving apple money.

    And with that said, back to my iPod that still works >:)

  9. hills says:

    ….and here I thought ipods were only supposed to work around a year anyway, right…? No…?

  10. hazeljemi says:

    I’m pretty sure that ipods are designed to eventually stop functioning. I don’t know anyone who uses one that is more than 2 years old. When they break, the new shiny ipod is out and you are so eager to upgrade that you use your broken one as an excuse and go ahead and get the new one.

  11. manok says:

    dear andrew,
    thank you for supporting apple and I hope you will continue purchasing our products. I decided to upgrade to the leather sport seats for my new Porsche. thanks again.


  12. karmaghost says:

    Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? Clearly you have no luck with iPods and probably should have given up long ago. I’m sorry, but the letter just seems so pointless.

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me [i]five times?[/i] Seek help.

  13. DJC says:

    I personally think that these mp3 players are disposable. IMO, I’d say average/expected lifespan is 1.5 years.

    I’ve owned a third gen iPod 10GB and that was basically my first mp3 player, it broke in a year and a few months. So I went and got a Zen MicroPhoto 8GB and that broke in 2 years and a few days. Now I’m using a SanDisk Sansa 8GB flash based player and I have had it for 1+ month. The iPod and ZMP both died due to one to many drops.

  14. awhile back i heard about the building for some oil corporation. The building had a history of the people working in it getting cancer. All sorts of investigations were launched, but no explanation could be found. A statistician got involved and said that it is just randomness at work.
    that’s the thing though, you just dont want to be working at the cancer building

  15. visualbowler says:

    hey so a suggestion, why not get the apple extended warranty? it seems so obvious and when you do have this type of issue, why not go to the genius bar at an apple store? maybe he doesn’t have one near him, but even still, after $1500 i would feel it worth it to figure out why my ipods were consistantly dying and have gone to one no matter how far away it were! especially if he travels often im sure he comes upon an apple store in his travels

  16. i mean, if you five coins simultaneously, they probably won’t come up all heads or all tails, but if a thousand people do it, its bound to occur somewhere. my point is that this guy just happens to be stuck with lots of bad ipods where others have good experiences with their ipod.

  17. spinachdip says:

    @hazeljemi: You don’t know me, but mine’s been working for 4.5 years.

  18. swalve says:

    What’s this guy doing to his stuff that every ipod he’s ever owned breaks?

  19. Major-General says:

    Two Words: Sandisk Sansa.

  20. Leiterfluid says:

    I hate to say it, but this is where buying from a brick and mortar store like Best Buy might be more convenient. You have the benefit of doing an in-store exchange for at least 14 days after the date of purchase.

    He never said if he tried to sync his friends library onto his (broken) iPod. I’d like to see how that would turn out.

  21. consumed says:

    Two Words: Planned Obsolescence. The iPods are not designed to last more than 3 years max… thus to keep you buying, spending, and being a good consumer.

  22. new and troubling questions says:

    @hazeljemi: I must be incredibly lucky, in that case; I know a lot of people whose ipods stopped working within a few years, but I’ve had my ipod mini, 6gb, since it first came out (nearly 3 years now), and I’ve had no problems. The battery did die out, but i replaced it with a kit, on my own, for about $15, and it otherwise works perfectly. I must be an exception to the rule, I guess.

  23. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Andrew must have magnets for hands! That is crazy!

  24. spinachdip says:

    @warf0x0r: I’d suggest that too, but Zune doesn’t play nice with Macs. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling Andrew’s running a Mac. Just a hunch.

    @swalve: That was my next thought – does he have some sort of crazy seizure that he doesn’t know about and he’s banging his iPod against hand surfaces unbeknownst to him? Does he go on space shuttle missions frequently? Does he live next to a magnetic force-emitting rock? There’s gotta be more to the story, right?

  25. btdown says:

    I had an ipod a few years ago. It died 1 month out of warranty. They refused to do anything for me… I will NEVER EVER buy applie products again. They dont live up to the hype, and they don’t stand behind their products. You are pretty stupid to keep forking over money for products that continually disappoint.

  26. GEli says:

    @visualbowler: Never mind the extended warranty – of the five iPods Andrew mentions, 3 were still under warranty when they failed, and the remaining two probably would’ve been covered too had he been persistent enough with pressing the issue! I had the HD fail after a year and a bit on my old iPod Photo, and a simple call to Apple and a quick chat with the manager was enough to get me a new iPod for the cost of shipping. The email fails to note if Andrew attempted to make a warranty claim on any of them, but had he attempted to and been rejected I feel it probably would have been noted. To not make a warranty claim on a defective piece of hardware while it’s still under warranty is just plain stupidity/laziness.

    Hard drive based MP3 players are really quite a bad idea if you move a lot while using them. Stabilizing an HD is not an easy thing to do, and it takes very little to break them (though some manufacturers are better than others – as has been noted). You’re not buying a hammer – it’s a sensitive piece of equipment that you jostle about in your pocket while a bunch of small discs spin at 7200RPMs inside the casing, and eventually something is going to go wrong and those discs will get damaged. Might I suggest, Andrew, that you invest in a flash based MP3 player in the future?

  27. dantsea says:

    I really don’t want to go there, but there I shall leap:

    While Andrew’s luck is unfortunate and annoyingly expensive, isn’t it more than just remotely possible that such consistency indicates there’s a pattern of something happening on the user’s end?

    You may now shriek at me for blaming the consumer.

  28. pureobscure says:

    You’d have to be a die-hard (i.e. idiotic) Mac fan to buy that many iPods. If I have something die on me within a year of buying it, I am done with that brand.

    I’ve had my 20 GB iPod for about three years. It’s been physically ok, but it gets corrupted and requires a rebuild every few months. When it dies I’ll be buying an 80 GB Zune.

  29. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Dear Andrew,

    We appreciate your loyalty to Apple products and we are confident that Apple will address the issues you have brought up. Please don’t give up on Apple. And please continue to buy more Apple products while your previous and existing issues are being investigated.

    Apple Shareholders


    Just a wild guess here; But either this guy has the worst luck with Apple products in general. Or he doesn’t realize that hard drives are semi-fragile and get be damaged from abuse/neglect. I’m still not sure how his Shuffle died. That’s probably the most trouble-free ipod. Also, I don’t get this part..

    Stuck in another country with hours of train rides ahead of me

    Just speculating here.. but maybe he’s in a country with high humidity and it’s causing the ipods to malfunction?

    More details are needed on this story.

  30. forgottenpassword says:

    I can only speak from personal experience….

    I have owned an ipod mini for years now…. I use it in my vehicle mostly….. and I have had no issues with it at all. And it still has its original battery.

    I wonder how many times this guy has dropped his ipods while they were operating….. because you can damage the ipod’s harddrive that way. I have only dropped mine once (a four foot drop on concrete with no protective cover on the ipod) … of course it was not in use (harddrive spinning) when it happened. I continue to use this ipod (mini) to this day.

  31. parnote says:

    I bought my wife an iPod Shuffle two Christmases ago … and it is still going strong. But it’s stories like this that make me glad that I have opted to go with “non-mainstream” MP3 players (sold by RCA, Lexar, etc.) that rely on a modest amount of built-in memory and allow the use of SD memory cards to expand that memory. I can keep as many SD memory cards as I want filled with music, sorted how I like it. They are INEXPENSIVE, reliable, and available just about anywhere. Plus, I have quite a number of SD memory cards lying around for use with my digital cameras … so I always have memory resources around.

    I currently use an RCA MP3 player that I paid all of $12 for two Christmases ago … and it’s still going strong. My wife and I just purchased a Lexar MP3 player (yep! that uses SD memory cards!) as a Christmas present for her brother … and got it for just a little over $12 on Amazon.com. Add to that a 1 GB SD memory card we found for just under $10 … and he now has a portable music solution (playing over 10 hours of music) for under $25!

  32. Crazysamz says:

    Solution- Get a Zune, it will last so much longer for you. If you have a Mac (you said you were a Mac purchaser for all of your life), then get a pc or run parallels, it’s that good of a PMP, good enough to switch your OS.

  33. Trick says:

    Ah, Apple’s finest fanboi’s can always be counted on buying more of the same crap because Apple is good!

    Apple’s market share has raised a few points, that is true but mainly because the same sheeple are out buying new products to fix their broken 1 to 2 year old products.

  34. parad0x360 says:

    Sounds like user error to me…

    I have a original ipod, an ipod mini and an ipod 5 gig. All get heavy use, all have been dropped many times, left out in the cold, left in extreme summertime car hear.

    All of them still work just fine, the ipod mini battery still lasts more then 3 hours and the ipod 5g still pass’s the 10 hour mark. Each ipod is used almost daily by me or someone in my family.

    There is no way by freak chance this guy has gone through so many ipods…im sorry this story just stinks of bull****. He is doing something wrong.

  35. DAK says:

    @chouchou: I had the 1st gen Sony 20 GB player, and it was spectacular. All my iDud owning friends even had to admit the sound quality was far and away superior. Unfortunately, my dumb ass spilled a beer on it and the buttons eventually glued into place.

    Zune has grown on me a lot, especially with the upgrades that came out with the new model.

  36. MercuryPDX says:

    Maybe its time for um, another brand of mp3 player?

    DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner! Close commenting after that one.

    A bunch of us got 60GB “iPod + HP” ‘s from a client as a thank you present. One died in 4 months, refusing to power up ever again. Another held out for 9 or so months, before the headphone jack stopped working. Mine died in about a year later after a day of grinding noises. I don’t think they were meant to last forever, but I have yet to see one go beyond a year or two before needing to be replaced.

    Not saying Apple makes a crappy product, just saying adjust your expectations on an iPods lifecycle before you sink $1500 dollars into six of them.

  37. Um, I would tend to think user error after so many of the same kinds of problems.

    I have a 60GB iPod photo…four years old, never even done a hard reset. My wife’s 30GB iPod video still works great after over two years of use. My sister’s 3G iPod? Still going strong after five years.

    I have to think that at this point, you either have extraordinarily bad luck or you’re doing something wrong. Having worked with Executive Relations at Apple (before Steve came back, about ten years ago) I know they very carefully look at all your previous technical cases before doing anything…and that if there’s a shadow of a doubt that Apple might be in the wrong, they just replace stuff to make customers happy.

    Obviously, there’s something else going on here.

  38. cosby says:

    I have to agree with the others asking why he didn’t do warranty claims on some of the ipods as a bunch of them were in warranty. You can’t bitch so much if you don’t give them a chance to fix the issue.

    At this point though one must wonder what the consumer is doing to these and how well he is treating them.

  39. MercuryPDX says:

    @Petrarch1603: We had an office chair whose occupant always got fired within three months. No real rhyme or reason behind it, no way to prove cause an effect, but it was ALWAYS fun to swap out the chair at someones desk with it.

  40. LisaLives says:

    I agree with everyone who pointed out that this is a case of planned obselesence. I’m on my fourth or fifth iPod and each of them died somewhere between a year and 15 months, tops. I’m not hurling them up against the wall or anything, but I
    use iPods for several hours each day.

    I really like the way iPods work, and like Andrew, by the time my crrent pod dies I’m usually jonesing for whatever feature the latest one has, so I
    graze like a good little sheep into the Apple store to get the latest.

    Do I feel ripped off? I honestly don’t. I use these devices constantly and recognize that they last a little over a year. I’ve checked out other mp3 players and I just like iPods a lot better.

    Having said all that, I do think that given their lifespan, they should be somewhat cheaper.

  41. Bladefist says:

    Andrew, thank you, my apple stock soared while you repeatedly proved your lack of intelligence

  42. vastrightwing says:

    Buy the cheapest DAP you can get away with. Use it until it breaks or you loose it. Then buy a new one.

    $50 X 10 is still way cheaper than what you spent.

    Don’t waste your $ on warranties or Apples. These are throw-away items not meant to last very long.

  43. I should probably add: what are you doing to your hard disk-based iPods that causes them to fail?

    @dougm: The only premature failures I’ve seen on iPods have been from people who don’t take care of their purchases. Leaving their iPods on the dashboard/hot car during summer, dropping them, leaving them in the rain…no player is indestructible, but as you can tell from my post above, the iPods I have experience with are pretty damned sturdy, including my mom’s U2 iPod – four years and going strong.

  44. MercuryPDX says:

    @LisaLives: Thank you.

  45. nichomiz says:

    There’s a word for people like Andrew…..masochist.

  46. backbroken says:

    Dear god!!! My iPod broke and now I’m being denied my fundamental human right of having my entire music collection everywhere I go!!! Won’t somebody think of the children!!!!!

    Buy a Zune.

    How many transistor radios can $1500 buy? Do they sell those anymore?

  47. evslin says:

    That’s dedication.

  48. Sparkstalker says:

    Two pieces of advice for Andrew. First, as has been said, buy another brand MP3 player. Second, buy a degaussing machine for your hands.

  49. sporks says:

    You know what some people consider to be a definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sheesh. Get a Creative or Sansa already!

  50. Thorny says:

    I think sometimes we have to remember that occasionally people distort their letters to get what they want. I’m not saying this guy did, but it seems like awfully bad luck.

    For example, I have a friend that writes letters all the time claiming the item in question just happened to break, but he leaves out the part about how it was dropped from a 3rd floor balcony or in his pocket when he go pushed into a pool.

  51. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice three times four times five times six times, shame on me.

    Edward Magnethands.

  52. nequam says:

    Still rockin’ my 2d gen 10GB iPod.

  53. MYMHM says:

    One thing not mentioned is whether or not he’s invested a lot in music purchased off iTunes. If so, he’s pretty much stuck buying these over and over. Though with that kind of failure rate, he must be made out of magnets…

    We keep saying we’ll buy an iPod for my wife when her Rio Cali dies. It’s been dropped, flung into walls, soaked in her purse, pretty much abused for the last four years. It just keeps coming back for more!

  54. theutopian says:

    Has this dude tried restoring the ipod? You could use the restore function in iTunes or open up Disk Utility and just wipe the hard drive then reinstall using the Itunes restore function.

  55. gniterobot says:

    I have a 1st gen, 3rd and new one…all work great.

    I am guessing user error, this is beyond coincidence.

  56. rockergal says:

    my little Phillips mp3 player is still rockin’. It was half the $ than for an Ipod and no need for Itunes junk.
    plust I love the whole touch screen style it has.

  57. Rootman says:

    I still have my original first generation iPod purchased in January 2002. Eighteen months ago, my wife dropped it off the back of a motorcycle going 35 MPH. I found it in pieces strewn across the road. The back cover had popped off at impact, as had the scroll wheel (mechanical back in those days).

    When I reached down to pick it up I could see that it was still playing. I did end up having to replace the battery which was dented but everything just snapped back together and continues to work well to this day. I have moved on to an iPhone and my wife has a nano but my stepson still uses the original on a regular basis.

    FYI – Apple did replace my iPhone due to a touch screen problem but that experience was without a doubt the best customer service I have ever experienced from any retailer (The human being who answered my call at 1.800.MY.IPHONE was even in the same city (Boise, Idaho).

  58. ZekeSulastin says:

    The Creative Zen Xtra (30 GB) I got about 3.5 years ago still works perfectly, save needing a new battery (which is user replaceable!).

    Granted, this thing has taken abuse up to dropping about 6 ft onto concrete with forward momentum while the drive was spinning; the only damage was cosmetic.

    I personally no longer use it – I upgraded to a Zen Vision:M last year – but my younger sister has it and it is still quite awesome. As mentioned above, you ought to consider another brand.

  59. sleze69 says:

    I bought a gmini 400 like 3 or 4 years ago. No bloatware required to install music (just copy the mp3s into the music folder). No hacks required to use it as a hard drive. Video playback. Integrated CF card reader. User hacked to play Sega Master System and Nintendo games. Still works today.

    Good luck with your Ipod.

  60. gmark2000 says:

    I have three iPods from 2002 to last year. They all work fine. Andrew has lemon-luck I guess.

  61. ludwigk says:

    I have the original 1st gen 5G FW, 1st gen shuffle, and 4th gen 20GB U2. My GF has 1st gen 5G, a 2nd gen shuffle, 4th gen 20GB, and an 80GB 5.5th gen. All of them work. Two of them have been serviced (swapped out) for cosmetic defects, but there have been no actual product failures.

    Three of his iPods failed under warranty. He should have gotten them serviced! This alone would have cut his iPod expenditures in half. Additionally, if he was having bad luck with his iPods, he should have invested in iPod AppleCare for the expensive ones, to give them another year of warranty.

    If you have a product UNDER WARRANTY that fails, but you don’t do anything about it, then you complain about it later, you deserve no sympathy. All electronics will fail over time, and it is unfortunate, but not impossible to get a streak of 5 bad products in a row. But that’s why products have warranties and extended service plans. That is how Apple stands behind their products, and Andrew didn’t give them a chance to show him

  62. Pink Puppet says:

    @ZekeSulastin: The Creative Zen line is amazingly durable. My 6GB Micro has taken horrible abuse because I’m such a klutz, and it’s still going after the several years I’ve had it. It isn’t exactly the prettiest little thing now, admittedly, but I’d have probably murdered a dozen iPods in that time frame.

  63. bitplayer says:

    I screwed up my mini after nearly three years I left the cord connected in my pocket and did something bad to the logic board. My suggestion is to get $5 silicone case for your ipod and you can drop it all the time with little problems.

  64. Did I mention that the iPod Photo that has lasted me four years also fell out of my Explorer at ~50 miles per hour, (slid across the dashboard in a curve and flew out the window) tumbled for 100 feet on the asphalt shoulder, and has played just fine for two more years?

    Of course, I don’t leave it on the charger all day, leave it in hot cars all day, subject it to freezing temperatures, or run the battery to nothing regularly…

    Batteries and hard drives treat you well if you treat them well…even with the occasional mishap.

  65. @ludwigk: Three of his iPods failed under warranty. He should have gotten them serviced!

    Well, that would ruin the narrative of Apple being a bad company. Which they are, by and large, not.

  66. comopuedeser says:

    6 ipods in 5 years. He must have drank some bad water somewhere.

  67. @backbroken: Buy a Zune.

    Which uses the same components and is built alongside the iPod in China.

    The top-tier company that specs the product has almost nothing to do with end-user quality. Microsoft, Sandisk, Apple…they all use many of the same components. In the case of the Zune and the flash-based iPods, most of the components are the same. So pick what you will – just don’t expect a Microsoft product to somehow be light years ahead of the Apple product in quality.

  68. miran says:

    I practice the Trickle down mp3 player theory. My Brother has my first Ipod (30GB) – still in use and about 5 yrs old, my old 60gb photo – 3 years old is still running. I did have to reset it frequently though, kept trying to over fill the drive. It doesn’t like that.
    and my newest is the 80GB 5-gen video that is about 1.5 yrs old. I thinks this is the proper size for me – i’ve not yet crashed it by over filling.
    all working.
    I have been pleased. I do however always buy them with my American express card for the double the warrantee deal.

  69. Leah says:

    I want to know what the hell people do to their ipods. I’ve got a 3g ipod that is still going strong after 4 years. Heck, my older brother’s 2g ipod is 5+ years old and went through two tours of duty in Iraq, and it still works just fine.

  70. Leah says:

    @DJC.: sounds like you need a case for your mp3 players (and to be more careful with them). Also, might want to try flash players in the future.

    Plus, how serious are these drops? Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve dropped by ipod 5-10 times while working out (over the course of 4 years), and I’ve still not had a problem with it.

  71. univision says:

    I have 6 iPods and they ALL still work, (including a 2nd gen) Sounds like Andrew needs to switch brands, stop breaking iPods and move to Vegas to become a “cooler”. Thats some crappy luck.

    Go get a Zune, Andy.

  72. mcjake says:

    Has he taken any of them to the apple store to hand over to a genius for diagnosis? That’s the first step for me. Show them the problem, an answer typically follows. Something is missing from this story. I’ve had three ipods since 2003 and not a single one of them ever failed. If you drop them, they will break.

  73. madog says:

    Hard drives die, it’s just a matter of time [especially those small ones]. I explain this to every customer that walks into our store who is considering purchasing one of the big Pods. Mainly to the ones that are looking for an armband for their Video Pods [a big no-no]. Also, that they have a 1 year warranty and Apple will generally replace it unless there is a crack or dent on the Pod. This comment from the OP:

    “This iPod barely managed to survive for another year, I faced issues once I hit the six month mark, but I decided to keep using it until it died altogether. It did die, right when the new fourth generation classic with click wheel was announced.”

    Why not get it replaced under the warranty? Why continue to use something that is essentially broken from the get-go and then complain when it finally “dies”? And further more, why does Apple require you to buy an upgrade to your OS every couple of years which is required by a new version of an iPod just to make your shiny new iPod work [yet it will work on a 5 year old version of XP]? Well it’s about the bottom-line: your money.

    And even further more, being such an unlucky fellow, why the hell didn’t you ever buy the additional 2-year iPod warranty? It’s not really a scam when you go through 6 of them in such a short period of time.

    I get plenty of people coming in to replace their batteries or or screen on their 3rd, 2nd, and even 1st gen. iPods. They take care of their quipment but more than likely or some of the lucky few.

    Wait a minute, I just thought of something else to bitch about, why didn’t you ever try to get any of these iPods fixed until the last one? While traveling the world you must have come across at least a few Apple stores or are otherwise able to search google for some sites that will do it for you or some guides that will help you help yourself.

    You might as well put on a condom after you’ve had sex and then write a letter to her father telling him it’s because of his daughters faulty ovaries.

  74. North of 49 says:

    My ipod shuffle is two years old. I’d be happy to send it to Andrew. I HATE Apple products with a vengeance ever since I walked into an Apple store with money in hand to pick up an item for an Apple loving friend who sent me there to get it for him. I was wandering around the store for 20 minutes waiting for one of their geek staff to help me. What do they do instead? They go and help the other two people who come in AFTER me.

    I had enough. I went to the first one who was free and gave him an earful. Not an acknowledgement nothing. And I spent over 300$ picking up whatever it was I was picking up.

    Want a shuffle?

  75. rolla says:

    if you didnt do anything wrong, then youre an idiot for constantly buying the same product over and over again. By the 2nd time, dont you think you should have tried another brand?? there are better players out there.

  76. deserthiker says:

    In my household we have EIGHT iPods. All work great, thank you very much.

    This guy sounds like someone who should invest in Applecare and double the warranty on his products and also get him TWO years of support.

  77. ironchef says:

    Funny, my original ipod 20GB with click wheel still works like a champ.

    What gives with his endless ipod malfunctions? User error?

  78. m4nea says:

    two words…extended warranty.

    iPods have a 33% fail rate…just buy the effing warranty, and you would have spent about a third as much on your iPods.

    Even if you don’t want to do that, if they die inside a year, SEND THEM BACK don’t just buy new ones…what’s wrong with you?

  79. denon says:

    hmm, my original Creative Nomad is still working perfectly, over a decade later? Perhaps you should choose a company that’s more interested in engineering than the flavor of their cases. :)

  80. m4nea says:

    @North of 49: you are an ass. Ask for help, or get a job in retail for a week before you start yelling at people.
    You are the kind of person that makes my job hell some days.

  81. Topcat says:

    My 3G 15GB iPod lasted nearly two years and it was a constantly rocky ride. My Zen Vision:M is now 18 months old and I’ve had absolutely zero issues with it, aside from Creative’s rubbish software. No contest as to whom I’ll be buying my next MP3 player from.

  82. dabean says:

    Andrew, you seem to be suffering from hard drive issues. The iPod Shuffle lasted pretty long for you from what you read and it is flash memory based.

    Invest in an iPod Nano, or any flash-based memory player, I trust them much more than hard drive players because of the fact there are no moving parts.

  83. varco says:

    @GEli: The 1.8″ HDD’s you find in mp3 players spin at 4200 rpm (or maybe even slower), not 7200 rpm. 7200 rpm is the upper end for the notebook-sized 2.5″ drives. But the point you make is dead on. This is a case of a little bad luck and a lazy/stupid consumer.

    Sometimes I get the impression some Apple customers not only expect that the standard off-the-shelf components that Apple uses (HDD, mobo, processor, graphics card, lcd panel, battery, etc) are sprinkled with some magical fairy dust that makes they magically better (must be something left over from the magical PowerPC days), but also that His Steveness will personally solve all their problems.

  84. coren says:

    I got a Creative Jukebox Nomad Zen Xtra (and I’m sure I ordered those names wrong and left about 8 out) in August of..05 I suppose, and despite numerous drops and basically living in the junkyard that is my backpack, still chugging along with the occasional hiccup. (Just couldn’t bother with a program that forced you to use their software).

    I’m not saying Andrew should buy the one I have, even if it’s still available. What I am saying is, though, that other brands are out there, and can be arguably better than iPods.

    @ludwigk: That’s what, six iPods? Who needs SIX, even between two people?

  85. BugMeNot2 says:


    Step 1: Go to local China Town IT store
    Step 2: Buy knock off for 1/10th the cost (they work wonderfully)
    Step 3: Go to thepiratebay.org
    Step 4: Fill iPod for free
    Step 5: Send these instructions to Steve Jobs and inform him that you will no longer be needing assistance from Customer Service
    Step 6: Pass these instructions on to your friends.

    Happy, pappy?

  86. twstinkers says:

    I have had at least five different mp3 players, including a second generation Ipod. There was a Sony, Archos, Creative Nomad Jukebox and another one which I can’t remember. The only ones that still work to this day are all except the Ipod and the Archos Av400. Ipod died first, within 2 years of purchase and the Archos crapped out because the battery tanked and I didn’t want to send it to the company for a replacement. That being said, no more Ipods for me. Evah.

  87. HawkWolf says:

    I fifteenth or whatever the notion that this person might have been abusing his ipod(s) and not taking advantage of the warranty.

    Without a warranty, my clickwheel iPod died after about two years. The cause? hard drive failure. The real cause? Me dropping it onto concrete about 15 times. Without a case.

    it’s possible he enjoys using an ipod, and not other players. comparing an ipod to my friend’s Sansa e250 (I think that’s the model; it’s basically a SanDisk nano)…. iPod, ipod ipod ipod. ipod? ipod!

  88. tcabeen says:

    Perhaps he should get himself tested for some sort of personal electromagnetic disturbance? I’ve had trouble with iPods, but they’ve always been battery related. The hard drives and flash memory all worked great. In fact, my fiancee has my old 30G iPod Photo, and aside from being scratched to illegibility and hell, and an unreasonably short battery life, it works beautifully.

    In fact, my even-older 1st gen Mini still works. The battery even holds a charge for 3 full minutes… usually.

  89. missdona says:

    iPod zombie. After the second one he should have been done.

    And maybe talk to a therapist–

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  90. gothfae says:

    @Crazysamz: Wow.. can you tell the future? Aince the Zune was released in November of ’06… that means it’s hardly been out long enough for you to tell us if it wil last longer or not. And if this person has a problem with environment, it might not last any longer at all. I know people still using their 1st and 2nd gen iPods, I myself have a particularly ancient Rio, as well as 3 iPods that all work, and 2 of those iPods predate the Zune by quite a bit.

  91. stephenjames716 says:

    sorry for all the trouble you are having man. I have a 4th Gen, 20GB model that luckily is still jamming away. I want to get a video, or even a tough for that matter, but won’t until this one kicks the bucket. It did have a defective battery, but it was replaced due to the recall.

  92. cashmerewhore says:

    Hmmm, my 4G 20GB lasted a good three years, until I spilled rootbeer in my purse at a family reunion (I’m not very coordinated). Afew weeks after the sticky bath it called it quits (I had afew scares and ressurections in that time). It was a free iPod (oh yes, I did that stuff), and after its demise, I bought a zune.

    Even though microsoft has recently launched a new zune, I love my clunky pink 1G zune.

  93. optikinescant says:

    Oi vei. This is some serious bad luck. In our household we have a first gen 5gb ipod, a 1st gen 1g shuffle, a 2nd gen 7gb nano, and a 3rd 20gb gen ipod and they all have worked fine since the day of purchase. I’m not saying ipods are flawless as I’ve heard the horror stories, but 5 ipods thats all fail, you’re doing it wrong is the only thing I can think of.

  94. crazyflanger says:

    Um here is some advise, don’t buy apple computers cuz they ain’t got no gahems.


  95. DAK says:

    I’m amazed at how many people are pushing extended warranties. The moral of the story: You know it’s not going to work, so spend extra to make sure you can get it fixed. Then wait for it to break again. Why not just not spend the money at all?

  96. I feel bad for the guy. My 60 gig iPod Photo that I got when it was brand new is still working like a charm. If my iPod had failed on me there’s no way I’d have gotten another one considering its the only piece of Apple hardware I’ve ever owned.

  97. coaster.n3rd says:

    Buy a Zune. In the course of one year I have dropped in water, dropped on the sidewalk, had it thrown around the car in an accident which dented the case and had it stolen and recovered less than a week later and it works fine. I gave up on the iPod after my 3rd one.

    Not to mention it does everything an iPod does, has an FM tuner, allows me to take music from other Zune users and never lets me down. It may not be as popular or pretty as an iPod, but I’ve found that looks and popularity mean about as much as it did in High School.

  98. IrisMR says:

    Time to move on and get something else.

    Myself I’m having massive troubles with RCA. First MP3 player I had of RCA, the casing just cracked all over with normal use – it looked like I had crushed it and yet I didn’t. So I returned it to Circuit City (I know I know) and these guys just go “Oh we don’t fix that, we exchange it. But that model is not manufactured anymore so we can exchange it for another and you pay the difference”

    There was none with the same price, at least none that would have a screen at the same price. I don’t care about MP4 capabilities, I have a PSP for that. I just wanted a decent looking menu. Now, of course, I had to pay the difference. I went from a 90 bucks to a 130 bucks. Yay. They even dared increase my instore guarantee’s cost.

    But that new MP3’s nothing better. This is the THIRD ONE of that model I get. First one died and would not turn on anymore. I get it exchanged. Second one does similar crap but randomly. If I would plug it on the USB it would turn on for a couple times. I go back to get it exchanged (Only had it for 3 days) and the clerk start babbling that I probably put a MP3 with a virus on my player. Obviously he thinks that serving a girl means you can try to pull any shitty excuse you can imagine because they don’t know technology or something. Nevertheless they give me a new one.

    It was broken right out of the box. Whenever I touch the headphone jack, the radio SCREAMS buzzes in my head. Doesn’t do that with MP3s thankfully. RCA? You suck!!

    I give up. I’m now saving to go buy a new player of another brand somewhere else.

  99. tasselhoff76 says:

    I have an iPod that is a little over two years old. It has worked fine until it met Vista. Ever since then, it’s hit or miss as to whether it will synch (or even be recognized) by iTunes. I tried working with Apple and the folks at ZoneLabs that make my Internet security suite. All that they were able to conclude was that *something* had to be conflicting with the iTunes program. They wanted me to run through msconfig and go app by app to figure out which application it might be. Stupid technology.

  100. m.ravian says:

    my ipod is almost three years old and still functioning flawlessly. *knocks on wood*

    frankly, i don’t blame Andrew for continuing to try iPoda, even though they continue to poop out on him, simply for the fact that there is no comparable device for the iPod on the market today (just my opinion, of course).

    i’ve seen numerous friends go through the same thing, and i think at least part of the reason that their iPods were crapping out on them is that they were downloading songs from random song sites (or Limewire or the like) that might be corrupted somehow. this is something i have never done and will never do.

  101. MrEvil says:

    I have spent $0 on an iPod. Though I do have a mini that I saved from the garbage. It wouldn’t power up when I got it, just sit there and charge so I took it apart, reassembled and it’s been working fine except for a few scuffs from when the previous owner chucked it into the garbage can. I’ve upgraded it to an 8GB Compact Flash card and changed the battery out.

    Of course, I would have learned my lesson after the 2nd defective iPod if not after the first.

  102. smoothtom says:

    Stop the battered wife syndrome and quit buying these things. What’s so wrong with not having music piped into your brain constantly, anyway? Are you so devoid of inner dialogue and imagination that you need constant auditory stimulation? Grow up, stop buying toys, and quit bitching about blowing over a thousand bucks on Apple garbage.

  103. bigsss says:

    Perhaps you should consider changing to another MP3 player. I have no problems with it. Back in 2004, I also purchased for my kids Creative Labs 30G Zen touch. They are like bricks, but have never failed and still work flawlessly. I recently upgraded for my kids to the Zen Vision and Zen V, only because of the video playback capabilities. Both are working great and my wife and inherited their old MP3 players.

  104. SwampAssJ says:

    Only an apple fan boy would buy 50 of the same item before going “HEY! These shouldn’t all break in 12 months, let me call customer service.” Expect to hear about his new terrific 8th Iphone next week.

  105. kretara says:

    I have a bunch of iPods.

    I have a first generation 5Gb iPod that worked perfectly up until early last year when its hard drive failed.

    I bought a 20Gb click wheel (third gen ??) to replace the one above. It works almost flawlessly.

    My wifes 20Gb second generation (I think) iPod always had battery issues, but it is still working in our base station, but only holds a 20 minute charge.

    I have a 512mb shuffle (stick) that died six months after I got it. The thing will work as a USB drive, but won’t play music.

    I have a 2Gb Nano (first gen.) that is flawless.

    My daughter has a 1Gb shuffle (belt clip) that is moody about sync’ing with my Mini, but otherwise works fine.

    My other daughter has a 4Gb Nano (second gen.) that is also flawless.

  106. muddgirl says:

    Patient: “Doctor, my arm hurts when I move it like this.”

    Doctor: “Then stop moving it like that!”

    Andrew [Redacted] could learn a thing or two. There are tons of quality mp3 players on the market today, both flash and hard-drive based. I bought a 2GB flash-drive mp3 player from Creative for 60 bucks – a similar i-Pod Mini is like, 200 or something. Hard drives, especially “portable” hard drives, fail; it’s inevitable. The only question is, “What will Andrew do in the future to protect his purchases?”

  107. econobiker says:

    Do they have an ipod or mp3 player that looks like an old cassette tape yet? I want one of those!

  108. v12spd says:

    I’d like to take a moment and suggest an Archos 605 Wifi variant of Mp3 players. You get all the features of an iPod touch, a simple TiVo, and in incredibly full featured PMP. For the same price as any of the iPod lineup or less.

  109. barty says:

    This sounds exactly like episodes I went through with some folks in my days of repairing laptops. Some folks would just burn through hard drives like there was no tomorrow. You’d give them another laptop (just to eliminate the possibility that the laptop has other problems) and they’d still come back a month or two later with a clicking drive.

    I’m not saying that this guy hasn’t in fact received numerous defective iPods, but the odds of that happening have got to be astronomical. I’m willing to bet it is a case of operator error/abuse or some environmental factor that keeps killing his iPods. I don’t think buying another brand of mp3 player will help either, most, if not all, are still susceptible to the same problems if you don’t handle them right.

  110. xgenius says:

    The iPods are complete junk. Yes they look cool and are easy to use, but they are poorly made. At the apple store I worked at we would replaced hundreds a week. And the refurbed replacements are worse than the brand new ones. The sad thing is everyone at Apple knows this. All tthe Genii and store managers, yet they try and blame the customer and blame the problems on Windows based PCs. It’s a joke.

  111. Froggmann says:

    The chain of events this guy has had seems a bit strange to me. My GF has had her 20 GB HP iPod for rolling on 3 years I have had my 60 GB for about 2.5 years or so and neither has ever failed. Even her little nano still works well with being a in-car MP3 player for close to 2 years.

    Keep in mind this is comming from a non-apple fanboy. In fact, while I admire the things they don’t like me. Macs lock up when I’m near, I’ve had a couple of lockups with my iPod and when I went to the apple store to get the GF her iPhone the model I was screwing with got jittery and the store’s POS system went down.

  112. 00exmachina says:

    Most of the problems with my ipod have been fixed by popping the thing open and reseating the ribbon cable attached to the hard drive. I’ve experienced most of the symptoms listed by the original poster.

    I’ve gotten pretty good at opening the thing up with a swiss army knife. From what I’ve seen the main cause is the cable is folded around the bottom of the hard drive, so as the ipod gets jostled from use it puts pressure on the connector at the end of the cable and slowly works it’s way out. It takes about a year of driving on potholes for 3 hours a day in my case, before problems occur.

    There are plenty of sites that show how to open the thing up and perform some quick fixes. I’ve managed to keep my ipod going for 5 years with some light under the hood work.

  113. Miraluka says:

    “You’d think after the… 2nd iPod he’d move on to a different brand?”

    Very true. Once an Apple fanboy, always an Apple fanboy.

    Myself? I’ve got a Meizu.

  114. JoeInternet says:

    There’s a name for customers like this: CHUMP. Fool you once, shame on them. Fool you six times, Job[s] well done!

    Don’t you think this is part of their business model when they release a new version every 12 months that does exactly the same thing as a previous model with one or two added “original” features?

    It really boils down to how much you are willing to pay to be among the smug elite. I seriously doubt they’re shedding any crocodile tears for the poor unfortunate souls willingly paying the Apple tax.

    Get in line and buy another one or look past the brand and take your business elsewhere.

  115. vladthepaler says:

    My first-generation 5GB iPod still works just fine. The original battery is still in it and is good for about 9-10 hours of music-playing.

  116. bluesunburn says:


    I’m really happy with my ipod (5G video), and it’s been chugging along happily for about two years now. I had a 3G with clickwheel that worked just fine until I tried changing the battery myself. ipod resq from now on for me…

  117. deadlizard says:

    I bought this iPod that died in 3 months. The Apple store replaced
    it, no questions asked. After the second one died, I bought a $60
    3-year extended guarantee. iPods kept dying, the Apple store kept
    replacing them. I finally got one that didn’t die, but by then I got
    the iPhone and now that iPod is picking up dust. So that’s it, guys:
    $60 it all it takes. Someone tell that poor Apple fanboy.

  118. I don’t know, this guy must be beating the hell out of his iPods. I’ve still got my first iPod, a 3rd generation model from 2003. Still works perfectly and I still use it as a portable hard drive. A flash-based 1st generation Nano I got in 2005 performs flawlessly, too, and I still use it when I go running.

    iPod has consistently been the most robust of all consumer electronics I’ve owned — totally low-maintenance, never had a problem.

  119. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    Seven years, two iPods (got the second one last year), about half of what Mr. Redacted spent. I replaced the battery in the first iPod twice before getting a new one for the larger capacity and color screen. Either Andrew has had a run of bad luck, or he’s abusing his ‘Pods and doesn’t want to admit it.

  120. watchout5 says:

    I bought an iPod shuffle and was disappointed that they required you to install iTunes at all. I’ve since switched to SanDisk Sansa and I’ve never looked back. Twice the codecs for movies and audio, drag and drop (nothing to install) and half the price of the iPods, I can’t complain.

  121. @weggles90: Same could be said for all those people with Xbox’s that kept failing…

    I will mention one thing: I do have a 1st gen iPod shuffle that still works… Half-assed. No matter how many different headsets or miniplugs I hand it, they somehow come loose inside while the thing is still playing and for no appararent reason either. Then the iPod pauses and the wire has to be re-adjusted. This even happens when the damn thing is sitting still. As I’m sure you can imagine, this can be a real pain in the ass over time.

  122. BigHeadStu says:

    Mine too 3rd Gen 15 gig, still works great. Granted the battery is totally jacked just like all iPods eventually are, but I just charge it daily, no biggie…

  123. deadlizard says:

    Uh, guys recommending the Apple fanboy to buy the Zune… the Zune
    doesn’t work on Macs and I’m pretty sure the Apple fanboy doesn’t have
    a PC. He also doesn’t have a brain either.

  124. Ran Kailie says:


    Word, Sandisk has some great MP3 and PMP players, the work, they’re cheap and look great. I just got my other half a 16 GB sansa view for 170 bucks, it has a micro SD slot for expanded memory, its thin, has a nice clear screen and looks sleek.

    Oh and none of that pesky annoying DRM bull.

  125. lhutz34 says:

    Hmm, I think I have this guy beat:
    Summer 2002: 20gb 2G ipod ($500), hard drive started getting crashy after about 18 months (I was running with it), but it still works pretty well, even today.

    Summer, 2004: Upgraded to a 40 gb 4G ipod ($400) for the extra capacity, but lost it six months later when I left it on a plane.

    Xmas 2004: Gave my sister a pink ipod mini ($250).

    Winter 2005: replaced it with a 20gb 4G U2 ipod ($350) because it matched my car’s red and black leather interior. Shut up. I ran with this one also, and it got crashy pretty quickly, plus the capacity was a downgrade and no longer held my entire library.

    Summer 2005: picked up a 1G 1gb Shuffle ($130) exclusively for running. Worked great, and still does, and it staved off hard drive death on my 4G U2 model.

    Xmas 2005: Asked for a 60gb 5G ipod ($400) since it came in black and still matched my car’s interior (shut up), and had enough space for my library. I got it, but it was stolen out of my car in fall 2006. I went back to the 20gb U2.

    Summer 2006: Upgrade the shuffle to a 1G 4gb ipod nano so I could use the nike running kit ($200+$30).

    Xmas 2006: Gave my dad a 4GB 1g Nano ($200).

    Spring 2007: Bought my fiance an 80gb 5.5G ipod ($350) that we basically share and use on long trips.

    Summer 2007: My fiance and I both got iphones ($1200), but got $400 back from american express when they dropped the price, and another $100 credit each from Apple. Net cost for both phones: $600 :)

    Late Summer 2007: Lost my nano, so I reluctantly bought a new 2gb 2G nano ($150) so I could continue to use the nike running kit. Of course, 2 months later, I found the old one, so now I have two working nanos.

    Fall 2007: the battery in the nike kit died and I replaced it ($30).

    So in five and a half years, I’ve owned or purchased $3590 worth of ipods. Of that amount, $3240 was my own money and only $400 worth was given to me. $1100 worth was a gift to other people. I’ve lost $750 to loss or theft, but only the oldest and much abused 2G and U2 models ($850 new) are broken, and even those still basically work. That leaves my iphone, 2 nanos, a shuffle and a nike sensor ($810) and anther $1100 in gifts still going strong. By the way, my pre-1G ipod Archos player was a piece of garbage, and three times bigger than the largest ipod ever made.

  126. SpdRacer says:

    @hazeljemi: Mine is close to four years old and still works, but it needs to have the battery replaced.

  127. Dorgon says:

    When I first bought a digital music player, I heeded the call of the iPod Haters and bought a Rio Karma. The reviews were good on it, and it had a lot of excellent features missing from the iPod.

    This device was buggy from the start — the hard drive would stop spinning, and the official fix was to slam it really hard on something, and it eventually stopped working altogether. It was probably the slamming really hard.

    So I bought a video iPod in September of 2005. I use it a minimum of 2-3 hours every day. It’s been around the world with me. And everything about it continues to work beautifully. I really want to get a new one, but I can’t justify the expense to replace something that still works so well.

    I think all the stories in this thread can be boiled down to one phrase: Your Mileage May Vary.

  128. Echelon1566 says:

    My suggestion: go with Creative Labs, or Microsoft. I had a Creative Labs Zen Touch for a year and a half, and it works perfectly still – I work as a window cleaner, and I can say that it can survive some good drops from a ladder.

    I also purchased the 2nd Gen Microsoft Zune upon its’ release, and have had absolutely no problems with it either. I’d highly recommend going this route…

  129. cerbie says:

    If your hard drive players are all dying, quit using hard drive players! If the Shuffle still works, the Nano probably would, too. You are getting something in return for paying more for the space.

    @hazeljemi, and others: anything with an integrated battery is designed to be replaced. But, the OP’s issue is that he’s not buying all flash players.

  130. trujunglist says:

    My 1st gen iPod still works, although the battery is somewhat limited as you may imagine. I’d change it out, but I got a newer iPod a couple of years ago so there’s not really a point in doing that. Sounds like this guy just doesn’t know how to treat a miniature hard drive or doesn’t know how to fix little problems and save huge amounts of cash. There are a million websites out there for free/cheap iPod fixes, try them out before you go throwing it and your money away on a new one. Looks like MrEvil knows what I’m talkin’ about.

  131. DanGarion says:

    I’ll never buy an iPod, maybe you should start thinking like that too Andy. Just you feel Apply may make good computers doesn’t mean any of their other hardware is good.

  132. yosarian says:

    Apple will almost certainly give this guy a free repair but I notice he had several iPods fail within warranty and it seems he never asked for their help then. So Apple was unaware of any issues or he is the issue that causes so many iPods to fail – thereby voiding the warranty.

  133. firesign says:

    60 gb 5g video ipod, bought refurb online from apple. probably the most abused piece of electronics i own. used in all kinds of weather, dropped off ladders, thrown into the glove compartment of the car to play through the car stereo. left in glove compartment in summer and winter, etc etc. no problems other than having to do a hard reset once. not even scratched since i keep it in a leather case. of course your mileage may vary. i think theres some part of this story we aren’t hearing about.
    it’s always amusing how the trolls latch right on to these stories.

  134. My video iPod was working up until 2 days ago, when horizontal lines started appearing across the screen (I hadn’t dropped it or anything; I was just charging it up). I don’t plan on buying another one, since I tried most of the online suggestions to fix it, and it still is malfunctioning.

  135. cflury says:

    Once again, error between the screen and the keyboard. Be an informed consumer, you could have had your iPods fixed at the apple store for $59. It is called apple care and it gives you an entire second year on your warranty. I highly suggest getting it for the expensive iPods and computers. It works unless the damage was caused by you, which it probably was otherwise you would have done the above as an informed “apple all my life” consumer.

  136. yagisencho says:

    When two or more products from a particular vendor fail spectacularly, I go to another vendor. ULTRA (power supplies), I’m looking at you.

    I have three flash-based iriver players, all of which still work. I just wanted more capacity (256MB -> 2GB -> 8GB).

    I also enjoyed Creative’s Muvo^2, but its hard disk finally conked out on me this year. I just can’t recommend hard disk-based PMPs.

  137. synergy says:

    My suggestion is to move on to a Creative Zen or a Sandisk Sansa. I have both and they work great.

  138. angelcake88 says:

    After a bad experience with an Ipod Mini and Apple’s bad customer service in regards to it, I’ve been boycotting Apple products. I found a great MP3, a Sandisk Sansa that I love. And it has an fm radio.

    Best of all, I don’t have to worry about the internal battery failing and not being able to replace it. I just buy a pack of Duracells and pop a new one in.

    And its over $200 less than Appple.

  139. 4ster says:

    Andrew strikes me as a kind, thoughtful, patient, articulate tool. His solution to all these failures is to keep buying new ones? Egad.

  140. DAK says:

    @tasselhoff76: Vista or iPods aside, I’ve never had anything but a miserable experience with ZoneLabs stuff. My brief time with them is a memory I’d rather forget.

  141. finchely says:

    Everyone here who still has a dead iPod please don’t throw them away. There is a chance that the hard disks in these devices can be revitalized by a utility called SpinRite by a person named Steve Gibson. It is not free, I believe it costs $81 but if you have more than 1 dead iPod it may be worth it. I have never had an iPod so I have never tried to revive one but I have heard that it works pretty well. The hard drive must be removed from the iPod to apply the procedure so it is not for the fain of heart. Mr. Gibson runs a podcast called Security Now on twit.tv and at the beginning of every episode there is a customer testimonial about SpinRite. A few weeks ago there was an episode in which the user testimonial was from a person who reported that he revitalized more than 10 of his friends dead iPods with this utility. I have no connection with the product but I am a big fan of Mr.Gibsons and he knows his stuff when it comes to hard disks.

  142. whoiseric says:

    I got a Dell DJ when they first came out and It sure was a great Mp3 player, it just broke maybe 4 times. All you had to do was call up dell and they would send you a new one right away. Upon receiving the new player you would then send them your malfunctioning player. This only lasted for 2 years so then I got an Ipod and have been satisfied but not anymore happy ever since.

  143. Worst luck ever!
    I’ve never had a single problem with any of my Apple stuff, and I’ve been a Mac user since I was 2 (albeit unknowingly).

  144. sibertater says:

    I didn’t read all of this, but why not go directly into an Apple store? I have never went into a store with a malfunctioning iPod when they didn’t immediately diagnose my problem and hand me an iPod directly back over the counter.

  145. sibertater says:

    OH…also? Maybe he’s really rough on iPods?

  146. cruster says:

    I have a 1st gen, 5 gig iPod purchased just after they were released, and it still works flawlessly – on the original battery, mind you. Go figure.
    About 18 months ago I bought a 40 gig 5th gen (4th gen?) refurb from the Apple Store to replace it because I needed more space. It worked brilliantly for about 3 months, then the hard drive crashed. Apple replaced it for me, no questions asked. However, within another month or so, the hard drive on the replacement crashed in the same fashion. I was able to reformat it and loaded all my music back in…which marked the start of a 30-or-so day cycle of iPod HD crash, music reinstall, iPod HD crash…that went on for a few more months, and by the end my iTunes library would become corrupt and unreadable every few days. The iTunes library getting corrupted led me to believe that maybe the problem was bigger than the iPod…and after a lot of testing it turned out that some RAM I had added to my machine was corrupt. I replaced the bad chip, and voila…no iPod HD crashes, no iTunes library rebuilds. My problems had nothing to do with my iPod.
    That said…if you’ve got a warranty, use it, etc.

  147. AlphaTeam says:

    Wow, I’ve had these failing iPods too, but I guess that’s why I buy the extended AppleCares. It’s really annoying.

  148. PeanutButter says:

    interesting problem. i really dont know what to say… other than both of my ipods worked fine after a new model was introduced. i had a mini, and it worked fine for a few years until i lost it. my ipod 5th gen. was purchased september of 2006 i believe, and it still works, even after the new ‘classic’ was introduced. my cousin’s ipod is multiple years old, and to my knowledge, still works fine. if i were you, i’d try another type of mp3 player.

    just dont get a dell jutebox or whatever they are called. they’re the devil.

  149. Anonymous says:

    Ive had an iPod Classic, 20 GB, since 2005 and only recently has it stopped working. The Menu button would not work so I was forced to listen to one song for about a day. I let the battery run out then recharged it. When I plugged it in to charge it worked, for about 2 minutes and now does not turn on at all.

    But that is understandable, I have had it for a few years.