Personal Finance Roundup

How I gained 5 lbs in one week [I Will Teach You to Be Rich] “Everyone’s got an opinion about what you ‘should’ do with your personal finances. But the truth is, most of them are full of hot air and you can get it done using a few simple steps.”

Tax valuation guide for goods donated to charity [Bankrate] “Use the work sheets to record your contributions and use them when you itemize your deductions.”

Little time left for cutting your ’07 taxes [MSN Money] “Now is when you should make important moves to cut this year’s income taxes. So give yourself a present and take action before Jan. 1.”

Three Gadget Sites You Shouldn’t Shop Without [Smart Money] “There are a handful of little-known sites that are not only safe, but can also save you more money than even the most popular discount retailers.”

How to Spot a Foreclosure Rescue Scam [Yahoo Finance] “Unfortunately, with the millions of people now at risk of losing their homes, an entire industry of ‘scammers’ has been created to take advantage of those facing foreclosure.”

(Photo: Andy Dick)

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