EZ Lube Settles Massive Fraud Charges

EZ Lube of California has to install cameras in all its 75 locations and is forbidden from doing anything more than lube and oil and filter changes. It’s part of a $5 million settlement brought by the DA’s office after numerous consumers alleged that repairs and services were billed but never completed and following up on an undercover investigation by KNBC’s Joel Grover. The cameras are there so that customers will have a video record in case of future disputes. The chain also agreed to stop selling unnecessary services, as well as eliminate a policy requiring workers to sell certain amount of “services.” Most importantly, EZ Lube established a restitution fund requiring it to investigate every complaint and pay back anyone who was ripped off. Customers who think they’re owed a refund can call the Orange County district attorney’s hotline at 714-648-3637.

EZ Lube Settlement [KNBC] (Thanks to Jennifer!)