Hawaiian Air Charges $75 "Death Fee"

Hawaiian Air charged a $75 fee, per ticket, for processing the refunds after Jane Wilkens’ mom died of a blood clot and wasn’t able to take a planned vacation with her daughter and her friend, in essence, charging the late Mrs. Wilkens a fee for dying.

A Hawaiian Airlines spokesperson said the charge was, “a refund fee for processing the refund…There’s administration involved — paperwork, computer entries… The processing of the refund takes staff time that costs the company money.”

In contrast, the Hilton canceled their reservation without blinking, as did Delta for a separate trip to Maine. Hawaiian Air should be ashamed of itself for trying to profit off dead people. Since Jane charged it on her American Express, she was able to do a chargeback for the $225.

Airline descends to a new low: a death fee [LAT] (Thanks to Paul!)