RECALLS: Victoria’s Secret Stuffer Bear (choking), Discount School Supply Giant Measuring Chart (lead), AAFES “Soldier Bear” Toys (lead), Honda Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers (laceration), Bombardier Ski-Doo® Model Year 2008 MXZ X 600 RS Snowmobiles (crashing),


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  1. B says:

    If you give something from Victoria Secret to somebody young enough to choke on it, does that qualify you for a visit from Chris Hanson?

  2. UpsetPanda says:

    I’m sorry, was there a memo with instructions to children on how to eat a stuffed bear?

  3. AD8BC says:

    Wow! I didn’t know snowmobiles could crash.

  4. jrdnjstn78 says:

    Snowmobiles crashing?? Isn’t that the fault of the driver?

  5. mrestko says:

    @jrdnjstn78: Please tell me you didn’t post your comment without reading the actual recall notice. There was a problem with the carburetor that allowed the throttle to get stuck in place, making the snowmobile speed up. Yes, people know snowmobiles can crash, but they don’t expect them to spontaneously speed up.

  6. homerjay says:

    @mrestko: Must we take EVERYTHING so seriously- particularly when it doesn’t affect us? The ‘reason/link’ Ben could have used could have been something a little more specific, like ‘broken throttle.’ As it is, it seems kind of funny to just say ‘crashing.’ He could have just as simply used ‘death.’

  7. RulesLawyer says:

    Soulja Bear lead in this horse
    Watch me lean and watch me rock
    Superman dat horse
    CPSC crank dat product cop