24% of consumers say they won’t finish shopping until December 23rd. [Consumer Reports]


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  1. SaveMeJeebus says:

    Pheeew! And here I thought that the terrorists were about to win. Let’s go ‘Merka, get to spendin’!!!

  2. LiC says:


  3. silkyjumbo says:

    Ha. That’s when I’m STARTING.

  4. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I don’t Christmas shop, so I’m either never finished or done really early (take your pick).

  5. MonkeyMonk says:

    Why finish on the 23rd when you have the 24th?

  6. Noremakk says:

    Why do today when you can put off ’till tomorrow?

  7. AbsoluteIrrelevance says:

    I think it was last year I did almost all my Xmas shopping on Christmas Eve. I’m doing better this year.

  8. tozmervo says:

    amazon.com + bored at work in november = no shopping in december.

  9. UpsetPanda says:

    Today is the last day for standard shipping at a lot of .coms, so I’m guessing a lot of the 24% are going to shop in B&M stores or they’re willing to pay out a liver for overnighting or 2-day.

  10. HRHKingFriday says:

    The only shopping I do that late is for candy canes and other little things. So, yes, I’m not “done” shopping, but its not like I have a lot left to go. Even my Dad got all of his main stuff earlier this season.

  11. MercuryPDX says:

    Started and finished in roughly two hours…. today.

  12. iamme99 says:

    I don’t shop until after xmas. That’s when the stores realize they didn’t sell enough and the prices really come down.

  13. Starfury says:


    I’m done, just gotta wrap stuff…and my wife will probably do most of that.