Open Box Gaming Mice Cost $12 Extra At Best Buy

Daniel wanted to pick up a Lachesis Gaming Mouse on sale at Best Buy for $59.99, but the San Francisco store he visited had only two open-box models left and both cost $71.99.

He writes:

I ask the associate about it and he tells me that they are normally $79.99, so I ask if I can have it for $51.99 since it’s an open item. (they marked it down from 79.99 to 71.99 since it was open item so I figured they just took $8.00 off which is why I asked for it at $51.99). He said they could not sell them for less than $71.99. I explained that they are on sale for $59.99 so why can’t I even purchase it for that price. He said he can’t change the price of an open item. I asked him for one that was not opened. Of course, they don’t have any. I ask for a Manager. They’re all in a meeting.

So this is Best Buy’s “great” customer service in action once again…

Our fair maiden of a sister site Gizmodo dusted off the following disclaimer:

Markdowns taken from regular prices. Excludes special order, clearance, demo and open-box items. Selection varies by store. Rainchecks on insert items only.

Clearance, demo, and open-box: all Best Buy parlance for Added Value!

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