Another Reader Escapes Sprint With No ETF

Reader Jordan writes:

I recently read this story.

My parents gave me an iPhone for Christmas, and I didn’t want to pay an ETF to make the switch. I called, and like the other reader, someone picked up on the second ring. She asked for my information and reviewed my account. At present, she said she was unable to determine if my surcharges would increase (it doesn’t for all customers), but she said if they do, she will gladly refund my prorated ETF fee per phone. Then she gave me a direct line to her and my case number. My statement will be generated on January 15th, and when my fees go up (as I have already been told they will be via a postcard I received two weeks ago), they remove all charges.

Now I’m off to the Apple Store to buy an iPhone for my wife and begin my new contract with AT&T. Thank you Consumerist.



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