Housing Market Meltdown Making Sellers Extremely Creative

It’s not new news that the housing market is in the dumper. That’s generally good news for buyers, but shall we say less than optimal if you’re looking to sell your home any time soon. So what’s a seller to do? Looks like creativity is the name of the game. Sellers are dipping into their handbag of tricks to try and unload properties worth more yesterday than they are today (and worth even less tomorrow) Here’s a sampling of what sellers are doing:

  • A Pittsburgh couple will fully refund the home’s selling price when they pass away.
  • Owners in Florida are holding a raffle in hopes of getting close to their selling price.
  • Others are giving away free cars and using their kids as advertising.
  • One owner is even considering giving away his house and taking the tax write-off.
  • We’re betting that we’ll eventually see a person willing to pay someone to take their house!

    (Photo: Getty)

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