LEAKS: CompUSA Warranty Information

A tipster sends us the letter that CompUSA warranty holders will be receiving:

Dear Valued CompUSA Customer,

Thank you for your business with CompUSA. We regret to inform you that we are in the process of closing our retail locations. We want to let you know, however, that you may still receive service under your Technology Assurance Plan (TAP). All plans are underwritten by an insurance company, so even if our stores are not around, you can still get service.

Based on the type of product and TAP Plan purchased, your service will be handled as follows:


If you do not have internet access, please call the national call center. For additional information about TAP Terms and Conditions, please visit our website:


During the manufacturer warranties, service will continue to be facilitated by the manufacturer. We apologize for an inconvenience you may encounter and thank you again for your business.


CompUSA Management

TAP Repair Plans

CompUSA Product Express Exchange and Replacement Plans


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  1. Coder4Life says:

    Hey, My laptop needs a new battery… Thanks for posting this up as it will not get mailed to all their customers.

  2. clevershark says:

    “If you do not have internet access, please call the national call center. For additional information about TAP Terms and Conditions, please visit our website:”

    If you email is down, send email to the network administrator to inform him of the outage!

  3. clevershark says:

    Never mind, I think my eyes aren’t working properly this morning…

  4. Cad06 says:

    Well, at least they are trying to inform their customers.

    Internet access is available at every library in the country most days of the week.

  5. Buran says:

    If I buy a warranty (not that I ever do) that gives me “carry it in” service, I want to be able to carry it in somewhere and get a new one, not have to mail it in. Something tells me that they are going to screw everyone who bought that plan for that reason.

  6. JustinAche says:

    This was nicer that the firing letter they sent everyone: Dear Valued CompUSA Customer

    They didn’t even call their peons valued

  7. elislider says:

    i like how it says if you dont have internet access, call the number, and if you have more questions go online

    compusa FTL!

  8. iviper1 says:

    To Buran: Actually carry-in service is the cheapest service available, the in-home/business are the premium services, so actually it seems you are getting an upgrade for desktops and hopefully laptops.

    This is probably better for all since you skip the part of dealing with a service writer in person trying to deny your claim or up sell you on more services.

    Here you just play dumb on the phone and they send a tech out.

  9. RvLeshrac says:

    I notice that no one complains about the stupid names for these plans. ‘Technology Assurance Plan,’ ‘Performance Service Plan.’

    I’m glad I work at a retailer that offers protection plans and service plans without the marketing names.

  10. imjanedo says:

    My laptop is only a few months old. I had a screen replacement only a week before they announce the closing. My laptop came back with no sound. Even though there were signs saying they would not be doing anymore repairs, the store sent my computer back out to be repaired. The computer came back fixed, but the sound went off a week later. Comp USA will not ship the laptop back out. I have tried reaching the service center posted above. I reached them after multiple tries. The wait was very long. I had to call late at night almost midnight on a Friday. The woman I spoke to was nice, but it sounded like I was talking to someone working out of their home office. CompUSA has to up hold their warrantees via the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
    US Code – Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312
    The woman said they would send a box out for pick up after a review of my ‘claim’. The review takes about 10 days. After approval Comp USA should send out a box. The phone call with her had extended periods of silence and took about 20 minutes. I was given a claim number. We will see if they send a box. So far, it seems like this warrantee company of COMP USA is not prepared to handle the customer service end that the employees provided inside the stores. I think that we will be seeing a lot of complaint posts from this point forward.

  11. midsummermagic1111 says:

    Anyone know of a class action lawsuit in regards to this crappy warranty CompUSA convinced me to get? I would have normally bought one from Toshiba, but CompUSA assured me of all their location and on-site service. My laptop won’t even start! And I don’t have a supposed few months to wait for my laptop to return from their mail order repair center. I am beeeeeeyoooond HOT on this topic. I want my computer fixed NOW! In the least I want my warranty money refunded.

  12. toad98 says:

    I am Livid with Comp USA! Two new HP notebook computers with the exorbitantly priced extended warranty that they shove down one’s throat and now they have closed both stores in Austin Tx.

    Sold one of the junky things on Craigslist just to get rid of it before I had to deal with any of this. Now the other one needs restore cd’s which do not come with the machines and to top that all off, they had the nerve to try and sell me restore cd’s that they would make in the store! When you can make them yourself! I have gone to http://www.consumeraffairs.com and have made a complaint. If the complaint is valid or if there are many, an attorney may contact you for a class action lawsuit.

    I think all of us should get everyone we know to complain.

  13. pilatesgirl says:

    I too purchased a Toshiba laptop with an extended 3 year warranty from CompUSA. I am now having problems with my laptop and the CompUSA store in Torrance, CA closed last year. I tried to get some help through the corporate office, however, that was a waste of time. I have now filed a complaint with consumer affairs about my worthless warranty. I hope there is a class action lawsuit soon. I want my warranty money refunded and the cost of repairing my laptop by someone else.

  14. Jimmy M says:

    Found this for a friend who needed warranty help:

    CompUSA’s Technology Assurance Plan (TAP), the extended warranty service purchased by customers for their personal computers will be fully honored by special arrangement with Assurant Solutions, which has been a service partner of CompUSA for several years. If customers under this plan do not have repair issues, no action is required on their part. Customers with repair issues should call a special toll-free line at 1-877-520-8324, or visit Assurant’s website at [www.assurantsolutions.com]

  15. Anonymous says:

    I reluctantly purchased the warranty for my projector July ’06 after the salesperson convinced me I needed to in case the bulb burned-out, he said they are expensive and the warranty would cover the bulb. A year later the bulb burns out and I send it in to get fixed. I get the projector with a note saying the bulb will be mailed seperately. 5 months and 3 calls later Assurant Solutions tells me they have had to tell other CompUSA customers that the bulb s not covered. I’m writing an article for the city paper about this as well as the TX State AG and BBB, just in time for Christmas.