Top Posts Of The Week

Best Buy Still Embracing Deceptive In-Store Kiosks
“Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal was surprised to hear that his investigation failed to end Best Buy’s bait-and-switch, telling the L.A. Times: “We thought Best Buy had addressed this. That’s what they said to us. Apparently that’s not the case.”

What Is The Most Expensive Drink At Starbucks?
“Billy wanted to maximize the value of his coupon for one free drink at Starbucks. But which tongue-twisting truffle-invoking concoction to request?”

Whole Foods Computer Crash Results In $4,000 Grocery Giveaway
“After realizing that the registers were down for the count, Donoghue issued simple instructions to his cashiers: bag the customer’s groceries and wish them a happy holidays.”

Woman Asked To Leave After Shopping At Walmart For 72 Hours
“When asked by employees at the end why she stayed for so long, she said, “I’m shopping.”

People Who Buy First-Class Tickets On Discount Airlines Are Like…
“benpopken: A guy buys a first-class ticket on discount airliner AirTran, is he an asshole?”