Target: No Receipt, No Returns. Period.

You heard it here first and now shoppers in the Slickdeals forum confirm that it’s gone into effect: as of yesterday, Target won’t accept any returns without a receipt. Even if you can present the debit or credit card used to buy the item, you will still need a receipt. Previously, items under $20 could be returned sans receipt. Before that, it was items under $40. So, make sure to save your Target receipts and include them when you give gifts. I understand about trying to mitigate fraud (a commenter on the previous post talked about his “friend” in college who would swap tags on a $40 item with a $10 item, buy it, and then return it later without receipt to make $30 in beer money for the weekend), but they should allow people to use the card they bought the item with as a way to look up the receipt information.

(Photo: imasuperhero)

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