Sears Repair Doesn't Show Up, Claims You Weren't Home

After reading the article on about SEARS and their CEO’s agreement that after 14 days they would “receive a letter from our CEO, along with an extension of the term of their product warranty or service contract” I knew I had to write in.

I’m not actually concerned with receiving an extension on my warranty as I just purchased another 5 year warranty from Sears on my fridge. Which brings me to my point…

Two weeks ago, our refrigerator went out so we called 1800-4-my-home( Sears service center ) to get a service technician to come out and help. Their response was that they would put us on the emergency list, and that it would be 2 weeks or so before they could make it out. For whatever reason, after a little banter back and forth, I agreed on a date of December 21st. They said he would be out at my house between 8 and 5 that day. Fine.

All day, up until 3pm, I was at my home waiting. And just in case, I put a note on my front door saying Ring Door Bell or call cell ( With my cell number ). At 3pm, I received an email saying the repair man came out and no one was home. Mind you, it’s been over two weeks now since my refrigerator went out and I have an 8 month pregnant wife… not been fun.

So I called the 1800 number again, spoke with a Michelle, stated my case, and got transferred back into the same queue. I waited for the next available agent… again.. for 10 minutes.. and when I did get a hold of Charise, she listened to my situation, put me on hold for 5 minutes, came back and said, sorry, our technician has gone home for the day. I was very upset that I have 1 day to meet this guy before I leave out of town and this is what I was hearing. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said, “Sure, 1 second.” “Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish.. ” is all I heard. For the 2nd time I was transferred again.

All in all, I’m through with SEARS. I spoke with a Lowes in my area that said they would give me a 5% discount to purchase my next appliance from them instead of SEARS so off to greener pastures I go.

I hope this will open some people’s eyes to the truth behind Sears which is they only care about initial purchases and once they have your money, they are not willing to earn your repeat business.


Sears’ CEO has apologized to his customers in Boston. If you’d like an apology from Sears, send your story to us at Put “Sears Apology” in the subject.

You may not get your apology, but venting is healthy and we’re good listeners.


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