Disgruntled Facebook members would really like their accounts reactivated, poke, poke. [Computerworld]


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  1. dantsea says:

    There could be several reasons for that, unfortunately, most of them point to staffing or management problems with their customer service. I’m assuming that a popular site like Facebook is overwhelmed with user issues and runs a lightly staffed service department, where someone made an Executive Decision to ban anyone accused of something moderately horrendous and not investigate unless they got an equally forceful complaint from the banned.

    That’s a really crappy way to run a community or networking service.

  2. RAREBREED says:

    If you complain too much about their “new” services, they’ll shut your account down. If you start a group they don’t like, they’ll shut it down. If you use a nickname instead of your real name, they’ll shut you down. Basically, they’ve become extremely demanding. I had a nickname on my account since facebook was only to like 100 colleges way back when. This year, they decided it was bad, and shut down my account – without notice.

  3. dscosson says:

    @RAREBREED: Nicknames are not allowed
    because Facefuck is all about real names, real identities, and it’s a
    little less creepier than other places on the interwebs because of it.
    Nicknames compromise an important tenant about Facefuck.