10 Magazine Gift Guides Reviewed & Ranked

You’re busy: you don’t have time to shop, or to read magazines, or to look at magazines for ideas to guide you when you go shopping, which you’re not going to do because you’re too busy. Luckily Slate has pre-digested the gift guides from ten magazines including Vogue, Maxim, Consumer Reports, and Gourmet, then barfed them up like an HTML mama bird for your shopping convenience.

Their winner in the list-off is Maxim:

The superfluous T&A is more of a lure for some readers than others. But Maxim surprises with its witty and varied gift ideas, which are frequently accompanied by well-written snippets of prose. And as long as you’re not a vegetarian, you can’t help but love a guide that mentions python filets at $40 a pound.

The bottom dwellers include Condé Nast Traveler—”The editors saw it fit to only recommend gifts for five-star travelers”—and Gourmet—”There’s no coherent gift guide, per se, just a series of front-of-the-book gift pages.”

“Smoking Mittens or Felt Fedora?” [Slate]
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  1. Seth L says:

    So who’s going to make the list of best-gift guide lists?

  2. dreamcatcher2 says:

    @Seth L: And who’s going to compile the top 10 list of the lists of best gift-guide lists?

  3. @dreamcatcher2: Well maybe Gawker can start a Top 10 Lists of Lists of Best Of Lists blog, or something like that.

  4. girly says:

    I read it and they seem to have pretty bad judgment and choose extremely expensive gifts, even for the ‘best of the best’.

  5. asherchang2 says:

    Kotaku made a pretty awesome list this year…

  6. Patcher says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the phrase “barfed them up like an HTML mama bird” is so hilarious that I’m still laughing about it 20 mins later.