Verizon Loses Your Order, Tries To Install FiOS Without Permission, And Disconnects Your Phone

It has now been 72 hours since Verizon took control of reader Matt’s phone, according to his new website He originally tried to order FiOS way back in November, but when no one called to schedule an installation, he was told that his order didn’t exist and would need to reorder.

Annoyed, he declined. Since that conversation, Verizon has been systematically proceeding with his conversion to FiOS without his permission.

First they wouldn’t stop calling. They they started mailing him postcards. Then, trucks showed up and starting digging under his lawn. Soon, indoor installers showed up at his door, and finally Verizon has taken control of Matt’s phone number and has disconnected it.

Vonage, his previous phone company, confirmed that Verizon had transferred the number (Verizon initially denied it) and is trying to rescue it for him, but Matt’s phone is still not working.

It has now been nearly 72 hours since Verizon FiOS slammed me and then Verizon disconnected my phone so its time for an update:

  • Still no call investigating my Slamming claim. 2 business days down and 3 to go.
  • While Vonage has helpful and I was hopeful to get my phone service working is hasn’t happened yet. I still get a “Number Not in Service” message or fast busy signal every time I call home.

Matt would love for Verizon to contact him so he can fully disentangle himself from FiOS.
What a mess!

Verizon FiOS Sucks

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