The official list of bidders for the 700 mhz spectrum is out. Google Airwaves, LLC joins Verizon, Cox and AT&T in the ultimate spectrum battle. Get your popcorn ready. [Ars Technica]


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  1. Buran says:

    Someone with more time than I have right now needs to show us what a Google Airways plane looks like.

  2. mantari says:

    Put me down for this possible potential strategy:
    They’ll make a few bids, but large enough to cover a key area of the US. The result is that they’ve got a bargaining chip (sub-licensing) to use with the other carriers, to make sure that they play on Google’s terms.

    Optional strategy (but complements the strategy above):
    Google intends to buy a good chunk of spectrum, but they’ll also license it over (for $$$) instead of building out their own network.

    So, in summary, I think they’re going to want to play spectrum landlord, in exchange for favorable terms with existing carriers (who will need those frequencies over particular regions), and they’ll also bring in a constant revenue stream.

  3. algormortis says:

    yeah i am a little annoyed t-mo isn’t going out for it.
    that said i know how awesome we’re doing with 3g (please note sarcastic “awesome”) so this could get interesting.

    also, cox? hmm, interesting, are they trying to get back in the market? much of the SprintPCS turf in SoCal was originally Cox’s first mobile offering.

    Google being in it, though…that’s awesome for competition, even if it sort of stinks for the entrenched wireless companies.

  4. TehRev says:

    Even though Google is being touted as the new “evil empire” in business. I would personally much rather have them buy it up than ATT/Verizon. At least with Google there is a good chance it will become better for consumers.