Whole Foods is recalling its 365 Organic Everyday Value™ Swiss Milk Chocolate Bars with Rice Crisps, 3-ounce size, with a Best If Used By date of 11/21/07, because the batch may contain undeclared hazelnuts, walnuts, and pecans. [FDA]


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  1. Rando says:


  2. Amelie says:

    The point of a recall is to remove hazardous items. It appears putting a sticker on the product would be the more sensible thing to do, since this product is not a hazard to most customers. Considering all the poison chinese garbage out there, it’s sad they focus on something like this.

    If you have nothing to say, then do us all a favor and STFU.

  3. bradanomics says:

    @zouxou: I think the major point of this is the fact that if you don’t know there could be pieces of hazelnut, walnut, or pecans in there and are alergic to them, you could die.

    And furthermore, I believe that Rando was commenting on the fact that anyone that would have a chance of consuming these probably already did and the others will throw them away as they are past date.

  4. Amelie says:

    @bradanomics: People with nut allergies are extremely careful with what they eat and rarely trust “it not being listed” to mean the food is necessarily safe. You do realize that up until recently, food was not labeled with these warnings?

    If that was rando’s pathetic attempt at humor, all the more reason for him to not comment.

  5. Dustin says:

    Hazelnuts, walnuts, and pecans? That’s not a mistake, that’s a surprise gift!

  6. bradanomics says:

    @zouxou: I might understand if it says on the packaging “This product made in an area shared with Hazelnuts, walnuts, and pecans” and we do not know if it says that. I am not exactly sure who deemed you the King of Consumerist and said you have the right to tell people that they should not comment, but where I come from, we celebrate the right to comment on things.

    Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong.

  7. Rando says:

    @zouxou: You’re an idiot and if I had the ability to ban you, I would. Don’t even mention my name again.

    I was commenting on the fact that the SELL BY date which is usually the “EAT BY” date in everyone else’s book was almost an entire month ago. A LITTLE LATE FOR A RECALL!

  8. Yeah Zouxou, I think maybe you overreacted a bit there. :)

    I do think it’s funny that Whole Foods is recalling the bars now, but I think it’s the responsible thing to do considering the severity of nut allergies, no matter how rare. (And by responsible I mean lawyer-approved, of course.)

  9. Amelie says:

    I’ll keep in mind that ……… qualify as comments.

  10. Rusted says:

    @zouxou: Stickers have a tendency to get unstuck. Also the sheer volume of product makes that option cost more then what it would be to simply recall it, and produce a replacement with correct labeling.

    Nut allergies are not a joke. This can actually kill people. If just one mislabeled candy bar harms someone, it could make some lawyers very happy and rich.

  11. STrRedWolf says:

    @zouxou: You do know that the news was posted at 12/17/07, nearly a month after the “Best by” date of 11/21/07? Then why are you attacking the messenger for posting the single thing that would make any smart consumer wonder about, and provoking even more thought about it?

    This isn’t Usenet!

  12. Balisong says:

    ermm…troll alert? Or something… *goes back to eating lunch*

  13. mandarin says:

    More of their overpriced products eh?