Of the almost 200 people who have contacted the Savvy Consumer column in the St. Louis Dispatch about AT&T’s $10 naked DSL, only a handful report being able to successfully sign up for it. Obviously they haven’t read this post of ours which tells you exactly how to do it.[St. Louis Dispatch via U.S. PIRG Consumer Blog]


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  1. Buran says:

    If you do, wait a bit:

    Naked DSL arrives — but you’ll get a better price next mon…

    For now, I’m sticking with cable, but for those who do want DSL, there you go.

  2. endersshadow says:

    I did what you said in the DFW area, and I wasn’t able to get it. I was a new customer and everything! Turns out my apartment was “outside their normal coverage area” despite my being in an apartment complex that goes through AT&T for everything (phone, interwebs, TV), and the AT&T complex for DFW a mile away. So, now, I’m paying $11/month for friggin local phone and $18/month for friggin DSL that I should be getting $10/month.

  3. TehRev says:

    I don’t have the 10 dollar a month plan but I switched over to “naked”/”dry loop” dsl 2 months ago. I pay $28.99 a month for the 3mbps service with no local phone line. I will admit ATT still seems to be learning to deal with it, I have had a couple billing issues/setup but they were pretty easy to work with.

  4. DallasDMD says:

    I am currently on hold with AT&T’s dry loop department waiting for an answer.

    I went to ATT’s website initially; they acknowledged the existence of naked DSL options but told me to call a particular phone number.

    First guy I got was very rude and ignorant. He tried to sign me up for a voice line, despite me saying I didn’t want one. Then he told me I would have to sign up for uverse. I got tired of arguing with him and let him transfer me to what he believed to be the correct department. Well, it turns out he connected me to the Business Department. Business transfered me somewhere that put me on hold for 10 minutes. I gave up and called back.

    After I called back, I got a very poorly trained CSR who yelled “Hello, is anyone there?” when he picked up. I told him what I wanted and he said I needed the Dry Loop Department. Called Dry Loop and have been on hold for 15 minutes (as of this post).

    As you can tell, AT&T is not at all interested in selling this service and is quite deliberately making it very difficult to sign up for.

    The FTC needs to fine AT&T for a violation of their BellSouth merger agreement.

  5. DallasDMD says:

    I finally got a very nice gentleman in the Dry Loop department to pick up. He signed me up and even tried to beg his manager to give me a rebate on the modem (I asked if there was one) on my behalf (couldn’t get one though).

    My piece of advice is to NOT call the main ATT sales number, even the one they tell you to call from the website. If you want naked DSL, this is the number to call:

    1 800 264 0002 x2

  6. Covert7 says:

    I called the regular residential services group and asked for DSL Direct. No problems for me. Just got everything hooked in and running. (I’m in TN.)

  7. DallasDMD says:

    just a follow up to my dry loop order… it was supposed to be connected on 12/28, however that never happened.

    called tech support and did the usual dance with DSL filters and such, got transferred to provisioning.

    provisioning didn’t know why I wasn’t hooked up so they are escalating a ticket and are promising a call back.

    although the people I talked to, other than the sales droids, seem genuinely interested in being helpful, AT&T has not provided a very good level of service thus far!