Maybe not you, but someone’s been doing a lot of shopping at Best Buy this year, because they just posted higher 3rd quarter earnings than they had predicted, based on “strong sales.” Sales were $238 million versus $150 million a year ago. [Reuters]


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  1. homerjay says:

    Not it!

    Just goes to show ya, no matter how many times you go on TV, you can’t get through to everyone.

  2. new and troubling questions says:

    I never, ever shop there, but I have a friend who buys almost all her electronics, DVDs, etc. there and has actually been really happy with their service…i think she’s just incredibly lucky nothing’s gone wrong yet.

  3. goller321 says:

    It’s my stupid brother and sister-in-law… I imagine they’re responsible for about $180 million of that… :P

    A couple years back, they bought me a gift card from Worst Buy after years of me bad mouthing them. My reaction to their gift was uhhmmmm, quite telling, as to how I felt.

  4. NoWin says:

    …naaaw, that’s probably the profit margin on reselling pr0n from the tech support service desk.

  5. Canadian Impostor says:

    I bought a pile of HBO DVDs on their website because they were half off. They showed up overnight despite me not paying for shipping.

    Sorry folks, but Band of Brothers for $25, the latest season of Curb for $15, and Sex and the City for $80 were too good to pass up.