JCPenney Emails You To Let You Know You Requested They Not Email You

If you buy something from the JCPenney website and uncheck the box for receiving email from them, guess what they do? They promptly send you an email in which they point out that you have asked them not to send you an email. And then they ask you to click on a link in the email and participate in a survey. And then, just in case you’re not amused/annoyed yet, the comedy team in their marketing department points out that should you want to receive emails from them in the future, you can visit their site and sign up. They have a lot of emails they need to send to you, you see.

from: Registration OptOut <>
to: ******,
date: Dec 12, 2007 10:36 AM
subject: Email Unsubscribe Confirmation

While registering as a shopper with, you chose not to receive our promotional Email. This is being sent to confirm that ******@ will not receive Email from

The decision to receive Email is personal and can be influenced for a variety of reasons. In an attempt to better understand and respond to our customers, we would appreciate it if you would answer a short survey on this topic.

To participate in the survey, click here.
Your responses, and your email address, will remain private and will help us to continue to build a better shopping experience for you, and a stronger relationship with our customers. has always believed in using only permission-based Email marketing. If, in the future, you decide that you would like to begin receiving our promotional Email you can subscribe at

Thank you for your participation, and thank you for shopping with us.

(Thanks to Scott!)


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  1. num1skeptic says:


  2. alfista says:

    Similar problem I’m fighting now. After signing up for United Airlines MileagePlus, I was getting about 6 emails a week. On Tuesday, I decided enough was enough, so I tried to log in and change my opt-in preference (that I don’t remember setting in the first place). It didn’t recognize my email, so I had it sent (email 1). Then it didn’t like my password, so I reset (email 2). I then logged in and changed the 4(!) opt-in settings. Within an hour, I got another email (#3), and then one 12 hours later (#4). I sent a complaint to customer service to which a robot ‘confirmed receipt’ twice (emails #5 and #6). Over the next 12 hours I received two more emails from them (#7 and #8) but still have not received an email from a human, only spam. Today I confirmed that my opt-out settings were still correct (they were) and never did I receive a ‘may take up to a week before your settings take effect’ notice. Infuriating!

  3. num1skeptic says:

    nothing ruins my day like an unwanted e-mail!

  4. @alfista: I have had the same experience with United Airlines MileagePlus. It took me forever to get them to stop sending me emails. I mean “stop,” because I still manage to receive one every couple of weeks or so. I’m just numb to it now. It’s not like I can experience negative-hate for them.

  5. Macroy says:

    the comedy team in their marketing department points out that should you want to receive emails from them in the future, you can visit their site and sign up.


  6. LilKoko says:

    @num1skeptic: 5:17 PM

    What the smeg? Speak English!

  7. yg17 says:

    GoDaddy has to be the worst. I opted out several times to no avail. It eventually got to the point where I transferred all my domains to a different registrar, and since I couldn’t close the GoDaddy account, I just changed the e-mail address on it to a random address I typed in. They’re probably still e-mailing spam to it

  8. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    Thats why I have 2 extra email accounts. 1 Is total BS spam for when a site requires an email address but doesn’t require you to check it for anything. The other is a spam account for websites that want me to sign up and I have to check it, but don’t spam as badly as the others. The BS spam one is in the 4,000 email range and the other one is in the 300.

  9. AnnieGetYourFun says:

    @yg17: GoDaddy is not only annoying, their ads are filled with bikini-clad slut models. I’ve hated them since I first had the misfortune of signing up for their lousy service.

    I finally just started marking them as Spam.

  10. yg17 says:

    @AnnieGetYourFun: The ads I had no problem with :D

    In fact, if the spam I got had more of the girls, I’d be asking them to keep spamming me.

  11. Lin-Z [linguist on duty] says:

    apple does the same thing. My boyfriend was on their “omg new apple OS coming out!” email list for some reason. He emailed them to unsubscribe and they promptly emailed him back saying “hey you sent us an email.” It took a lot of effort to get off the mailing list. These things are getting ridiculous.

  12. D-Bo says:

    typical… Why can’t these companies understand what a disservice they do themselves when they engage in these tactics?

  13. SpenceMan01 says:

    I placed an order on last weekend and I too got the “we won’t send you email” email. I just ignored it, but after this article, I went back, took the survey, and b*tched about the “no email” email.

    On second thought, maybe by responding to that email I am just encouraging them. CRAP!

  14. UnnamedUser says:


    Ack! a random email address is not good. The random data may be somebody’s real address.

    Change the address to for a guaranteed bounce back to the mailer.

    My own practice is to set it to That address causes the sender’s outbound MTA to be listed in one or more blackhole lists. That way, you protect not only your own address, but send a strong message to a mainsleaze ([] ) idiot.

  15. LESSTHANKIND says:

    Then there’s the geniuses at I’ve ordered from them. I get carpet-bombed daily with emails as a result of that. Yet when I go to sign in (to check the status of a gift-card order that still hasn’t arrived after two weeks), I’m told I don’t exist… hmm. Maybe try “forgot password”? Nope. My email address–from which I’ve ordered and to which they send at least two emails a day–isn’t on record.

    Uh, OK… so I email them to find out why I don’t exist. I even title the email “Why don’t I exist?” Do I get a response? Of course not. Because when it comes to something *I* want or need, my email address is foreign to them. I DON’T EXIST. However, their self-serving emails continue to flood my inbox.


  16. Atlantys says:

    @LilKoko: i assume it’s actually “what would jesus christ do?”

  17. Buran says:

    @LilKoko: … says the person who uses a nonexistent (i.e. non English, and not in any other language that I can find) swear word …