The F.T.C. has approved Google’s merger with DoubleClick. [NYT]


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  1. dysthymia says:

    Meg: 3 posts with one line, eh? I dont meant to be rude, but what matters about a blog is your opinion, not the news link. I guess I will read the note and be back to comment about the news. Again, I mean it in the nicest way, ok?


  2. dysthymia says:

    Well, it seems more like take over than a friendly merging of two companies. Im not sure if google will fire the large majority of high level management, because google and DC seem to have complete different approach in how to run a business. So if you are a DC boss, your days in the leaving crap all over my pc are over. Now Google will take that pleasure. But they hold half of my online life already so at least I dont feel watched by two big brothers.

  3. sleze69 says:

    Amazing that this merger only too like 1 month and the Sirius/XM merger is now in like month 9.

  4. backbroken says:

    What happens when ‘do no evil’ meets ‘do only evil’?

    Is this the beginning of the end for Google?

  5. dysthymia says:

    @sleze69: sattellite radio ontly had 2 sustancial players, merging them makes them a monopoly with huge advantage over other important(none) existant participants. this is more like ebay buying skype, to diversify.

    @backbroken: google stopped being “good” when they went public, sorry to break the news to you. That happens when money controls the board. they want more money.

  6. coren says:

    Tell their employees and the majority of their customers that they aren’t good (hell, 99.9 percent of em probably)