Open Box Gaming Mice Cost $12 Extra At Best Buy

Daniel wanted to pick up a Lachesis Gaming Mouse on sale at Best Buy for $59.99, but the San Francisco store he visited had only two open-box models left and both cost $71.99.

He writes:

I ask the associate about it and he tells me that they are normally $79.99, so I ask if I can have it for $51.99 since it’s an open item. (they marked it down from 79.99 to 71.99 since it was open item so I figured they just took $8.00 off which is why I asked for it at $51.99). He said they could not sell them for less than $71.99. I explained that they are on sale for $59.99 so why can’t I even purchase it for that price. He said he can’t change the price of an open item. I asked him for one that was not opened. Of course, they don’t have any. I ask for a Manager. They’re all in a meeting.

So this is Best Buy’s “great” customer service in action once again…

Our fair maiden of a sister site Gizmodo dusted off the following disclaimer:

Markdowns taken from regular prices. Excludes special order, clearance, demo and open-box items. Selection varies by store. Rainchecks on insert items only.

Clearance, demo, and open-box: all Best Buy parlance for Added Value!

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  1. shawnj says:

    Doesn’t belong on the front page simply because the employee was an idiot. A good employee would follow the (Canadian) policy and take 10% off the new advertised price and then sell the mouse.

  2. says:

    @shawnj: most places take 10% off damaged good (or out of the box). best buy is an exception. best buy is ALWAYS the exception.

  3. pine22 says:

    buy it online?

  4. nightshade74 says:

    Yeah another for “buy it online”

  5. wring says:

    Best Buy has got to have the worst signing system ever. a few days before xmas they had the simpsons movie at 3 different prices: $24.99, $19.99, and $16.99. Neither of the signs explain the difference (fullscreen, widescreen?). Just expect this kinda bullcrap from them on a regular basis.

  6. wring says:

    also, 60 dollars for a mouse??? i like mine on a leash, but i’m no gamer.

  7. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    Top of shelf tag reads: “REG $79.99 — ON SALE” then the sale price… I think we’ve been getting a little overzealous when seeing Open Box tags that don’t match shelf tags.

  8. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    @PatrickIs2Smart: And I’m retarded because I didn’t read any of the post before commenting.

  9. reCKoner_IR says:

    I work at a Best Buy. I <3 Consumerist. It’s the job of sales associates to update the open box tags, and that it a job supposed to be done every Sunday to reflect new pricing.

    The employee was completely wrong in this situation, and he should have given the customer 10% off the new price of $59.99. This isn’t something that should be debated, it does not require a manager’s override… in short, the employee should’ve been reported to a manager etc etc.

    At times, some of these Consumerist posts about Best Buy are so absurd that I think people make them up to make a news story. I just wish people could come to my Best Buy, and let me tell them about computers. Then perhaps they wouldn’t have such a negative view about Best Buy. Cuz you know, I’m the best and stuff.

  10. homerjay says:

    Umm… Maybe I’m missing something but if there aren’t any new ones left at $59 then what are those boxes to the right on the open one? They appear to be exactly the same box.

  11. Senk says:

    The one on the side seem to be the DeathAdder model the one in special is the Lachesis.

  12. warf0x0r says:

    Someone should just call BBY and ask them what the hell is the policy on open box items.

  13. levenhopper says:

    It’s on their website…it’s what Gizmodo posted.

  14. nursetim says:

    I know it’s been said before, but at least with the open box. you know the product is actually in there. I don’t know if that is worth the extra $12.00, but it is something to consider.

  15. youbastid says:

    Why do these keep getting posted? Anyone that knows the deal knows that best buy can’t change the price of an open box item. Regular price is 79.99, the open box item is 10% off. When the product goes on sale, the price on the open box item doesn’t change. It’s an ironic picture, but there’s nothing to report here.

  16. Trauma_Hound says:

    Complaint to the attorney general for false advertising. They have the product in stock, they advertise it at a certain price, irregardless if it’s open or not.

  17. DallasDMD says:

    @youbastid: That is stupid and Best Buy deserves to get the finger pointed at them.

  18. Buran says:

    @nursetim: I am not going to pay $12 extra for something that should be a given.

  19. Buran says:

    @youbastid: There’s plenty. Something that is not new should always be cheaper than the new item, every time. If you want to sell me your old junk that you’ve pawed through, scratched up, possibly damaged, etc., you should recognize the used condition and cut the price. They deserve to be skewered every time for this.

    These keep getting posted because it’s unacceptable.

  20. shawnj says:

    Being someone who worked at a Canadian BestBuy for 4 years I can tell you that you are wrong. It is 5% or 10% off for open items, depending on the type of product. Damaged goods typically start at 10% off, and if the damage is great enough (or the product moves to clearance) the price will be further reduced at the discretion of the sales manager.

    If an OB item goes on sale, the OB price tag needs to be updated to reflect new lower price. OB price tag updates are something which employees are supposed to be doing regularly on their shift. If you have crappy employees who don’t update their OB tags, you get situations like found in the picture. It is a simple situation to fix.

  21. Buy it online. Dodge the ridiculous California sales tax of 8.25%, plus the city sales tax which San Francisco adds…

  22. Ray308win says:

    While I personally am a Circuit City employee… This story just seems akward. To be fair, it is quite possible the associate would be unable to adjust the price of the product, as I know like here they are not givin rights or access in the system to do so. Most likely, the mouse was returned as an open-box item before the sale occured, and when the sale happened, the Open-Box item isn’t automatically changed because the checkout system will see the item as a whole different SKU instead of The SKU for that model/item, so it won’t change it when the Sale updates are sent through. However, I know like here, we are allowed to inturupt the Manager’s meeting to pull someone out to make the adjustments in the system, so that part should not have happened.

  23. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    Come on now, we all know Best Buy charges more for open box items because they spend their precious time to open the box for you. That is a very valuable service that they are offering for a very low price.

  24. t0fu says:

    As a pro gamer let me tell you Razor mice suck. Get a logitech G9 instead.

  25. m4nea says:

    @homerjay: you seem to have poor spatial recognition skills

  26. North of 49 says:

    I won’t shop at a best buy anymore. Not since going there with a friend of mine and getting into an argument with the staff over a box that was blocking an aisle. She still has a huge bruise on her leg. I have pictures of her leg within minutes of the accident and a couple of hours later.

    What really got me was that the customer service guy was not willing to move a plastic storage box RIGHT NOW so no one else would get hurt and argued with me about it.

    Then there was the manager and a security guard who swooped in after I let the manager know what I thought of a blocked aisle.

    We have a relative that is in a wheelchair. Those aisles were so badly blocked, there was no way a wheel chair could get through. And what if there was a fire? Someone could get killed!

    I’ll ask my friend about her leg. Hopefully its healed by now. Anyone got an email for executive customer service for Best Buy? It might be Canada, but sometimes, writting the head office in the states gets us further than writting the local head office here.

  27. bigswingdaddy says:

    CEO email Best Buy Canada:

  28. homerjay says:

    @m4nea: Did you even leave room for the possibility that I’m just drunk? Didja?

  29. XianZhuXuande says:

    I don’t understand why this is news. Sure, the powers that run this site may dislike a few companies – often times with good reason – but this kind of front-page feature just cheapens the site. It is in no way representative of Best Buy as a whole, and does not in any way educate us in dealing with Best Buy. It is just a case of an employee not checking the inventory thoroughly when they changed the tag to mark a sale (something that would require one hell of a large, and likely unprofitable, crew to do).

  30. youbastid says:

    @XianZhuXuande: No, it’s not just a case of one employee – this is a nationwide policy. A dumb one, but one that isn’t going to change any time soon. But I do agree with you that this doesn’t need to get posted every time this happens, because it happens all the time.

    @North of 49: What about the children? Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!!!

    @Buran: Sure, we all know it should be cheaper than the new items. That’s why it’s posted here. That part is obvious. But it’s their policy, and it’s clearly stated. So I don’t see what the problem is, other than just calling it a stupid policy and calling it a day.

  31. youbastid says:

    @Papa Midnight: If you buy online from a company that has a business presence in the state, as Best Buy does, you have to pay the state taxes.

  32. erratapage says:

    1) The problem isn’t the employee. He was just doing his job. The problem is that Best Buy doesn’t have a system that lets the employee change the price on an open box item.

    2) These stories are on Consumerist to show how completely out of touch Best Buy is with reality. I mean… I doubt any of us care that we can’t buy the open box item when there is another product available.

    3) If Best Buy can’t change their open box policy, maybe they shouldn’t sell open box products.

  33. blkhrt1 says:

    The policy is, coming from a Best Buy employee, as follows:

    “Any open item that is functioning and in good working condition will be re-sold with a 10% discount due to being used. All secondhand sales will receive 10% its CURRENT price, whether or not it is on sale or at regular price.”

    If an item sells for $75 normally and is on sale for $50, the item would cost $45 for the week, and $67.50 normally. Stores should do price audits every week because some open items go on sale and some come off of sale.

    This is just poor execution by Best Buy’s employee staff…not the store’s fault.

  34. Zombietime says:

    My wife got me that same mouse for xmas. Sweet mouse.

  35. blkhrt1 says:

    @erratapage: Actually, all the employee has to do is ring up the item, and hit a discount button and take 10% off. It’s as easy as that. He was just being arrogant and possibly under-trained.

  36. RvLeshrac says:

    Holy hell, stop it. This has been explained EVERY SINGLE TIME THIS HAS EVER BEEN POSTED.

  37. ffmariners says:

    six years ago the open price was based off of the current sale price.

    and from my experience going in there that is still the case. sometimes the merchandising staff slips up on sunday mornings. there are a lot of tags to go through…

  38. HOP says:


  39. bohemian says:

    Best Buy is just so out of touch with consumers and reality in general. I quit wanting to have anything to do with them when the internal document that labeled customers that only buy things with a rebate as undesirable.

    If you live somewhere big enough to have a Best Buy you probably have other options and for things like a computer mouse there is always online. I just don’t think it is worth it to put up with the gauntlet of stupidity and lousy customer service to buy something. About once a year we go in there hoping maybe they have something nobody else has, then we get reminded how horrible the entire place is and leave.

  40. t0fu says:

    @Bohemian well put

  41. It’s an ironic picture…

    @youbastid: and we loves our ironic photo posts.

  42. Protector says:

    The meeting is to plan the next scam.

  43. wellfleet says:

    1. as a BBY employee, I hate to break it to you, you were just dealing with an idiot. Those can appear in many stores, no matter how much the Consumerist loves to hate on BBY.
    2. any BBY employee can change an open item’s price. Come see me in appliances for a sweetheart of a deal on open box items.
    3. yes, you should have gotten the lower price. Our prices change every Sunday, and while merch employees take care of that, a large-surface store can have thousands of skus that change price and they all must be done in a matter of hours. In addition, it’s the department’s responsibility to change open item stickers and this was clearly an oversight. It happened to me once where an open item washer was tagged 899$ down from 999$ but the item had gone on sale to 849$. Of course I gave him the difference and apologized.
    4. I’m not denying that there are many retarded policies and some obtuse people at some BBY, but I swear that many of us bend over backwards to help customers and I have dozens of customers who can attest to that.
    5. it’s very easy to hate and criticize when you’re an outsider. There are things I hate about the company but until you’ve had CDs thrown at you, been cussed at in front of employees, and threatened with bodily harm over a freakin’ Wii, you just don’t know.

  44. Unknownheadfeelings says:

    The reason Best Buy tells employees not to mark down sale items below the sale price (according to my store’s General Manager) is that, when something is advertised in the add, or for some sale items, the manufacturer is forking over the difference to BBY as payment for pushing their product out the door. When sale items are discounted in any way, BBY doesn’t get the money back on the item.

    Other than that, as an employee who is in charge of changing OB stickers in my department, it all comes down to time. I only work part time, but I spend so many extra hours babysitting my coworkers, that I end up spending hours after closing updating stickers and checking stocks just to keep things correct. And to be honest, I cannot stand working there much longer.

  45. agiganticpanda says:

    Open box items are marked down to it’s lowest price in 30 days. Now don’t expect that every tag is going to be changed every week, but just point this out and most stores will change this. So if an item costs 80 dollars and is marked down to 60 you would most likely get 6 dollars off the open item being 10%. Rather than 8 dollars off, which I have had customers complain about. “How come I’m not getting 8 dollars off?” Well because it was marked down being open box and the discount is from the sale price.

    Best Buy usually has two different sale items, ones where they’re taking a hit from a product such as highly reduced laptops to drive business (thats why you might get pressured more during a sale item then something that isn’t on sale) or product where they get money back later from manufacturers because of a price drop or rebate.