Best Buy Refuses To Accept Legit XBOX Exchange Because Of Typo

The XBOX that I bought on Black Friday had recently been scratching my discs. So i decided to return it. With out a doubt in my mind, I grabbed my receipt the defective unit and all of its packing and walked into the Best Buy. I was very confident that I was going to walk out with another XBOX. However, my worst fears had come to light. Alice, the Customer Service rep, said to me “The serial number on this receipt does not match the XBOX, you cannot return it.” I argued, said that “this is the one I bought you cant be right”.

Afterwards they told me that I can’t return it and theres nothing I can do about it. At this point I was confused and furious. I thought someone had switched out my XBOX for a broken one. I went back to the college where it was kept and I made sure that the XBOX that I brought there that day had the same profile, saved games, guitar hero accomplishments and such. Everything was exactly the same. The hard drive was never removed and the XBOX was the one I bought.

Then I thought to myself “How about I find out whos serial number this really is?”. I looked up the serial number from the XBOX unit. It was made in China in 2006. So after that I looked up the serial that was shown on the receipt. It couldn’t find it! So I decided to Google (bless you Google) the serial number on my receipt. I nearly passed out when I found out what it was. It wasn’t a serial number at all. It was the UPC code for the Guitar Hero bundle!!

So now, I have a score to settle and I had to drive 45 minutes back to the Best Buy. I arrived back, and as I waited in line, (Mike we will call him) was an assistant manager behind me (it seems) and there was an issue of a man who tried to take back a vacuum. They refused it because he didn’t have a receipt.

The man was argumentative and they asked him to leave. As the man walked out, i heard Mike talking to his peers “douchebag” and other names were thrown around about him. I was irght in front of Mike and it heard it loud and clear.

After I waited in line, Alice was back at the register. She said “What is it now?” I told her that the serial number on this receipt wasn’t a serial number at all. I told her it was the UPC. She denied my claim and told me that i couldn’t return it. I told her that I was right, and the person who scanned it didn’t do it correctly. She called another employee over to essentially, argue with me more. She said the same things “they don’t match, you cant take this back”.

So I asked for the manager. I told him the same thing about the UPS mix-up. He told me “Our employees are properly trained and would never do that.” After some conversing behind the counter, I heard that Alice was the person who scanned my product on Black Friday when I bought it.

I then realized that this girl may be trying to save her own skin by lying to me. I asked her, please enter it into your computer, It will come up as the XBOX/Guitar Hero 2 bundle. She refused and told me that I couldn’t return it. I told her, c’mon, i went home and Googled it, just Google it i know it will come up. She refused again. I asked the manager and he refused as well.

So, I said to them “I am going to report it to corporate and when it comes back, it won’t be pretty” and without a hitch, this Alice girl yelled “Dont threaten me”, as to make a scene about it. I said to both of them “I’m never going to come here again and I’m gonna let people i know what happened.” Her assistant associate said “fine by me, leave.”

So I walked towards the exit and I saw the General manager I knew from when I used to work there. (lets just say Bob). I said to him, please look this up, i know its not a serial number and I was refused an exchange even though I told them it was a UPC code.

He quickly typed the “serial number” into the “UPC” field on the kiosk and there you have it, it came right up. I was given a new XBOX and a new Guitar Hero game. As I was getting checked out for the new one, the other manager who refused me said “Look, you got what you wanted, think of this not as a loss, but as a victory, they are trained to do what they do because its store policy.” So I told him “Is insulting customers on that list? They scanned the wrong thing and tried to cover it up by refusing to look it up.” I took my well-deserved equipment, waved to my only friend there, Bob and left.

Thanks for going through this. I read your posts nearly every day at work. Keep up the good work!


I guess “check to see that the serial number is correct on the receipt” should be added to list of things you should do before you leave Best Buy. Right after “open the box to make sure they’re not selling you bathroom tiles.”



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  1. IphtashuFitz says:

    Yet ANOTHER reason BestBuy will never get a dime out of me.

  2. CMU_Bueller says:

    Take typo and replace it with “employee stupidity” since there’s really no typo issue here.

  3. nutrigm says:

    Good to hear about the happy ending at the end. I was getting worked up thinking “I’ll never enter that dang ol’ store ever again!”. I was there once to return something and 4, count them FOUR, employees were on 1, yes ONE, register listening to one of their colleagues argue with a customer. I had to stand and wait, with a long line behind me, for almost 10 minutes until one girl came out of the blue to run the register and apologized for the delay.

  4. rolla says:

    you should still complain to corporate about those two incompetent employees.

  5. Hawk07 says:

    Who’s the bigger doushe, the customer that shops at the crappy store or the guy who works there?

  6. Beerad says:

    Yes, you should definitely complain to corporate. It’s almost the end of the week and they need something entertaining to lighten their day. The implication that they might actually do something about the abysmal customer service usually experienced at their stores will keep them laughing well into next week.

  7. popeye_doyle says:

    1. You used to work there.
    2. You spend a half-day in line, then you finally complained to the one guy still speaking to you from the days you used to work there, and he fixed it.

    Sorry, I’m not buying it.

  8. Pylon83 says:

    Something about this seems a little odd to me. If the guy used to work there, why didn’t he immediately demand to speak to the GM when he was refused by the first “manager”? It seems like he just happened to bump into him on his way out, which makes little sense. Further, as a past employee, he should know how the system works and should have known he’d have to escalate it to a manager. Either there is something we’re not being told here, or the OP is just a bit dense.

  9. mandarin says:

    Good for you Colin. I still suggest you contact Best Buy with your story. Those idiots should be fired.

  10. SuffolkHouse says:

    Gosh. Sometimes it’s so easy to beat up on the companies. I must admit, then, to help balance things that I really like Home Depot. They return things no matter what. I love them. I’m going to marry them.

  11. backbroken says:

    Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us 8,655,103 times, shame on us.

    Remind me why Best Buy is dominating the market place again?

    I decided never to shop there again after they sold me a phone that had already been recalled (as I found out when it became obvious it was defective) and then refused to return it because “I should have bought the extended warranty.”

  12. Roadkill says:

    @popeye_doyle: I agree. There’s something extremely odd about this story.

  13. El Ojo says:

    I’m confused. This is supposed to be a site for consumers, right? Then how come about half the comments I see here make me think the only people reading this blog is a bunch of corporate PR hacks? “Sorry, I’m not buying it”? WTF?

    I’m usually a Wonkette commenter, but I came over here because it looked interesting. After reading the posts and the comments for a few days, though, I find a consistent pattern by some commenters of blaming the victim. The TGI Friday’s item from yesterday comes immediately to mind.

    I’m going back to Wonkette, where we at least greet rampant institutional stupidity with the fatalistic snark it deserves.

  14. Maude Buttons says:

    @Hawk07: I don’t know. Maybe you could compare it against your own douchery and report back.

  15. cabooglio says:

    I will believe absolutely any bad thing that anyone says about Best Buy. If someone were to say that each and every Best Buy acts as a semi-dormant portal to an alternate universe wherein their unknowing customers were methodically flayed to death by the razor-sharp tongues of their slow-witted, half-demon customer service reps, I would reply, “That seems entirely reasonable to me.”

  16. Pylon83 says:

    @El Ojo:
    You would prefer it if we all just blindly went along with the stories and didn’t question anything? If everyone agreed, the site wouldn’t be interesting at all. Someone has to question things every now and then, some of us just do it more frequently than others. If we all took everything at face value, we’d all be suckers.

  17. exkon says:

    Really, was it that hard to try to type in a UPC/Serial Code?

    Guess so..even Best Buy has its “pride” for whatever its worth.

    Good eye and research on the customer.

    I completely understand if a customer is trying to argue just because they “believe the customer is always right”. But if they do the research and work behind it..hell give it to them!

  18. PinkBox says:

    Just because the guy worked at Best Buy before doesn’t mean he knew exactly what it took to escalate the issue. Depends on what position he held.

  19. ianmac47 says:

    This is why everything should be purchased with a credit that comes with its own warranty built in; then YOU don’t have to deal with best buy, but your CC company will.

  20. youbastid says:

    That’s what you get for not bringing a notary public to Best Buy with you!

  21. Mr. Cynical says:

    Best Buy seems like the George W. Bush of retail…

  22. Pylon83 says:

    That’s BS. If he had any idea what was going on in the store, he would have known who to talk to. Plus, if he “knew” the GM, he should have asked to speak to him. Something is fishy here.

  23. Hawk07 says:

    @Maude Buttons:

    Don’t shop there, won’t ever work there, and I guess I offended you in some way. What gives them the right to insult a customer?

  24. Asterchild says:

    Oh Best Buy and your policies that encourage your “customers” to be treated as enemies.

    Had the CSR and the first manager been REASONABLE COMMON SENSE people, they would have typed in the UPC and realized the mistake.

    Good job Colin on the follow up.

    I believe this story…I am employed by said Blue and Yellow monster. I have seen this and similar stories played out 1000 times.

  25. Munsoned says:

    Here’s a question: what exactly in the story makes you skeptical? He’s not trying to get anything out of Consumerist or its readers–he just wanted to share a story.

  26. kylere says:

    I wish they had not ever given you the replacement, until people like YOU stop BUYING from them, they will not change. You are not a Consumerist hero, you are merely part of the problem. The solution is voting with your dollars.

  27. Hanke says:

    No they don’t. It’s not in writing, but if you buy a book there, they won’t take it back.

    We had this issue when my wife thought she could tile the bathroom floor herself. One hour with their ‘Tile 1-2-3’ book taught her otherwise. Brought it back the next day, and had to argue with their clerk, and their idiot manager, that if the policy is not in writing, they HAD to take it back. Otherwise, I would just call NYC Consumer affairs, and have them deal with the violations and fines…

  28. entitynein says:


    “Who’s the bigger doushe, the customer that shops at the crappy store or the guy who works there?”

    I think the previous comment to you would ask what gives you the right to insult a customer, either, as the comment you left implies that you think the guy is a “douche” just for shopping there.

  29. Roadkill says:

    @ErnieMcCracken: Why should we accept what someone says at face value just because they wrote to Consumerist? Their story could be biased, shades of the truth, with vaguely incriminating details left out. I didn’t accuse the writer of any particular falsity – I’m just saying there seems to be something off with the story, something that doesn’t seem to click with reality.

    I’m generally skeptical of all the horror stories I read on these sites where there’s no proof of any kind, just a story. There’s obviously a second side of any story posted here that’s never told (i.e. the customer service side). People are so quick to believe evil that we sometimes forget that there are human beings on the other end of these transactions. In anger we don’t always write as truthfully as we’d like, as reasonably…

  30. popeye_doyle says:

    @El Ojo: Don’t let the door hit you etc.

  31. youbastid says:

    @Roadkill: Very true, but wouldn’t you think it coincidental to a point of conspiracy that all of these Best Buy stories, from every corner of the country, all have common elements? Incompetent CSRs, lack of communication, lack of understanding of company policy, incompetent management, shafty extended warranty sales, shafty extended warranty repairs, shafty everything? Instead of picking apart every person’s story, why not accept the fact that it’s highly likely. Of course there are two sides to every story, but take into account that before this guy had any interaction with anyone, he heard management calling a customer a douchebag amongst other CSRs. There weren’t any big red flags here for me, besides the fact that he didn’t mention he worked there prior until the end of the letter. Whateves.

  32. stevekuze says:

    I see nothing wrong with this. There are a few bad apple in the store that should be taken care of, but the GM there is a stand up guy who really took care of you.

  33. DrGirlfriend says:

    I agree that the OP could have tried to escalate this before he happened to run into the GM. But come on. Refusing to look up the faulty serial number, even when presented with a plausible reason as to what the problem could be? That’s clear jerkery on the part of these particular BB employees. Sometimes in trying to find the cracks in the story, we end up giving the company a pass because we expect them to be a-holes. So if we expect them to be a-holes, then we basically allow them to be a-holes.

    Also, calling people names because of where they choose to shop is just out of line. Another example of allowing the store to get away with anything because, well, stores will be stores!

  34. rubberkeyhole says:

    I don’t understand the whole point behind this – it’s not like the CSRs were paying for the damn XBOX to exchange…

  35. Chaosium says:

    @Pylon83: While yes, even the low-level employees should have a very good understanding of how to turbo up the chain and it seems strange that he would bother telling the idiot employee that he will speak to corporate about this and it won’t be pretty, it’s still perfectly plausible.

    Being put in situations like these will make anyone’s brain snap.

  36. RAREBREED says:

    And Best Buy’s customer relations just gets better and better! I had been looking for the wireless network adapter for the X Box 360. There was no slot on the shelves near the X Box stuff, so I asked an employee. He glanced at it and said, “We must be out. Try next Thursday.” I asked him why there wasn’t even a slot for it, “Let me check the computer.” The comptuer showed that they were in stock, and that there should be a bunch out somewhere. “It must be a computer error.” For THREE WEEKS, I got this same run around from different employees! One day, I ran into a friend who worked there. I asked her, and she goes, “Well DUH! That’s cuz they’re by the cd’s!” She grabbed one for me, then went to go yell at the morons in the gaming section. gggrrr…

    Now, I always ask management for help. These people get no kind of training!

  37. marsneedsrabbits says:

    I’m not blaming people when they have problems, but Best Buy’s reputation is pretty solidly bad. So, please, for the love of all that is Holy:
    Stop giving money to companies that, as a matter of policy, will not do the right thing by the consumer.
    If you deal with bad companies, it is sort of hard to complain that they did bad things.
    You knew going in that they wouldn’t be honorable if there was a problem. It won’t be your fault when they screw you over 10 ways from Sunday, but you really can’t say you weren’t warned.

  38. Hawk07 says:


    ok, i know where I was coming from.

    My comment was directed at the employees who joked about the guy being a douche. I had a rhetorical question for the employees though I can see how it was misread.

  39. Hawk07 says:

    change “I was” to “you were”.

    I’m still about half awake right now. Down with all meetings for today that required energy :)

  40. AT203 says:

    Can someone from best-buy please explain how it is ever acceptable to treat customers like dirt like this? Employees need to understand that policies are how to deal with the typical situation, and atypical situation may call for divergence from the policy, and they should be empowered to do the right thing to retain a customer.

    Best-buy, stop hiring drones and training them to be drones.

  41. sven.kirk says:

    This story STINKS!!! Not saying totally wrong. It just stinks.

    With any big purchase, you need to verify you s/n before you leave the REGISTER! Especially with a troubled item like the XBOX.

    If he knew it was the UPC instead of the s/n, why didn’t he just go straight to the GM?

    The poster wasn’t too nice himself “I told her, c’mon, i went home and Googled it, just Google it i know it will come up.” Then threatening with contacting corporate. Then after getting his replacement, throwing more insults to the other manager,”So I told him “Is insulting customers on that list? They scanned the wrong thing and tried to cover it up by refusing to look it up.””

  42. internomics says:

    Maybe from now on when the anti-theft rent-a-cops are checking my receipt I’ll ask them to do their job properly and check all the serial numbers and make sure they match.

  43. disavow says:

    For those questioning why he didn’t go straight to the GM, he may not even have known if that GM still worked there. Or having worked there in the past, he may have mistakenly assumed their escalation chain was actually worth a damn. If you’re going to speculate, do it both ways.

  44. Buran says:

    @kylere: Way to blame the victim, asshole.

  45. Buran says:

    Personally I would have filed for a chargeback. You could then legitimately say you tried to take it back and they wouldn’t accept their own defective goods.

  46. elf6c says:

    Can you find the astroturf? 2 Consumerist achievement points if you can.

  47. bentcorner says:

    Bad customer service at Best Buy? Who would have thought?

  48. TechnoDestructo says:


    I decided that when I realized that they had expanded the decommoditization of cables to include ALL cables, not just gold-plated AV cables. I went looking for a SATA data cable and the cheapest they had was like 20 bucks. So I found one on ebay for like 3 bucks including shipping.

  49. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    You should go to and report them, I would call best buy corporate and i wouldnt rest until those people were taken care of, I hate that best buy has sooo many problems and soo many returns that they treat all customers who are trying to return something as if they are trying to scam them

    I for one Will never walk into a best buy store with the intent to purchase ever again, I have told and heard too many stories to deal with such a scandalous company.

    Let me know when best buy releases their going out of business Sales list, Not really so i can shop there, So i can point at all the assholes that gave me greif when returning a laptop for being falsely advertised on their site, and Laugh at them.

    To the OP, I would write to just about every Best buy exec in existence, full details, Include the ominous feeling of being accused of something when just stepping into their returns line,

  50. algormortis says:

    I spent 10 minutes waiting for that “one minute or you get $10 off” in-store pickup. Wouldn’t really have cared, i expect crap service, but why advertise that? When i mentioned it in passing the excuse was we don’t actually do that because we get in too much trouble.

    oh, best buy.
    you make circuit city look good and that’s about it.
    (but they did have a juicy price on the bluetooth mouse i wanted, so i knew what i was getting.)

  51. aka Cat says:

    @backbroken: Because everything else has closed / doesn’t exist in my area?

    Seriously, if I want something ASAP, my choice is between Best Buy and Circuit City. At least at BB I don’t have annoying liars following me around trying to get their commission. (No, the people at BB don’t know anything either. But they don’t volunteer their non-information.)

  52. nardo218 says:

    The … what? College where it was kept? Jesus, people, don’t submit things to be published if you can’t write, it makes you look like an idiot and depresses everyone else.

  53. Pylon83 says:

    whachu mean? Me rights good.

  54. Shinobuu says:

    Seems like gone are the days where, “The customer is right.”

  55. Michael Belisle says:

    I’m skeptical too. I also used to work at Best Buy. The scanners don’t typically accept any old bar code when asking for a UPC or a serial number.

    Or did he get the Guitar Hero bundle for free since the UPC was in the serial slot (and was thus very careful not to bring it with him and say “look, it’s the same number”)?

  56. KyleOrton says:

    I worked at my local Best Buy for a year or so in college and it has absolutely changed everything. I never liked the job, but just going in to say hi and talk with my former co-workers and managers means that I’ve never been denied anything. I actually go out of my way to shop there because I know they take care of me.

    It’s really unfortunate that they aren’t trained to deal with everyone as a person. If all stores treated every customer the way I am treated at my old store, Best Buy would be a hero on this blog.

    On a side note, while I definitely receive better service at my store, the confidence and knowledge I have dealing with other Best Buys means I get above average service at other locations as well. So I really think the customer’s attitude helps as well.

  57. trollkiller says:

    @El Ojo: I’m going back to Wonkette, where we at least greet rampant institutional stupidity with the fatalistic snark it deserves.

    Bye, see you later.

    Personally I would rather be on a site with intelligent people that will question all sides of the story to get as close to the truth as possible.

  58. Pylon83 says:

    @El Ojo: @trollkiller:
    While Trollkiller and I usually have rampantly different opinions, I second his comment here. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  59. ihateauditions says:

    I just can’t bring myself to feel pity for anybody who shops at Best Buy.

    I guess everybody just figures “oh, it won’t happen to me”, right up until the point at which it happens to them.

  60. FezMan88 says:

    THIS is why I worked at (for a time) and only shop at Circuit city for this kind of stuff.

  61. theblackdog says:

    To all who are saying not to spend money there…what do you do if people give you gift cards to Best Buy? It’s not like I can return them and get the cash back, or roll them over to another store.

  62. Pylon83 says:

    Most of the people who jump on the “Dont spend money there” bandwagon will jump right back off when something is on sale. It’s a pathetic attempt by most to look like they are getting back at the man, when in reality, they won’t/can’t stay away.

  63. topgun says:

    Being in the “Consumerist Army” has taught me NEVER to set foot in a Best Buy. Their sale fliers are automatically sent to the recycle bin. Best Buy can only treat customers poorly for so long and eventually they’ll end up like CompUSA

  64. Youthier says:

    I’m not really questioning that this guy was in the right and got jerked around and that he should have been treated better. But something makes me think the way he was treated had more to do with his stint at Best Buy than anything else.

  65. sven.kirk says:

    @disavow: Regardless if he knew the GM or not, he should of asked for the GM to begin with. This was going to be a difficult return/exchange regardless. USUAL protocol (in most stores) if there is a large return/exchange, a manager must be present.

  66. scampy says:

    So companies are just supposed to blindly accept every story a customer tells them? If Best Buy did this to every customer that tried to scam them they would be out of business quick. If they take back an XBOX 360 that doesnt have matching serial numbers they dont get credit for it from Microsoft. So lets say 10,000 people nationwide scam them into taking back Xboxs, then they are out $400,000. Then add in all the Ipod scams, supposedly empty boxes for cameras and camcorders, things the custome rbroke and say was broke when they opened the box, it would add up to 100s of millions of dollars. Sometimes you have to piss off 1 or 2 honest customers to weed out the thousands of scammers.

  67. Pylon83 says:

    Somebody certainly wasn’t a math major. Last time I checked, an X-Box was more than $40c

  68. Draconianspark says:

    @sven.kirk: This isn’t a large return in bestbuy standards, the store sells 10k televisions after all; they don’t even issue corporate checks for values under 500 bucks.

    This is a classic case of a cashier who gets a little ‘power’ getting full of him/herself.

    With best buy’s POS system I can see how it can be very, very easy to mis-scan a serial number. There is no typing involved, xbox is scanned, a dialog pops up asking for the S/N which is scanned off the back of the console through a slit designed in the box itself, but most cashiers don’t even look @ the screen and just scan the next item.

    Heck, if they did this with a cell phone the guy would have service for 3 or 4 days and then get cut off because his ESN wouldn’t be registered.

  69. swalve says:

    @belisle: I think you hit the nail on the head! This guy worked at BB, he knew how to work the system. He’s no victim.

    @Shinobuu: That phrase is not some “right” a customer can assert. It is a motto that some retailers use to describe their level of customer service

    @Buran: You have no clue. If he filed a chargeback it would be fraud.

  70. cccdude says:

    The *only* thing I ever purchase from BB are DVD’s on new release Tuesday. I would never, ever buy ANYTHING from them that I might actually need to return or that costs > $20.

    Kind of sad – I have a struggling co-worker who had her house broken into last week and lost a lot of personal electronics. We took up a collection at work to help replace some of the items in time for christmas and the person taking the collection said she was just going to get her a “BestBuy gift card”. I told her to forget BB and get a Costco gift instead – Costco STANDS behind the equipment they sell with no hassle!!

  71. Michael Belisle says:

    @El Ojo: I heard it’s called “blaming the victimist”.

  72. swalve says:

    @belisle: I’m not sure there was any victim here. We’re not talking about blaming a girl for wearing a short skirt, we’re talking about an ex-employee who may or may not have been defrauding Best Buy who GOT THE EXCHANGE HE WAS LOOKING FOR.

  73. rikkus256 says:

    I think you should still complaint to the corporate.

  74. Michael Belisle says:

    @swalve: Ah… I missed that part. Please carry on.

  75. Michael Belisle says:

    @swalve: Although a person doesn’t have to be a victim to be a victimist. The latter I understand to be someone who tells a tale of woe for the attention (or for the profits in a frivolous lawsuit).

  76. If he in fact used to work there, he would have known how the system works. He could have used this to his advantage from minute one. I don’t buy it.

  77. karlmarx says:

    I haven’t been into a Best Buy in over a year, and I dont miss it. I try to buy all my electronics from Costco or Sams because of their satisfaction guarantee return policy.

    I learned that if you are making a purchase such as x Box using a credit card gives you much better protection. I personally have had the best luck with American Expess. Best Buy accused me of opening software that they opened when I was trying to return it and refused to return it because it was opened.. (By them) American Express charged the amount to Best Buy when I disputed it, and credited the amount of my software back to my card..

  78. Zero2007 says:

    Colin: I really do suggest you take this story to corporate. I’m working at Best Buy as my first retail job, and luckily, it’s the Honolulu Best Buy. Because it’s only been around for 3 years in Hawaii, 2 years for this location, the managers currently there know and will admit that they’re stepping up the store’s game. Newer employees are being trained with training employees from two years ago didn’t receive, and it’s encouraged to try spread the new idea around.
    I have confidence in Best Buy not as an employee or a fan boy, but as a consumer as well. The entire company shouldn’t be classified as a loser because of an idiot at customer service and a manager whose too ignorant to remember that the core philosophies that apply to this case are “Power to the people” and “Recognizing humility when taking up leadership.” Saying this store is what you’d expect from every other store, or any other bad account out there, would be a part-to-whole logical fallacy and would in turn, be a form of propaganda.

    I’m not trying to defend those idiots, but with everything in this world, there’s a good and a bad. Unfortunately, if the leadership there won’t take action, it is up to you, the consumer who generates our paychecks (non-commission of course lol), to make sure the bad are weeded out.
    This will help in the future of the company and set an example for employees.

    Even though a bad experience cannot ever be 100% guaranteed to never occur again, I do recommend smart customer shopping though. Like many here have advised, try using a credit card that can back-up your purchase like Amex or something.
    Printing out and properly documenting your research (aka your google search on the UPC), as well as your ordeal there would only do you good in the future, and it only takes a few minutes to print/write these things down and get a few names.

    Anyways, please do alert corporate about your account, and empower yourself as the rightful consumer you are.

  79. Shepherd says:

    @cabooglio: Wonkette is to Paultard’s what Consumerist is to Tardbait. One of my simple joys is seeing people mindlessly regurgitate talking points from astroturf and PR hacks. They crack me up so please don’t discourage Consumerist’s zombie audience.

  80. FLConsumer says:

    @backbroken: Price… Amerikans are suckers for price. As long as you have the lowest price, they’ll come to you like flies on shit, regardless of how you treat them, regardless of the quality of your product. I present McDonald’s & Mal-Wart.

  81. kftgr says:

    I totally believe the OP’s story about incompetent Best Buy employees who are overly zealous at treating customers as if they are scammers.

    Happened to me less than two months ago when I came in with a Best Buy coupon from their myrewardzone site that wouldn’t scan. Absolutely no cooperation from the “consumer specialist” (or whatever that ironic title is); had to wait at the register forever. When the coupon first didn’t scan, I even offered to login to the rewardzone site to show them where I got it. There was so much BS from the “consumer specialist” and even the assistant manager — he even said that the coupon/promotion expired during the summer (it had started during the summer). There’s only so many times that one needs to be asked about where the coupon came from before you should just be blunt and accuse them of scamming with a false coupon.

    So what happened in the end? Exactly what I suggested: going to a computer and logging in to show them that I’m no scammer. Fuck you Consumer Specialist Mindy and Assistant Manager Mitch!

    BTW, everyone suggests complaining to Best Buy Corporate. Exactly which email and/or snail mail address is the preferred one for that purpose?

  82. superberg says:

    I don’t understand this “I would never shop at a store like Best Buy” nonsense. As if ANY major retail electronics/entertainment chain is known for good customer service. Customer Service has been dead for some time. It sucks, but it’s a fact.

    Furthermore, “mom and pop” video games stores do not exist. That’s barely hyperbole. I know of one non-corporate video game store within twenty miles of my home in Chicago. And they aren’t particularly grand themselves.

    I’d love to know what marvelous boutiques you people shop at. Do they have a pleasant English Butler that serves you Chardonnay while you swipe you black Amex?

  83. blkhrt1 says:

    Its the same dumbass employees who aren’t trained to tell the difference in a serial number and a UPC. After scanning the XBOX, it should’ve prompted for a serial number. Being the retard she was, she probably didn’t know that and scanned the game as the UPC. Colin should have checked his receipt and noticed he wasn’t charged for a game. Gooooood one, Colin.

  84. radioshacklover says:

    this story is bullshit

    first off best buy doesn’t scan xbox serial numbers or any game console serial numbers anymore (for like the past 2 or 3 years)
    if you worked at best buy and people know you there they wouldn’t give you crap
    even back in the days when best buy used to have to scan serial numbers they had a very specific format they had to be in, and a UPC and XBOX serial number are no were close to having the same number of digits

  85. blkhrt1 says:

    @radioshacklover: Actually, moron, serial numbers are scanned for xboxes, satellite radios, and many other things. Must not do those kind of precautions at Gay-dio Shack.

  86. djjasonjani says:

    I recently ran into a situation I never heard of before and frankly never thought would happen to me, Please read on….

    On a impulse buy, I purchased a Playstation 3 two days after Christmas, came home played it for 30 mins, then it just stopped working.

    When I brought it back to the store, I was informed by the young customer service rep that the serial number on the PS3 did not match the serial number on the box. How could that be????

    I could not believe it, honestly as I start to get very upset and un- nerved. Beyond upset I was informed by the Manager to contact Corporate Customer relations, after I do I am told again they will not exchange anything with different serial numbers.

    I do not own another PS3 and did not previously purchase one. I have spent thousands of dollars at best buy in the past, but after this $492 dollar rip off with my PS3 tampering, I will never ever shop at this store again.

    I have to say I am so upset with everything. I honestly bought the system played it for 30 mins and it broke, I am assuming someone messed with the unit and

    I would have never thought to open up the box in the store to view the
    numbers all matched.

    So to all Best Buy shoppers, BEWARE. You may want to check the serial numbers while you are in the store as there is no way to know you will be F#%$ed.

    Just wanted to share this with the you all. I have read online about others running into this type of situation. It was a sealed box but something happened from the time it was manufactured to the time I opened the box…

    Ill keep you all posted to the outcome, I have stopped payment on my CC and think it may take a long while to be resolved.

  87. sweetpeatush says:

    I worked as a CSR in a call center for bestbuy and all though there were alot of ignorant consumers who think they should get something for nothing..there was also stupid store employees who behaved like this to customers because I heard it over the phone while talking to the customers. Managers from the store would call me, screaming and hollering over policies that they want us to break, policies they should know better because corporate sent memos to all of them including us. my advice is to not shop at a store again that treats their customers like crooks.

  88. chattwriter says:

    Ok, I’m a current Best Buy employee (lots of times Manager on Duty), and that is horrible the way you were treated. I’m really sorry about that, even though I know it wasn’t my store. Come to my store instead, I think we could win you back!

  89. dj-anakin says:

    Another reason why it’s better to just not shop at Best Buy. The people there really just don’t give a shit. Sad. I really hope they go out of business. I’d rather have had Circuit City stay open. I’ve always had good experiences with them.

    All of this is also just more reason to shop Amazon.