Bank Of America Can't Afford Soap For Employee's Break Room

After waving good-bye to billions in the subprime mortgage market and bailing out nefarious mustache-twirling mortgage lender Countrywide, Bank of America says it can no longer afford soap for its employee’s break rooms.

They can still afford to pay CEO Ken Lewis a cool $28 million a year says the New York Post:

Bank of America chief Ken Lewis may have taken home $28 million, but he’s still slashing wasteful perks such as free soup and crackers for employees.

The nation’s second-largest bank posted grim notices yesterday around its offices here and elsewhere that it no longer can afford giving employees any freebies.

The notice listed goodies it will eliminate at its employee kitchenettes: soup, crackers, flavored teas, sugar-free hot chocolate and hand soap.

The bank presumably will keep hand soap in bathrooms. City laws require it, but not necessarily at snack counter sinks.

Since there are no food or beverages to handle anymore at the kitchenettes, there’s no need for soap to wash hands – a found bonus for bean counters.

“We’ll continue to have plenty of soap in ’08,” a bank spokesman said dryly.

What a marvelous company. Well, now you know what to get your favorite banker for her birthday.

CLEANING OUT BOFA [New York Post](Thanks, Yossi!)

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