JetBlue Flight Attendant Takes Revenge On Passenger Who Asked Her To Stop Speaking Loudly

A JetBlue flight attendant threw a hissy fit when a passenger failed to return her jammed seat to the upright and locked position. The stewardess admitted that the seat’s spring was broken, but still gave the passenger a “warning card” and had airport security meet the plane at the gate. Why? A fellow passenger explains, after the jump.

I was on Jetblue flight 324 that left Las Vegas Christmas night and arrived in Washington DC this morning.

I fell asleep and slept through most of the flight. I remember waking up as I heard the captain announce that we were close to Washington DC.

Around then a short blonde female crewmember with a nasal voice (didn’t catch her name) began loudly arguing with a lady in the row across from me. The crewmember kept yelling at the lady to put up her young son’s seat, and the lady was trying, but the seat wouldn’t budge. The crewmember repeated her request to put the seat up several times, and the woman struggled with her seat, arguing that it wouldn’t move.

The crewmember said that she was putting in a “warning card” and that the woman and her kids would be met by airport security on the ground.

The crewmember went to the front of the plane, then came back and started yelling at the woman again. At this point, the woman asked the crewmember to try putting up the seat herself. The crewmember struggled with it, admitted that the spring was broken, but said that since the woman was so rude, security would still be meeting her.

About then, the plane touched down. I looked down and noticed I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and that none of my stuff was stowed. I had swapped seats with someone so I could have an empty seat next to me and my carry on bag was on that seat.

I was really confused. The crewmember seemed to have really overreacted to that woman’s kid’s seat being back an inch or so, but she hadn’t even noticed that my stuff wasn’t stowed. (I would have stowed it if she’d reminded me about it, I just went from being asleep to watching the argument to feeling the plane set down.)

As I left the plane, I was mentioning my confusion to a man who had been sitting near me. I couldn’t imagine why the crewmember was so quick to get the woman in trouble while not even noticing me. He supplied the answer. Apparently, the crewmember had been loudly talking during the night and her voice kept waking up the woman’s kids. (The woman, her kids and I were in the last row of the plane, and the blonde crewmember was in the back.)

So the woman had complained about the crewmember making so much noise. Twice.

As I left the plane, I saw airport security interrogating the woman as her freaked-out children watched. That image is still bothering me.

I get that air safety is really important and the unruly passengers can cause a lot of problems. But from my perspective, this really looked like the blonde crewmember called the police not because the woman was creating a disturbance, but because the woman had gotten her in trouble earlier in the flight.

I love your airline and have recommended it to my friends. I get that this was an isolated incident and I will fly Jetblue again. Your customer service has been awesome literally every time I’ve flown with you, except for today.

All that said, I really think this crew member is, to put it bluntly, a whackjob who is better suited to working for one of your more sadistic competitors.

At the very least, she needs a talking to.


Don’t worry, JetBlue. Even good airlines have bad apples. Just ask Southwest.

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  1. Landru says:

    Next, people will just start “disappearing” after flights.

  2. sled_dog says:

    Dredging the bottom of the barrel for crew … I imagine not many want to work on Christmas.

  3. Myotheralt says:

    They made a movie about people disappearing on the flight.

  4. AbsoluteIrrelevance says:

    Going crazy with a small amount of power.

  5. diggity says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but most of the planes I’ve ever flown on do not have reclining back row seats…

  6. bohemian says:

    When they started ramping up the security theater I figured it was only a matter of time before people with the power to use it would abuse it.

  7. scoosdad says:

    So the woman with the jammed seat is sitting in the last row of the plane, and yet this flight attendant is freaking out because the seat won’t come up to a “full and upright position”? Exactly who would that non-upright seat affect trying to exit the plane in an emergency– the elves who fly between the last row seats and the rear bulkhead wall?

    My understanding of that rule is that it keeps the row behind you from being obstructed unduly in the event of an evacuation of the plane during an emergency. Nothing to do with the safety of the person in the seat itself. That’s why the row immediately in front of an exit row have seats that won’t recline.

    What a tool… my opinion of Jet Blue just plummeted. This woman deserves to be located, named, and brought to Jet Blue management’s attention.

  8. Trae says:

    @diggity: The woman was in the row ahead of the last row maybe?

  9. snoop-blog says:

    i love how i put my rights in the hands of a bitchy FA when i fly.

    “it puts the lotion on its skin!” “you have no idea what kind of hell i can bring you!”

  10. @scoosdad: I think it’s also to keep the seat from flinging forward and whacking you in the back of the head and sending you forward into the tray table to crack your skull in case there’s a bad landing and THAT manages to jar loose the seat’s mechanism.

    But if that’s the case (and based on his letter it sounds like there were empty seats), then they should have simply left that seat empty and shifted people around if it were stuck.

  11. CurbRunner says:

    Welcome to rules of the new Amerika.
    Free expression is now both risky and dangerous. So sit down and shut up or you’re next.

    One of the elements of a fascist society is to arbitrarily detain and release its citizens. This is meant to effectively chill resistance through word of mouth by causing viewable public examples.

    Under the Patriot act, airline flight crews have been given the power to make subjective interpretations about any passengers’ behavior that can cause them to be arbitrarily detained no matter that did anything wrong or not.

  12. timmus says:

    @bohemian said : When they started ramping up the security theater I figured it was only a matter of time before people with the power to use it would abuse it.

    Bravo… you took the words right out of my mouth.

  13. chili_dog says:

    every company today is taking people they wouldn’t have dreamed of employing just 5 years ago.

  14. blitzcat says:

    @LANDRU: Not funny.

  15. telarium says:

    I work in the hospitality industry; if I had that kind of power, I’d have the police here daily….payback, suckas.

  16. CurbRunner says:


    “Next, people will just start “disappearing” after flights.”

    They won’t totally disappear however. Their rendition captors will know where they are.

  17. rolla says:

    flight crews now feel empowered since they have the power to call cops in any situation and will be given the benefit of the doubt if questioned on why they called the cops. Its frightening how you cant even raise your tone a little bit with the crew (even if youre right) for fear of being called a suspicious person and being questioned after you land.

  18. Chongo says:

    I would ask the reader who submitted this story to supply Jet Blue with the exact flight details. This way maybe there is a chance there is some record of the attendant calling the police and then they can see who it was.

  19. trollkiller says:

    When I saw they gave her a “warning card” I was thinking it was like a yellow card in soccer.

  20. InThrees says:


    (‘Next, people will just start “dissapearing” after flights.’)

    I think you mean something more like “Next, people will start staying dissapeared after flight.” Because they are already dissapearing…

  21. Oshawapilot says:

    Was “Stewardess” not PC?

    (The title of this entry mysteriously changed..)

  22. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    This is a bit of a detour…but honestly…if there’s a serious airliner crash, is having your seat upright and locked really going to save you from certain death? (Yes, I know it’s an FAA rule and everything).

    It sounds like the crew member in question seriously over-reacted.

    (Is it me, or is society just going to hell in a handbasket?)

  23. Buran says:

    When are we going to regulate the airlines and make it a punishable, fineable offense (and actually prosecute those fines) when some asshole on a powertrip sics the police on someone?

    Isn’t it a crime to make a false police report? This woman did nothing wrong! I’d be filing a complaint against that bitch and ask that the police supervisors talk to the officers who interrogated someone who did nothing wrong.

  24. DAK says:

    @CurbRunner: Seriously, get a grip. Just because some lame flight attendant with an inferiority complex acts like a bitch, it’s not fascism. It’s a grumpy flight attendant, that’s all.

  25. forgottenpassword says:

    Just about saying ANYTHING a flight attendant doesnt like could concievably get you charged with “interruption of a flight crews’ duty” & get you arrested/detained. IMO they have too much power & it can be abused in the way it was in the article.

    From the tsa agent that dropped your laptop during the security checkpoint & damaged it , then threatens to hve you arrested when you want to address the problem/file a complaint…. to the vindictive flight attendant that got miffed because you asked her to not be so loud while everyone is trying to sleep.

  26. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @oshawapilot: The stewardess must have threatened to have the editor arrested.

  27. Buran says:

    @DAK: Maybe not, but it IS an example of how fucktards will invent bullshit excuses to make your life hell. Someone seriously needs to actually sue as the only thing that will teach these greedy “fuck the customer, we want profit” companies is a huge fine that takes that profit from them.

  28. headon says:


  29. CurbRunner says:

    @DAK: DAK, It’s too bad that you don’t recognize the application of a fascist tactic when you see it. It wasn’t the flight attendant’s bitchiness that is the fascism…it’s the calculated type of response to her complaint that is an historical element in fascist regimes.

    Your response represents the type of complacency that allows fascism to flourish.

  30. nicebird says:

    All your comments are true. As a former (recovering)Airline Pilot, I was ashamed of many of the common practices in the industry. I know for a fact that many flight attendants will get their revenge on any passenger they perceive as not bowing down to their absolute power.

    I have personally witnessed them blow a situation out of proportion and exagerate a report to a Captain or security officer, just to get their way. The passenger is always wrong, and nobody around them will dare to back them up for fear of reprisal. Especially after 9/11.

    The sad fact is that Airlines have hit rock bottom. They are recruiting young, inexperienced, uneducated (GED at most), unprofessional people, so they can pay them very cheaply. Many don’t last long. But companies want a quick turnover, because it’s cheaper to train and maintain new ones than give pay increases to more veteran ones. This is true for all positions, from the rampers and counter people, to, sorry to say, pilots and flight attendants.

    Most passengers would be shocked to know that many of the pilots at the controls only have about 400 hours of TOTAL flight experience (including the 40 hours to learn to fly a little Cessna). Would you feel qualified to fly an airliner after 2 months of training? would you put your baby on this flight? People do every day. And the FAA allows this because they are just a puppet of the Airlines.

    I can write volumes about other things, but I hope this will motivate people to demand better. Better service and better treatment from the Airlines, and some consumer rights.

    So, pressure your legislators for that comprehensive passenger bill of rights, which, somehow keeps getting squelched and minimized by the powers to be.

  31. Sonnymooks says:

    I’m trying to think whats worse.

    That a flight attendant who was ticked off at a flyer for complaining about them, “gave them a warning” which means security had to talk to them (not alot of fun for the holidays for BS)….or

    That so many posters here have jumped on the slippery slope and rode it straight to the bottom in claiming fascism.

    Its kind of sad but good, that most folks don’t actually know what living under fascism is really like, but FWIW, being detained at the airport and questioned by guys who have to deal with nonsense on the holidays is like comparing a traffic ticket to the holocaust.

  32. themediatrix says:

    I love Jet Blue. They have held planes for me before.

    But I actually think I’ve been on one of this crew member’s flights. It was an overnighter, and she had a loud, raspy voice that kept me awake. She also delivered a large bottle of water to another crew member by sending it hurtling down the aisle like a football in an overhead pass. Since this was a red-eye flight, I was trying to sleep because I had a presentation the next morning.

    Luckily (I guess) I didn’t say anything, but I was really close to asking her to shut-up. Can’t be sure it was the same person, but it certainly sounds like it.

  33. jendomme says:

    ‘Little’ people with a little bit of authority is NEVER a good combination. I am so fed up with the BS from the TSA rent-a-cops and the bitchy airline staff that I have chosen to no longer fly domestic routes. I have not air traveled in the US in over two years. I still travel abroad but only on top-tier foreign carriers.

    The level of customer service is atrocious on domestic carriers. I am so tried of seeing these haggard sea-cows that are being hired to be flight attendants. Enough of this people! It is time to bring back the hiring of young, thin, attractive women (only) to be stewardesses and ditch this gender equity crap of ‘flight attendants’.

  34. Eric1285 says:

    Seriously, in these types of situations (whether it’s on a plane or not) just remain calm. Be as polite as you possibly can (even sarcastically so). Get their employee ID number, and then raise hell for them afterwards. Call/email/fax the company’s headquarters or executive customer service. Write complaint letters. Do whatever it takes, but it shouldn’t be to hard to get that person fired.

  35. Buran says:

    @jendomme: So you support gender and age discrimination in employment. Boy am I glad that you aren’t responsible for hiring these people, you sexist shallow jerk.

  36. ClayS says:

    Don’t you think that gender and age discrimination comes into play in other fields, such as runway modeling, advertising, etc. There are often valid reasons for selective hiring.

    In this, you just have an individual who doesn’t know how to responsibly exercise authority.

  37. Major-General says:

    @chili_dog: Funny, why can’t get a job doing something I have experience with.

  38. fishiftstick says:

    The problem isn’t a bitchy flight attendant. There will always be some of those. The problem is that we have given these glorified waiters the power to jam you up with the law if they don’t like you.

    It’s time to start questioning how much of our freedom, to say nothing of our dignity, we are willing to trade for the illusion of security.

    The best way to fight a war on terror? Stop cowering like castrated sheep.

  39. themediatrix says:

    you’re an ass.

  40. themediatrix says:

    Reminds me of a Replacements song.

  41. DrGirlfriend says:

    Hearing stories like this I fear sometimes that we will slowly be beaten to a state of complete and utter submissiveness. The screws are only starting to tighten, and we can already see people being afraid to speak up for themselves for fear of being accused of something. I really hope this woman was able to state her case to the police, and that she complains to JetBlue. I’m also glad to see that a random passenger took the time to write to JetBlue.

  42. smarty says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman…flight attendant.

  43. smarty says:


  44. scampy says:

    While it is totally out of line for the stewardess to do this. The woman that complained must have had some balls too. She complained because the stewardess was talking loudly but I bet her kid sitting next to her was loud and annoying to all the other customers flying for most of the flight like kids are every time I fly yet I cant ask them to be quiet so I can sleep or read in peace

  45. ihateauditions says:

    @scampy: Every time I fly with my children there’s some asshole like you who pre-emptively bitches about the presence of children.

    And yet my children have never cried, whined or otherwise carried on during a flight. All the whining has been done by losers like you.

  46. Me - now with more humidity says:

    trollkiller: that penalty kick would be tough, though ;-)

  47. miran says:

    Maybe the kid was awake and annoying the other flyers because the kid couldn’t sleep for all the loud bitchy talking from behind. I’ve not flown JetBlue, but I’ve had the problem of not being able to sleep for all the talking from behind.

  48. scampy says:


    Im not doubting you have wonderful kids. I thank you however the majority of people do not seem to have any respect for the people around them and let their kids act like idiots and scream and yell. Only about 10% of children I encounter are well behaved and I actually take the time to let the parents know how much I appreciate the good behavior of their children. Most parents however dont seem to teach their children the 2 rules that were preached to me every time we went somewhere as a kid. Children should be seen and not heard, and dont speak unless spoken to.

  49. Kloud says:

    @Buran: Someone just took what he said WAY too seriously, chill the fuck out.

  50. shanaynay says:

    @Jendomme: so young, thin, attractive people are always nice, and haggard, pudgy women are always obnoxious b*tches? Idiot.

  51. coren says:

    @scampy: There we go, I knew we’d get around to blaming the victim at some point!

    But more seriously, what did this bitch tell the cops? “This lady couldn’t get her seat to go up a whole inch! You have to talk to her! THIS IS SERIOUS, QUIT LAUGHING AT ME!”

  52. RvLeshrac says:


    The Jews in Germany, Kurds in Iraq, and Afghani didn’t think too much of the minor inconveniences at first, either.

  53. Televiper says:

    Actually the Jews in Germany thought a lot about being segmented, tracked, ghettoized, and having their human rights stripped away. You can’t compare the arbitrary actions of a bitchy flight attendant with the systematic oppression of the state. In this case the flight attendant is more likely to feel repercussions.

  54. Buran says:

    @Kloud: Stuff like that is not something to joke about.

  55. cde says:

    @shanaynay: Old school wizard of Oz:
    Dorothy: Oh, but I’ve already told you, I’m not a witch at all! Witches are old and ugly. [The Munchkins giggle from concealment] What was that?
    Glinda: The Munchkins. They’re laughing because I am a witch. I’m Glinda, the Witch of the North.
    Dorothy: You are?! Oh, I beg your pardon! But I’ve never heard of a beautiful witch before.
    Glinda: Only bad witches are ugly. The Munchkins are happy because you have freed them from the Wicked Witch of the East.

  56. Buran says:

    Part of what bothers me is that the submitter claims he’ll continue patronizing this company. That doesn’t give them an incentive to stop this behavior from happening. This kind of thing is simply unacceptable and if I saw it happening in front of me that business would not only get a polite nastygram from me but I would never patronize them again. Ever. The only way to change that would be to prove to me, and be serious about it and not have it be a form letter from a PR flack, is to prove to me that things will change and that responsible individuals will face the consequences of infringing on other peoples’ right to not be molested for doing nothing wrong.

    Since there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening, any company that pulls this crap in front of me loses me as a customer for life.

  57. Keter says:

    Okay. My gut reaction to the person who wrote this letter: you saw what happened. You found another passenger who saw what probably started the problem. You saw the woman and her kids being traumatized by security. WHY didn’t you step in and tell what you saw and get her off the hook??? Why didn’t you think to get the other witness’ name, or ask this person to back you up as you had a word with security? Any why didn’t you go straight to a JetBlue supervisor right then and there and tell them what was going on? Until individuals are willing to stand up for one another, none of us can be safe. Want the abuse to stop? Group together and stand up against it. Be civil but be insistent, and call in the media if needed. But do not just go on about your business and just write a letter about it later. That is the way of the coward.

  58. LadyCarolineLamb says:

    I have to laugh whenever the comments from the peanut gallery come with their “glorified waiter” comments about Flight Attendants…usually from much “littler people” who have far more boring lives as retail clerks or pencil pushers. For your information, the airlines could have NO service WHATSOEVER (which, they BTW have seemed very close to these days), and the feds STILL require that FLIGHT ATTENDANTS are onboard. WHY, you ask? Because contrary to the stereotypes put out there by jealous women, thrice divorced pilots, misc male rejects, and those actually IN the position who ARE “bad apples” (as in ANY job anywhere)…these are trained safety professionals, who each year, have to undergo rigorous recurrent emergency training and drills…PASS them, or lose their jobs. You have to worry on every flight which “passenger” is an FAA or company mgt ghost rider doing a line check to see if you ARE enforcing the FARs (HUGE HUGE company fines involved). I was a Flight Attendant until right after 9/11 and believe me, no one hates what has become of the airlines more than I do…but I also know, that the job I went into thinking was going to be “so easy” consisted of much more than the general public on their $50 round trip ticket could ever know.
    That said, we also are hearing this “story” third or fourth hand from someone who was asleep or most of her “story” and “heard” the rest second hand from someone else. I am not sticking up for this particular Flight Attendant (I wasn’t there like everyone else here), but experience has shown me that there are many more bad apples that exist in the passenger compart of planes these days than there are in the position of Flight Attendant. The typical “mommy” travelling with three or more kids (and I am saying typical from MY EXPERIENCE, NOT *ALL*) comes onboard with entitlement and other issues from the moment they step onboard. I was always the most pleasant Flight Attendant around, and it took a lot to get me agitated, as long as you followed the FARs (Federal Air Regulations). Regardless of how inane you may find them, they are there for a reason, and you are obligated by federal LAW to follow crew member instructions…NOT because they are on a power trip…NOT to upset those who think they hold the power everywhere and get threatened when some “little woman” requests them to follow the FARs…but rather, because it IS their JOB to do so, and they are not about to lose that job (and the free worldwide travel that comes with it) just because some passenger with a chip on their shoulder has a problem with the duties said job entail. It’s easy, really…you don’t like it, stop flying, just as is suggested here for any other business that doesn’t provide the service you feel you need. OBVIOUSLY that isn’t being done, because if it was, there would be one or 2 airlines left.
    …But wouldn’t it be much simpler to just act like civilized humans on the aircraft and complain through the proper channels? Causing a commotion ON an aircraft helps NO ONE. Now, if this really IS a case of someone acting crazy for no reason to a passenger…simply tell her to refrain from getting in your face (in a normal tone of voice) and that you will BOTH speak to the authorities on the ground. Then, if what they CLAIM happened really happened there would be 12 pax ready to tell the authorities on the FA, rest assured. Obviously, that was not the case.
    There is a sad epidemic happening today that is worse than airline service and that is the entitlement of bratty kids and the adults that are “raising” them with no manners in ALL public places, nevermind in the cramped quarters of an airplane on a red-eye, no less.
    Wonder where all of the “good Flight Attendants” have gone? Ask all the jealous SAHMs and over-caffeinated middle mgt losers who never attempt to enjoy their flights and cop ‘tudes from the getgo. Not worth having to deal with mostly that “element” these days. Too bad because there were plenty of great pax on my flights, but the bad began to outweigh the good too often. If the crew responsible for your safety has been hired with less than worthy credentials, as has been suggested…then guess WHY.
    My last week on the job seemed an eternity…felt like working in an inner city bus full of “kings for a day” rather than a distinguished mode of travel where everyone treated everyone else with respect. There was no assumption that “FAs are always b*tches so I’m going to show them who’s ‘boss’ right when I board”…or…no “”My life is miserable I have five kids, so the world OWES me whatever I want!”.
    I’m betting the REAL version of the story (not the “Gossip game” version) is MUCH different. But THAT wouldn’t be as fun here, right?

  59. LadyCarolineLamb says:

    …and BTW I am certain that the “real version” doesn’t involve anything to do with the FA screaming at a last row pax to bring the seat up, since 98 percent of aircraft operated by airlines today have NO reclining in the last row. VERY VERY few do, so I guess here was just a coincidence there too?

  60. MrsMicah says:

    Or maybe, LadyCaroline, the flight attendant made assumptions about the mom and her kids, like you’re doing. Just saying that’s a possibility to.

    This story reminds me of a situation where we were harassed by the guard at a dump because we made a U-turn. He didn’t identify himself and wasn’t wearing a uniform (and we didn’t even know that the dump was farther down the road, we could just see it was a dead-end which is why we were turning around…lost). He just came up, demanded ID, husband said no (random guy? I don’t think so), started banging on our hood and stood in the road blocking the car and yelling. So husband cooperated and we got the he** out of there.

    Maybe she was taking out her frustrations with apparent non-cooperation on this lady, even though the lady couldn’t cooperate. Just like the dump guard probably thought we were challenging his authority (we were…we didn’t know he had any).

  61. DallasDMD says:

    @RvLeshrac: Yes, the Jews and Kurds first experienced being hassled on their flights. Its history man!!!

  62. DallasDMD says:

    @Buran: tee hee haw haw

    there I joked about it. get a grip plz.

  63. themediatrix says:


    “the stereotypes put out there by jealous women, thrice divorced pilots, misc male rejects, and those actually IN the position”

    Um, stereotype much?

    You know, thanks for writing and all, but I do not have a retail job. I have an awesome job that can range from dangerous to glamourous, depending.

    Whatever you say, it doesn’t change fact that on a red-eye, mid-week flight from SF to Boston a flight attendant literally hurled a liter of bottled water down the aisle, over the head of another FA, to a third FA who caught it, whereupon the first FA whooped and jumped up into the air.

    I was awake to see this because she had not SHUT-UP the entire time we had been on board, and because she was oblivious to the fact that the lights were low and almost all of the passengers were trying to sleep.

    First person story.
    Thank you.

  64. ofg says:


    100% of pax that have been involved in an actually on board emergency have nothing but respect for the FAs.

    100% of pax that haven’t consider them sky waitresses.

    I guess until the 99.9% that haven’t had the misfortune of being in the first group have had the displeasure, the status quo will continue.

    It’s unfortunate.

  65. ofg says:


    Boo who.

  66. DAK says:

    @CurbRunner: I might be more inclined to take your viewpoint seriously if it didn’t sound like it came from a 19 yr old college kid fresh out of their Intro to Political Philosophy class.

    The flight attendant is a miserable pig, and probably should have never been born. The response (airport security) is just a standard reaction from a group of people with a job to do, who have no way of judging the merits of the accusation.

    Fascism is systemic, stupidity is individual.

    @Buran: You’re absolutely right, the passenger should sue or do whatever she needs to do to feel that her concerns have been addressed. However, the behavior of one employee doesn’t always have anything to do with the behavior of the corporation. The idea that this is somehow indicative of a “fuck the customer, we want profit” attitude on the part of JetBlue is unfounded, ridiculous, and ignorant.

  67. LionelEHutz says:

    That passenger should sue and that Jetblue crewmember should be waterboarded.

  68. themediatrix says:


    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking for sympathy. But I prefer FA’s who don’t act like immature twits.

  69. Scazza says:

    @myotheralt: Wasn’t that called The Langoliers or something? A Steven King novel too…

  70. Jean Naimard says:

    Ditch the Staggers act.
    Bring back the good’ole times of the 1970’s where flying was an experience.
    Bring back the times when fares were the same, no matter which airline it was, so airlines were competing on the only option left open for them: **the quality of their service**.

  71. RvLeshrac says:


    Considering that this level of craziness was not tolerated *NEARLY* as much pre-9/11 and all of the related legislation, I’d say it is rather relevant.

  72. DallasDMD says:

    @RvLeshrac: Thats really nice, even though it has nothing to do with Jews or Kurds.

  73. mac-phisto says:

    @DAK: i don’t think anyone is claiming that this particular incident is fascism…i think they are using a little rhetoric to show that much has changed & we are at a point where it could become much, much worse. a simple look at air travel this year shows that this is more than just a single act of stupidity. a woman hauled off b/c of her dress. another b/c she is breast feeding. an entire plane deboarded & held at bay with attack dogs b/c they demanded to be let off the plane after hours on the tarmac. other incidents of planes landing for seemingly minuscule events – a baby crying, an iphone not turned off.

    perhaps these are all individual acts of stupidity (in which case we’re being ferried around by a flock of dolts), or it’s something more systematic. regardless, it sure seems as if we sacrifice a disproportionate amount of liberty when we take to that air, despite the large sums of money that we pay to do so – both as patrons of the industry & taxpayers.

    & when i say “disproportionate”, what i mean is that i’m perfectly willing to let you search all of my belongings, take my boots off & place them in a separate bin, put all my liquids in a ziplock bag & otherwise be treated as suspect. but when you start detaining folks for actions that aren’t even remotely suspicious & treating them as criminals, you are striking at the foundation of our freedom. i take great offense to actions such as this – at the very least they are abhorrent abuses of power. at worst, they act as a precursor to a much worse state of affairs in the future.

  74. Buran says:

    @DAK: I disagree — the airlines have shown over and over by their actions and the actions of their employees that they will abuse customers and fail to treat them with respect and will nickel and dime them to death in pursuit of the almighty profit. I really wish it were different but time after time I see incidents like this one where airline employees are in the wrong totally and are allowed to stomp all over their customers without any kind of punishment, and all it does is reinforce the popular notion that airlines don’t give a damn about you and just see you as a walking wallet fit to abuse as they wish.

  75. Buran says:

    @DallasDMD: *facepalm*

  76. Neurotic1 says:

    @LadyCarolineLamb: Time to consider a change of careers girl.

    Anyway, your discription of “rigorous recurrent emergency training and drills” that flight attendants must pass just cracks me up. Come on now. And I’m not talking out of my butt; I’ve worked for almost a decade in the airline industry.

    I think you’re problem is that you confuse what you’re job is really about and perhaps take yourself a bit too serious. The job is less about safety and more about service. No you say? Then why are the majority of flight attendants women? If you’re really on board for safety, wouldn’t it make more sense to have someone that can actually lift someone in case there’s an emergency. Most flight attendants can barely lift their own carry-ons. This is especially true post 9/11. If faced with a terrorist, I don’t think you’re 1 week defense tactics course the airline gave you is gonna be much help.

    Also, if you study the history of the industry a bit, you’ll quickly realize that the flight attendant position has evolved from very sexist policies that was designed to attract the male business traveler. Safety was and is an after-thought.

  77. faust1200 says:

    @nicebird: What airline (in America) hires at 400 hours?? That’s news to me. I got hired with a little under 1000 and I was at the low end of most everyone I knew. I actually had one friend who was hired at 700 and is still flying successfully today. I gave up on it.

  78. jamar0303 says:

    I am so glad that most of my travel is international. I have a much broader choice of airlines; the Asian ones tend to have flight attendants that would never act like this.

  79. jamar0303 says:

    Oh and @Neurotic1: That is so true. It’s especially visible if you take one of the Asian airlines I mentioned above, like JAL.

  80. Mold says:


    How dare she point out the unwelcome and unwarranted sense of entitlement that comes with a ticket! Sorry folks, I can lift your obese butt out of the seat but I ain’t gonna. You heavy and lardy and I gots only seconds to get out before the smoke kills me. Maybe land firemans can spend the minutes to heft your Merican largeasse to safety. A staffer with weight limits (historical and now unofficial) is unlikely to be able to do more than guide us to safety…pretty impressive considering the shock and trauma of crashing.

    Respect is usually mutual. Many comments seem to confuse respect with kowtowing deference. I have a paper dictionary and there are online ones.

  81. savdavid says:

    She probably was having a bad day, poor baby. That is why she is paid: to take out her frustrations on passengers.

  82. ExecutorElassus says:

    @mac-phisto: The key to the development of a true fascist regime (which I agree we haven’t had in the US yet) isn’t that the government itself is the sole source of oppression and abuse: much more commonly, the government simply enables others lower down to act out their own petty power trips and sadistic tendencies. Just look at what happened in Chile under Pinochet, or is happening in Burma/Myanmar under the junta (and no, I’m not going to take up the examples other people here are using, because they just about Godwined the thread already): All the government has to do is create the environment, and the people eager and willing to commit acts of cruelty and abuse will come out of the woodwork. Just look at the Stanford Prison Experiments, or the Third Wave Experiment at Cubberly High School, if you really think that stuff doesn’t happen on a regular basis.

    So, no: the government isn’t making the flight attendants go medieval. What the government is doing is cultivating an environment of fear; a complacent acceptance of arbitrary, capricious, and irrational rules and regulations; and then empowering people lower down the food chain to exceed the normal bounds of human power relations without repercussion.

    And that, contrary to what people are saying here, is indeed one of the hallmarks of a nascent fascist regime.

  83. ATTSlave says:

    Well you are on a loud plane with bells ringing anytime the captain
    wants to talk to the flight attendant and when the seatbelt sign goes
    on and off. People are playing movies around you without headphones.
    Flight attendants are asking people if they want drinks. On top of that
    there may be the overly chatty person in front of you or a screaming
    kid you never know. I think it is abit rediculous for the mother to
    think she is going to get peace and quiet for her kids to sleep. And
    all I have to say is if you have a problem with the noise on an
    inherently noisey aircraft bring some ear plugs.

  84. CurbRunner says:

    @Televiper: “You can’t compare the arbitrary actions of a bitchy flight attendant with the systematic oppression of the state.”

    It has now become a fact that the “state” IS now reacting to the arbitrary actions of flight attendants with a calculated response of intimidation and temporary detention that have historically been elements applied by fascist regimes. This tactic is designed to put a chill on peoples’ expressions of dissent and disagreement.

  85. Rusted says:

    I’m going to fly across the country next year….at 8.3 inches above the ground.

  86. dshjyd says:

    @CurbRunner: I agree with Dak. you’re being ridiculous. Love the drama queens hahahaha.

  87. Buran says:

    @LadyCarolineLamb: Maybe if those who practice your profession didn’t act like total jerks time and time again your reputation would be better. I’m not saying that you personally are a jerk or anything; I’ve not met you. But you know the expression “one bad apple”?

    Sorry. You’re practicing a profession that has rightfully been smeared in the public mindset because over and over that bad reputation has been earned.

    You have a LONG way to go to restore that reputation to what it once was and a rant skewering us on an internet website is not even close to enough. Let’s see lots of good service, and that’ll be a start.

  88. Buran says:

    @Keter: I agree that more people need to speak out against this; I encourage it. However, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see this bitch whirl around and put THAT person through the wringer too for daring to speak up against Ms. How-Dare-You.

  89. DaveB says:

    warning card? Is that like a yellow card in soccer?

  90. DAK says:

    @Buran: On some level, you’re correct. But, you’re assuming that the airlines are aware of, and agree with, the individual employee’s behavior. That may be true in some cases, but probably not all or even most. This specific instance especially just seems like a case of a single employee acting like a tard.

    If anyone is turning a blind eye to fascism, or anything else, it’s because minor incidents like this one are blown out of proportion.

  91. Egakino says:

    @Buran: Everything is something to be joked about, I can start with the dead baby jokes if you want.

  92. jamesinraro says:

    Another reason not to fly this poor excuse for an airline. They started out with low fares and poor service and quickly evolved to normal fares and poorer service.

  93. rockergal says:

    I never knew that being a stewardess automatically gave you the same powers (or even more) as a real cop!

  94. RvLeshrac says:


    … except the part where it slowly erodes the rights of the populace. Eventually, this behavior will become ‘acceptable,’ and more draconian laws/regulations will be passed. People will then say “Well, it isn’t that much worse,’ and eventually the TSA requires everyone to be strapped down for the entire flight after a strip-search at the gate.

    Then everyone goes “HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!,” just like every repressed populace. Just like global warming, people aren’t going to give a damn until it is too late to do anything about it.

  95. RvLeshrac says:


    I haven’t flown too much, but I’ve never been on a ‘loud’ aircraft, except for the odd screaming baby (not necessarily unacceptable) or screaming 11 or 12 year old (shut the kid up, kthx).

  96. Adam C says:

    This reminds me of an old SNL sketch where the airline prided itself on it’s @$$hole flight attendants… I believe it was called “Bastard Airlines.”

  97. mrrbob says:

    I can assure that if this ever did happen to me the bitch would have felt my wrath. There are law firms that would be all over this. I am not sue happy but if that is what it would take to get this bitches job then so be it. Also I would not have walked away as this chump did. I bet if people would have stood up and said this has gone far enough stop it and back off or I will stand by this woman and back her story and you will lose you job bitch.

  98. veraikon says:

    @RvLeshrac: C’mon, you’ve almost activated Godwin! Just a bit more. I know you can do it!

  99. Peru says:

    All I can say about this is please, PLEASE when this type of thing happens, note the person’s name and the flight number and date and WRITE THE COMPANY. It’s the easiest thing in the world to just leave feedback on the website.

    Believe me, no one wants this type of person around — neither the customers NOR the other crewmembers. Sounds like she just ruined the good work of 50 of her peers.

    The problem is that if customers don’t bring these things (specifically… by name…) to the company’s attention, nothing can be done.

    Writing on a website is cathartic, but if you want something actually done about it, write the company.

  100. Mark 2000 says:

    Never tell a stewardess to lower the volume because of your kid. I did it to one that seemed to actually being going out of her way to smash the drink cart into our seats. She looked at me with bizarrely gross revulsion like I’d taken my penis out and asked her to sit on it. Everybody wants a nice flight with kids staying quiet, but heaven forbid the adults give the kids the same respect.

  101. waitaminute says:

    y’all MUST REMEMBER THIS: @Scampy is a common flamebaiter, and not a good one at that. You’ll always find an “I bet…” or “I’m sure…” within his comments, which merely point out his conflation of fact and his narrow, ill-informed opinion.

  102. RvLeshrac says:


    Hitler isn’t involved here! (There, I said his name!)

    The point is simply that these things erode the expectations of the public over time. Sure, plenty of these laws are passed by well-meaning people. That doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Things like the PATRIOT act and COPA are ‘noble’ on the face, but can (and are) misused and abused.

  103. RvLeshrac says:


    “can be” doh. :/

  104. JGB says:

    I actually had that pulled on me once. I was on a Delta flight a couple of years ago and I was playing a game on my blackberry. I had the phone part turned off, but the stewardess was too stupid to understand the difference. I tried several times, even showing her the screen where you select “airplane mode” and she still did not understand. Finally she just told me that she giving me “direction” to turn it off. I ignored her. A few minutes later she came by and demanded that I give it to her. I refused and got the routine about the, etc, etc.. She told me to stay in my seat until everyone else had left. I ignored that too and got off with the crowd. There were a couple of rent-a-cops waiting. I walked by them and, just for grins, went into a bookstore where I could see. Maybe 60 seconds later, the flight attendant came running out waving her arms. They stood around and pointed at various walls for a few minutes and then left her there. I knew I was pushing it, but I could not resist walking past her after I gave the security long enough to leave the area. She looked like she did not know whether to shit or go blind. Then I decided to get the hell out of there.

    Made me a little nervous that, the next time I flew, I would end up in a cell in Gauntanamo, but nothing happened.

  105. Trojan69 says:

    @LadyCarolineLamb: Were you the tool who told me that it was a FAR that FAs take up the bin space in FC? Perhaps the FAR that mandated that I lose my aisle seat to accommodate the family of six who insisted they get to sit together?

    I am sick to death of FAs who claim FAR when it is simply expediency for the FA that is in play. My two favorite words when I challenge you on y’alls’ BS? “Captain says.”

    Not once. And I mean NOT ONCE, was the captain involved when y’all invoked that little ditty. I loved the looks on the Captains’ faces as I disembarked and inquired as to his involvement in my situations.

    Y’alls’ claims that you are a vital component of safety is laughable. Are you required to carry victims out of a burning fuselage in the manner of a firefighter in a burning building? Too funny.

    The only lower life forms I encounter on the road are the gate agents who love to mess with pax.

  106. The Dude says:

    That flight attendant MUST have been from Jersey, and the soccer mom was from Ohio…

  107. chalicechick says:

    Hey, y’all. I was the one who submitted this story, and I have a few clarifications and updates.

    1. What I sent to the consumerist was a copy of what I sent to Jet Blue. Note that I did provide the flight number and plenty of identifying information, though I didn’t catch the stewardess’ name. I got a semi-canned response back a few days later that essentially said my complaint had been forwarded to the appropriate people.

    2. The lady’s kids were well-behaved as far as I saw. But if they had been fussy after being woken up, I wouldn’t have blamed them.

    3. I did tell airport security what I saw. They smiled and nodded and sent me on my way. (I probably should have mentioned this in the letter, but I thought my letter was too long at that point and it wasn’t relevant to the customer service aspect of the story.)

    4. I said I will keep flying JetBlue after this incident because it’s the truth. I’ve flown lots of great flights. This one woman was just a whackjob.

    5. I don’t care what other people’s experience is, the last row seats in this plane did recline an inch or two. In fact, with two minutes of googling, I turned up this graphic, which explicitly states that the last row sea…

    So there.

  108. chalicechick says:

    Hmm… That’s weird. It cut off my link. The previous sentence did say “which explicity states that the last row seats on the Jetblue plane we were on DO recline” or something like that.

  109. nequam says:

    @CurbRunner: Except that under the facts presented in the letter, all we know is that security responded to a complaint by a member of the flight crew and investigated it. We know nothing of what happened during the interview of the passenger. It’s fascism for security to investigate a complaint? How could they possibly know it was a bullshit complaint before doing so?

    I agree that things are F’d up when it comes to air travel, but when you drop a word like “fascism,” the immediate perception is that your thoughts are knee-jerk or half-baked.

  110. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @nequam: “Facism” in today’s Amerika? The only ones who would argue with that are NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

  111. belch says:

    @diggity: Thats JetBlue for you, they took out an extra row soon after they began flying so the back row would recline…

  112. PryncessLayah says:


    If I had to guess I would say that you must be an angry brunette. I found it interesting that you kept mentioning the BLOND attendant as if it’s a negative thing. What’s up with that?

  113. SlappySquirrel says:

    @PryncessLayah: She mentions that she didn’t catch the stewardess’ name, so it looks like hair color was the simplest way to identify the flight attendent. Given that all flight attendents wear uniforms, if you don’t know names, hair color is as good a way as any to indicate which FA you’re talking about.