As part of a 3-month fire-safety campaign, the Chinese city of Zhuhai has banned all Christmas trees and related flammable decorations from all stores, malls, restaurants, and other public spaces: “Those that fail to rectify the situation will be subject to legal measures like suspension or closure.” [Reuters]


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  1. sled_dog says:

    Probably still allowed to sell those cheap chinese fireworks, though.

  2. Buran says:

    So use a fake tree that’s designed to be fire-resistant. Those don’t dump needles everywhere, either. Bonus.

  3. JustRunTheDamnBallBillick. says:

    @Buran: This is more of a crackdown on christians then christmas decorations. Dont forget officially China is anti-religion

  4. humphrmi says:

    I love this quote, from the manager of a Karaoke bar:

    I paid 3,000 yuan (about $400), so who can I sue for damages now?

    This quote coming from inside China can only be attributed to the city being near the (relatively) capitalist city of Macau. Otherwise, the quote would have looked like this:

    I gave 3,000 yuan to ensure the demolition of a fire hazard. To whom can I send a thank-you card for bringing this to my attention?

  5. coren says:

    @JustRunTheDamnBallBillick.: Christmas ceased being solely a Christian holiday ages ago (and really, the main religious connotation it has is a huge misconception..)

  6. clevershark says:

    Leave it to a country with near-toxic air quality to concern itself with household decorations that have safely been enjoyed by (probably) billions of households the world over for many years…

  7. chili_dog says:

    I’m sure that failure to comply will result in 20 years hard labor; or if a particularly seasonal reveler is discovered, death.

    Those Chinese government folks don;t seem to do anything half way when it comes to punishment.

  8. HOP says:

    this is funny…..they made all this unsafe crap…it’s the same stuff they are selling here…..oh well……………

  9. Rusted says:

    My kind of town….now if they could do something about “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

  10. side says:

    They aren’t cracking down on Christmas, just tree that catch on fire. But less than 1% of China even celebrates xmas, so it’s a non-issue. I love how ignorant people who have never been to china (let alone live there), speak like they know what is going on.

  11. sciencegeek says:

    My apartment building, in the US, does not permit live Christmas trees either. Artificial ones are fine as they are not fire hazards.

  12. RvLeshrac says:


    I can’t believe I missed this one.

    ‘Misconception’ indeed.

    Really, though, I’m not sure what ‘Christmas’ has to do with ‘Christianity,’ since ‘Christmas’ has no chronological relationship with anything in the bible.