Amazon Apologizes For Not Being Able To Ship A Hard Drive Properly

Dear Editors,

I wrote in earlier about my issues with shipping hard-drives without any packaging.

Thanks to you posting my story, both I and my friend received calls from the Executive Customer Relations department at Amazon. The person I spoke with apologized profusely and assured me they are looking into the problem; it appears that one of their shipping facilities was the cause of the problem.

I would have been nice if they offered a free drive, or something to make up for the troubles we had, but I’m still pleased to see that retailers take Consumerist seriously!


Us? Taken seriously?

Good to know that someone out there is listening to us opine on the proper ratio of packing materials to product. This is why we do the job, folks. You may say to us: “Slow News Day.” To you we respond, “Not according to the folks at Amazon’s Executive Relations Department.”

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