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7 Of The Most Controversial Ads In Fashion History
“The Tom Ford ad has always confused us: the product is a cologne that a man would wear to (theoretically) smell more attractive to a woman–yet the ad implies the cologne smells exactly like a woman’s nethers, which means the man would attract other men–other straight men?”

Dillard’s Boots Disabled Iraq War Vet And His Service Dog, Too
“The store manager did not believe that Gonzalez is disabled because he is neither blind nor deaf. Gonzalez uses Mason–who wore a vest reading: “SERVICE DOG – DO NOT PET”–to help keep his balance.”

Odd Gadget Turns Man Blue
“The drink is supposed to be a universal cure-all, but the one thing it can’t cure, it seems, is being completely blue-colored.”

Hey Continental Airlines, North Korea Isn’t The Same As South Korea
“Instead of an expected, “we apologize for the confusion and we’ll look into it”, we received a lecture on how the PASSENGERS are usually wrong in cases like this and that we should just go home.”

Personal Finance Columnist Loses $10,000
“I ran through the numbers again with my husband, and he reached the same conclusion: approximately $10,000 was missing in action.”