Tmobile Executive Resolutions Fax Number

If regular Tmobile customer service fails ya, you could always try faxing their executive resolution team. It might do you as much good as faxing the local Chinese store, but hey, it pays to dream.

Fax: 813-353-6545
Include name, nature of issue, account number, and a callback number.
They’re supposed to have a 72 hour turnaround time….

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  1. The Kapil says:

    There’s also this: 1-800-318-9270

  2. keainansen says:

    i hate t-mobile more than anything, can’t wait to switch carriers when my 2-year is up. i’m done with their shitty service and mysterious charges.

  3. el_smurfo says:

    I have never had anything but average service and average support…These days, it’s the best I can hope for!