EB Games Sells You A Phone Book In A PS3 Box For The Low, Low Price Of $500

13-year-old Brandon Burns thought he’d received a Playstation 3 for Christmas. Sadly for Brandon, the box contained a local phone book and not a PS3. He wasn’t upset, just amused. His reaction:

“Dang, those elves jacked my Playstation.”

His parents, however, are pissed. They paid $500 for a phone book. Brandon’s mom says that she’ll try to return the phone book to EB Games, but is fairly certain that they “won’t believe her.”

Brandon’s mom, if you’re out there, don’t bother trying to return the console to the employees who stole it in the first place. You’re the victim of fraud and you should do a chargeback. Your credit card company has fraud protection. Use it!

Teen Opens PlayStation 3 Box, Finds Phone Book Inside! [MyFoxDC] (Thanks, Fred!)

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