Morning Deals

  • Amazon: $10 off boxes of nutrition bars with coupon code JANBARS8
  • Dealnews: Sennheiser PC156 USB circumaural headset for $70, shipped [via BoingBoing Gadgets]
  • DiscountMags: Self, Shape, Mens Fitness, Muscle, Flex Magazine Subscriptions for $2.99 Each
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Mozy: 2GB Free or Extra 10% off Unlimited Online Storage
  • Save 20% off Jewelry plus Free Shipping
  • Meritline: Secure Digital Cards: 2GB $13 & 1GB $8 Shipped
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    1. Asvetic says:

      That DiscountMags offer seems to have ended…

    2. Anyone know how to get the 2GB free at Mozy? All I can find are monthly, 1-year, 2-year, all of which are paid.

    3. William Mize says:

      I get my magazine subscriptions via eBay. You can find some great deals there, but, as always check the feedback of the vendor.

    4. bostonguy says:

      @smartwatermelon: The Free Mozy singup is here:


    5. I like the energy bar offer. I thought it was 10 off each box, but it’s off a combined order of 39.99+. Still good deal. That’s how I lost my weight.

    6. I take that back. Only good on one order.

    7. Graciela says:

      I’d be careful with those discount magazine subscription sites. A few of them are notorious for taking your money and not sending out the magazines. The NY State Attorney General had to get my money back for me from one of these sites once.

    8. djxspike says:

      ugggh. Morning Deals are back to being broken in Google Reader… they worked for a little bit… but not now.

    9. @bostonguy: Terrific, thanks!