Sprint Mails Customers A "Get Out Of Sprint Free" Card

Sprint has mailed postcards to its customers saying that, beginning January 1st, it will stop charging so-called “recovery” fees and create new fees to replace (or possibly exceed) them. Sprint customers are now asking themselves whether or not this is a change to the Terms & Conditions—if so, then they should be able to cancel their contracts without paying an ETF, or early termination fee.

One Sprintusers.com forum member posted that a Sprint CSR read the following to him:

Sprints current policy as read by account services: “On Jan. 1st 2008 Sprint customers who have been affected by the fees, [consumer and IL customers], will have their ETF waived if they wish to terminate their contract. There will be no post-dating of cancellation where the ETF will be waived as only customers affected by the new surcharges will be eligible.”

There’s some debate on the loooong forum discussion, but a reader wrote us to say he just used the pricing change to get out of his Sprint contract ETF-free, “staying on as a customer OOC, and receiving retentions deals and perks the same day.”

https://consumermediallc.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/con_sprintcard_600-thumb.jpg(Click image for larger version.)

This writer has a special hatred of Sprint from several years ago, when they debited over $1500 from my checking account (for a $120 bill) and then tried to insist it would take over two weeks to replace the stolen money. Sprint, may you rot in hell.

(Thanks to Harry and Ryan!)

“Sprint Changing Terms And Conditions Of Service” [sprintusers.com]


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  1. kantwait says:

    Can I cross out “Sprint” and write “T-Mobile”?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if I can use this to negotiate even cheaper service than SERO.

  3. Pylon83 says:

    I called them last night to try and re-negotiate a little for a new phone. There were very uninterested in negotiaing. I may cancel when Jan. 1 comes around, and I’m on SERO.

  4. Pylon83 says:

    Further, as I interpret the change, it is material because it is adding wholly new fee’s that were not in the previous contract. The monetary affect is of little consequence.

  5. parad0x360 says:

    am i missing something? it looks like the charges will be about $1 less so how could you use that to get out of your contract?

    Would you call them and ask how dare they charge you slightly less of the same old same old under a new name?

  6. TechnoDestructo says:


    I thought the standard was it just had to be a change…with no specification that it be in the phone company’s favor?

  7. Pylon83 says:

    The fact is it is a material change to the contract. They are adding entirely new fee’s that you did not originally agree to pay. These fee’s are not government mandated, and regardless of whether it increases or decreases the bill in it’s entirety is irrelevant. The changes should be looked at independently and not as a whole. Independently, new fee’s are being added. While as a whole the bill goes down, that is of no consequence. The change is material, they can’t make it without the customers assent. WIthout your assent, you can repudiate the contract and not have to pay the ETF. Simple contract law.

  8. Charles Duffy says:

    @parad0x360: It’s a contract — a “meeting of the minds” between two parties. Allowing unilateral changes of any kind is contrary to good public policy on its face.

    Unless the consumer accepts the change or the company is willing to allow a customer to opt out of the changes and continue under the old terms (and if the changes are indeed in the consumer’s favor, why wouldn’t the company allow that?), there’s a strong argument to void the contract regardless.

    That said, IANAL, and the truth of anything I just said depends on your jurisdiction and what the judge hearing your case ate for breakfast that morning. (Hopefully your arbitration clause allows for small claims in place of binding arbitration; Cingular’s, at least, does).

  9. Twitch says:

    Cool. I just signed up for 2 new contracts for our phones and they gave me a $115.00 credit. I can now cancel my contract, and re-negotiate it for new phones or whatever…

    Thanks Sprint!

  10. According to the people who have posted on the forum, by paying your bill you may be tacitly agreeing to the changes and forfeit the chance to get out of contract. I’d recommend reading the forum posts and contacting Sprint before paying the January bill.

  11. jabbrass says:

    I just got off the phone with a CSR who informed me that they would let me out of my contract after January 1st, not because the monetary amount would be adverse, but because other terms and conditions are changing as well.

    This change cannot be easily defined as adverse or negligible, thus she said, it has been told to all CSR’s that customers are allowed to discontinue with out an ETF if the changes appear on your bill after Jan. 1. (These changes are set to take place for all Sprint customers excluding corporate and Nextel)

    If you pay your bill after that, than by that action you agree to the changes.

  12. Tijil says:

    Actually, according to both old and new contract, the customer implicitly agrees to contract changes by either paying the bill OR USING THE SERVICE after the contract goes into affect, IIRC. Be careful.

    (And yes, it is a material change to the contract because the customer would be agreeing to an totally new set of charges, subject to being changed at the whim of the company and without limits. Even if the charges are only $.40 now, they could be $20 next month, and you’ve already agreed to let them do that by accepting the contract.)

    I really don’t want to discontinue Sprint service, but at the same time I don’t want to “agree” to that sort of wide-open blank check in the contract. (I’d be happy to just go out-of-contract, but retain service from Sprint.)


  13. Anonymous says:


    Sounds like we have a small window to exit our contracts if we want.

  14. chris1127249 says:

    I was looking at the “PCS Terms and Condtions” and came across this. You can find the rest of the agreement at


    Below, sprint outlines what you cannot escape your contract with including “government fees and surcharges”

    The following, without limitation, will generally not be considered changes to the Agreement as contemplated in this provision and will not result in the waiver of applicable Early Termination Fees: (a) changes to our Policies; (b) changes to rates or charges that are not a core part of the rate plan package for which you contracted – for example, incidental, occasional or casual use charges and other options that do not require a Term Commitment; (b) changes to Taxes & Government Fees; or (c) changes to Surcharges, including assessing new Surcharges

  15. AgentMunroe says:

    Here’s a question: If I want to switch cellular providers and keep my number, but taking advantage of this so I can do it without ETFs… how do I do that? My understanding is that by transferring the number, the old service is cancelled when the transfer is done – but if I need to talk to Sprint and cancel over the phone to make sure I don’t get charged, then I won’t have the number to transfer, right?

  16. cindel says:

    Can I used this to re-negotiate for a new phone? I really want Htc mogul

  17. BigNutty says:

    When I received that Postcard I threw it in the trash. I’m tired of switching and will stay with sprint unless they do something stupid to me.

  18. mike1731 says:

    As one of possibly 5 nationwide consumers who have had overall decent experience with Sprint (with two lines), I found it pretty interesting to see how eager they were to retain me when I went in for replacement phones recently. Both phones on our account were over two years old, and my wife’s phone was pretty trashed up.

    First, the store gave me the rebate discount in store for one of the two phones (a Katana II, they said the Mogul was selling too quick they couldn’t do in store for it). Then they gave me the rebate form and told me that I should request the rebate on both phones — “even though we gave it to you, get it again”. Then while he was on the phone setting up the account, they offered me a $50/line discount on my next bill for renewing my contract as a “valued customer”. And I got phone switch charges waived.

    Basically, adding it all up, I got two mid-level phones for free, and kept discounts I had in place from several months ago on texting services and usage.

    Made me feel warm and fuzzy.

  19. xkevin says:

    My Sprint bill mysteriously decreased by $5 about 3 months ago. When I tried to login to Sprint.com, it was only showing me my old Nextel account and saying I’m not allowed to make any changes. The service still works and the $5 decline is still in effect so I’ll see what happens come January 1. Otherwise I’m loving my SERO service… :)

  20. num1skeptic says:

    so what if i don’t want to switch companies? can i keep everything the same and still get out of my contract? or if i do get our of my contract that means i will need to find a phone elswhere?

  21. Jim says:

    @Pylon83: I believe the letter I received said something to the effect of “This is a fee to offset the costs of government regulation, which we are not required to charge to our customers”.

    If life slows down a bit, I might see if I might not be required to pay it then, but given that they’ve finally resolved some 14 month old billing issues, perhaps it’s best if I just leave them alone…

  22. tomok97 says:

    For those of you on the SERO plan (and I’m one), how can you negotiate down from that? It’s a crazy good deal. Trying to beat them up further is just greed. Those are probably the exact people that Sprint is cutting loose.

  23. rolla says:

    now if they only did something about their phone selection. Seems like Verizon (another CDMA provider) is just passing them by…

  24. girly says:

    I’ve had sprint for more than 7 years, and I saw that card and it did make me wonder if I could end my latest agreement early (has a year to go).

    I haven’t had that bad a time with sprint,they are pretty good other than when you have to get new phones or update your plan, but even then I’ve always been able to resolve things.

    I just have been wondering if there is a better plan with another provider, but what I have is pretty competitive

  25. num1skeptic says:

    i just tried to get out of my contract. for all the rest of you who haven’t tried yet…..good luck. they just told me that they would keep my contract the same, (and won’t make the changes they mailed me the postcard about) to avoid me getting out of my contract.

  26. huntm856 says:

    Sprint is holding off introducing a number of new phones pending their rollout of the new QChat system (replacing Nextel DirectConnect) sometime early next year. Stay tuned….

  27. huntm856 says:

    @tomok97: Agree totally. $30 for 500 A/T minutes or $50 for 1000 A/T minutes, with unlimited in network calling, unlimited text and data? Some people are never satisfied, and I’d agree that Sprint would be better off without anyone unsatisfied with a deal like SERO>

  28. coyontita says:

    i’ve had sprint for something like 6 or 7 years, and have experiences similar to GIRLY and MIKE1731. to sum up: their telephone agents are often totally unhelpful a-holes when it comes to customer service, but when i go in person to a sprint store, i usually get what i want, and a good deal too. in-store agents are consistently *much* more helpful and willing to work with me (even along the lines of what MIKE1731 reported). and, as GIRLY notes, i too now have a pretty competitive plan. sigh. basically, i just try to interact with sprint telephone representatives as seldom as possible, bcs they are freaking minions of the devil.

  29. gjg730 says:

    I called Sprint and I was able to get out of my contract. Your bill will go up if your on a family plan. The new fees are charged per line and I believe the old fees were charged for the total bill. Make sure you point this out to them when you call

  30. gjg730 says:

    I was able to get out of my contract. The new fees are charged per line. The old fees were charged per bill

  31. num1skeptic says:

    how do you get the sero deal? i’ve been a customer for 8years. never heard of it till today. please help me! i’m paying through the nose as it is.

  32. jaredbares says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I was successful in getting my ETF down to $0 should I decide to port my number to another carrier because of the change in fees in their new Terms & Conditions. I was very polite when calling the Corporate Service number that Consumerist and earlier supplied in a previous post.

    When I first spoke with her we haggled for a short period and she then gave me a case number and that she would call me back in less than 72 hours. It actually took less than 3. She told me she was not aware of these changes and wanted to do some of her own research. She then called me back and offered me the $0 ETF and that I could now port my number to another carrier at any time.

  33. macmizzle says:

    I tried to use the text message rate increase from a few months ago to get out of my contract with Sprint. It wasn’t uncommon for me to pay over $200 per month for two cell phones, especially since most of the charges were bogus. I even took the bills into a Sprint store, they also told me they thought the charges were insane, BUT Sprint stores can do nothing about bills, unless you would like to pay for the bill there. In the end, I argued with three people and didn’t get out of my contract. I did, however, get some pretty nice retention deals, nice enough to make it worth my while to stay with Sprint and not consider getting out of my contract. At least until my contract is up.

    SO… the moral is: even if this wouldn’t allow you to get out of your contract, chances are it will allow you to get some good deals. Argue, argue, argue, and be firm with them that you want out until the very, very end.

  34. crazyjeeper says:

    Well, I tried calling and being polite and they said that they have an internal memo going around saying they will not waive ETF’s since the orignal fee’s are not listed in the contract. Any ideas? I’ve had nothing but headaches with sprint from day one and still have a year of hell with them.

  35. Pylon83 says:

    Be more persistent. Point out that the addition of entirely new fee’s is a material, unilateral change to the contract to which you do not consent. That in mind, you wish to terminate your contract without incurring the ETF.

  36. BugMeNot2 says:

    Worked for me. Just keep pointing out that it is a material breach, and there is nothing they can do. Try to be polite, and be persistent. It also helps to talk immediatly to retention.

  37. Trackback says:

    One good way to get out of your cell phone contract without paying the fat penalty is to wait for them to change your contract terms. I believe by law if they change your contract, you can either accept or cancel within 30 days without any fees.

  38. girly says:

    I have 4 phones with sprint, 1400 shared minutes, free nights and weekends, and free sprint to sprint for $100 (tax included). With the free sprint to sprint, I never go over.

    I’d love to use mobile internet, picture mail/email, or text messaging, but I almost never do because they charge A LOT for that!

    That sero deal sounds a bit better than what I have, but I don’t know how I could switch.

    @coyontita: You’d think I’d know to go into the store, but last time I forgot, ordered by phone (they wouldn’t let me do online), got double-charged on one phone, and found out I didn’t even like the phones.

    So I went through a very grueling process of calling customer service and explaining things (probably 3 1 to 2 hour phone calls) and eventually got them to send me enough return kits and credit me. Then I went to the store to get different phones, and was in & out in 20 minutes.

  39. Cindy2 says:

    I have 3 phones and after another $188 bill I thought I would give it a try. After being transferred I was told I may or may not be affected by this change and I would receive a postcard if and when I would be charged these fees. Then I could call back. :o( Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  40. crazyjeeper says:

    So I emailed customer care yesterday evening and here is the latest response from them:

    Dear Mr. Yxxxxx,

    Thank you for replying back to me.

    As you wish to cancel the services due to this increase, I have forwarded the concern to the appropriate department and one of our specialists will get in touch with you within next 48 to 72 hours.

    Our specialist will take the required information and will perform the necessary steps to resolve the concern to your satisfaction. Please be assured that the account will not be charged for the Early Termination Fee for this.

    If you have any further concerns, please write back to me and I will be glad to assist you in the best possible way.

    It was a pleasure assisting you and I look forward to more opportunities to serve you in future. Have a great day!

    Austin G.

    Business E-Care
    “Where our customers come first!”

    So, does this mean i’m out? I guess I have written proof?

  41. carp115 says:

    I tried…went through 4 csr’s, 2 claimed they had no idea what I was talking about, one just flat out said no, and kept insisting these were “taxes”…even after I read, verbatim off the card, “These are not taxes”…she said the card was wrong, and that I am legally bound to these “taxes”
    The last said I have to wait till January 29th, and after I pay the bill “so you know what the new charges are”…where the hell do they find these people??

    I called the “Consumerist-special” hot line and left a message…we’ll see what happens

  42. Streyeder says:

    1.5 hours, 2 CSRs, and a Manager later I left a message on the Consumerist hotline as well. I’m willing to bet these call center guys are just minions and hopefully the guys in Reston can get something done.

  43. carp115 says:

    I heard back from exec this morning. The rep was extremely polite, and apologized for my experience with the csr’s. She told me that my contract will be nullified on Jan 27th, and the ETF waived (I’m paid up until then), gave me her first and last name, as well as a case number. If the Sprint bigwigs do follow the threads here on Consumerist, a public thank you to Ms. Jones is in order :)

  44. wearly1977 says:

    I calculate a charge more on my bill of 1.20 per month. I have been emailing ecare back and forth and they are going to help me. hope this works

  45. wearly1977 says:

    they told me to call back in January. I will be calling at 12:01 AM Jan 1st.

  46. BugMeNot2 says:

    They cancelled mine today. Thank god.

  47. BrianH says:

    Hey Consumerist — why no “SPRINT” tag on the story? (hey, at least ONE of us uses the the tags!!!!!)

  48. BrianH says:

    OK me again, this time with a question…. even though I prefer to handle things over the phone (Sprint Consumerist hotline included, though I’ve not tried it) — I was wondering: is there also a Sprint/Consumerist “email hotline”? It seems like the whole paper trail / get it in writing policy might be best here.


  49. JoshBYW says:

    Gotta say that this site is great first off.

    I have a question too, although I wish I knew about this stuff to be able to help out the rest of the people here. I’m interested in canceling with this, but I want to be able to port my number over to AT&T. I talked to a rep on Friday who said that I would have to wait until after 1/1/07 to be able to officially cancel, since it’s when the charges take effect, and that I should port my number over before.

    My question is whether this would be the actual method to go about things. Am I screwing myself if I port my number while still in contract without having gotten out of my contract (minus ETF)? How are other people getting out of their contracts with their phone numbers intact?

  50. ratchetfox says:

    I posted my request on their “Contact Us” web form. I said I wished to port my numbers to another carrier due to the fee increase, and that I wanted the early termination fees waived. I got a live response about an hour later stating I could now port my numbers without the early termination fee at any time.

    All it took was a polite 60-word message, and I’m out of my 2-year contract!

  51. y2khardtop says:

    absolutely did NOT work for me. Got a CSR and a supervisor on the phone, and they both said these are TAXES and that their contract says they can change taxes and fees at any time.

    Any Advice??

  52. CrapoCrap says:

    Hey Ratchet, can you post the text of your message so the rest of us can use it?


  53. giarcpnw says:

    Hey is this for every state in the US? or just certain regions?

    The posted response on the page says “There will be no post-dating of cancellation where the ETF will be waived as only customers affected by the new surcharges will be eligible”

    That implies that not everyone is affected.


  54. giarcpnw says:

    Well, i just got out with two phones as well by simply sending a request email to the eCare help on the sprint pcs page. I just asked to be released due to a material breach in the contract because of the new fees. Here’s there response:

    “Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am disappointed to know that you wish to drop our services and port the numbers to another service provider due to change in contract terms.

    You can go ahead and cancel your account without early termination fees. However, I would like to share the information that the numbers on the account cannot be ported out after the account is cancelled.

    Thus, I request you to write back to us after porting the numbers and I will forward your request to the cancellation department to cancel your account”

    So, now let’s see if it actually happens with out a big bill coming to me three weeks after asking for 500 in ETFs. But at least i have written proof now in email form.

    iPhone here we come.

  55. wearly1977 says:

    I got this email this morning.. thank you god!!!

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am disappointed to know that you
    wish to drop our services and port your numbers due to change in

    You can go ahead and cancel your account without early termination
    fees. However, I would like to share the information that the numbers on
    the account cannot be ported out after the account is cancelled.

    Thus, I request you to write back to us after porting the numbers and I
    will forward your request to the cancellation department to cancel
    your account.

    Thank you again for contacting us.

    John K.

    Business E-Care
    “Where our customers come first!”

  56. y2khardtop says:

    OK, I’m trying via email. Sprint just hates me for some reason….maybe I’ve been a customer too long (6 years or so?)

  57. y2khardtop says:

    OK, via email they say that if my service INCREASES due to the changes, that I can cancel withing 30 days of receiving an inctual invoice with the charges. It looks to me like my service will actually decrease, not increase, so it still doesn’t look like it will help. Anyway, she said to call #2 after I get my next invoice if the price goes up.

    mine was signed Deborah R.

  58. jsheezy21 says:

    if you have any kind of past due amount on the account, can you still use this cancellation?

  59. ctboss says:

    I tried to email to cancel but I want to keep my service on a month to month basis and this is the response I got.

    “I would like to share the information that the account will incur an additional $10.00 as the monthly service charge for being on the month to month option.”

    Has anyone experienced this? I tried to find any mention of this on the sprint website and I can’t.

  60. CrapoCrap says:

    I also was not able to cancel via email (started with the contact form). The person who was responding to my email was outright lying to me. My contract is up early March, so I’m not sure why they are being such hard asses about it.

  61. CrapoCrap says:

    I just called executive customer service. They’ve indicated that I can cancel without the ETF on Friday, since that’s when my next bill will be printed.

  62. carp115 says:

    My accounts “rolled back” to a 2006 contract end date, and my monthly payment that was due for Dec (on all 3 phones) disappeared…phones shut off yesterday. Works for me!!

  63. Krissa says:

    I sent Sprint the following email last night:
    I would like to be released from my contract as of today, if possible, with no fee. I received a mailing from you stating that there were changes to my contract being made in reference to fees, etc. Due to this being a material breach in the contract because of the new fees, I have been told that I have the right to do so. Please let me know what
    additional information is needed. Thank you so much for your response.

    First thing this morning, I recieved this response. While the command of the English language isn’t the best, I get the point, which is that YES, I can get out of my contract!

    Dear Krissa,

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I understand that you wish to get the contract on the account expired.
    I noticed that the two contract on the account for the two active lines does not have an Early termination Fee charge. You may get the lines
    cancelled without any Early termination Fee charge.
    Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

    Thanks so much, Consumerist! I am a forever-loyal fan!

  64. edsnelg says:

    After spending the last two days trying to get out of my Sprint contract I finally found success. Here’s how it’s done.

    1. Find a monthly bill from 2007. Under SURCHAGES AND FEES you will likely find three different fees. The two that matter in this case are the Federal E911 of 40 cents per line and the Federal Local Number Pool and Portability of 15 cents per line. In my case with one line, the total was 55 cents between these two fees.

    2. Under the new 2008 Terms and Agreement, both the Federal E911 fee and the Federal Local Number Pool and Portability fee have been discontinued. These have been replaced by the Regulatory charge of 20 cents and the Administrative charge of 75 cents per line. So instead of the 55 cents per month per line in 2007, I was now being charged 95 cents per month per line in 2008.

    This is important, because Sprint will try to give you the run around and say you can only get out of your contract with the Early Termination Fee waived if there is a “net increase” in the fees.

    Sprint may also say that you have to wait until you get your first bill in 2008 to see if you have an increase. I called back and got a different representative. The new representative tried to talk me out of it and give me 10% of my monthly bill (which would have been more than the 40 cents increase in fees/month), but it you stick to your guns you shouldn’t have a problem with it. If you just do your homework and make sure you have a 2007 bill in front of you to reference, you should be good to go. If you have any other questions or tips just post them.

    Thanks Consumerist!

  65. ladyfox3 says:

    So much for 48 hours….I submitted an e-mail requesting to terminate my contract since I received their postcard, and I have yet to hear from them. Hmm I wonder if they just want me to call them so they can sucker me back?Or…..maybe its because I have not paid my bill and they disconnected my service…I did tell them I am paying any balance.

    Their kzr phone was defective from the start and I called 3 weeks after receiving it and asked for them to replace it. They refuse to replace it and offered me a battery I was so mad since they offer the 30 day guarantee I never went to get the battery. So here I am their “new” phone completely died on me. Ahhhh I do not want to go through any type of conversation with them since I am sick and I can’t raise my voice. I will re-submit my e-mail and then give them a call tomorrow

  66. Espejel_081 says:

    I have tried to cancel with Sprint through e-mail and through their CSR and I have no luck. I don’t know what else to do…I have read everyone’s “blog” and have tried to make a convincing argument but nothing seems to work. I have the family plan and they state that since this is not affecting me, I am not allowed to cancel with no ETF. What should I do? I have been with sprint for about 6 years now but just recently I have been having so many problems with my bill and my phone that I cant take it anymore…..

  67. ladyfox3 says:

    I finally did it! After Sprint did not respond to my 3 e-mails from their website form I finally called them up last night. I was sick so could not deal with them. Anyways I followed the advice from an earlier post of having your old bill in front of you. After three reps and 16 minutes on hold they finally said that the changes were grounds for them to waive the ETF. I had to repeat the charges over several times everytime the rep said no you have to pay the ETF. I read the postcard fees and the old bill fees and asked him isn’t this an increase? He would’t respond just kept asking which taxes are these three times lol. Finally when he typed it up he put me on hold and that is when I think they hope you give up and hang up. The last rep did offer me five bucks a month or something like that, but I was no I just don’t want the service anymore. Now I need a good candybar phone from another carrier.

  68. Espejel_081 says:

    Dear *****

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Anna and it is a pleasure
    to assist you.

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Let me assure you that Sprint makes
    every effort to provide the most convenient products and services with
    the lowest possible rates and fees.

    Sprint is charging the Administrative Charge to help defray various
    costs imposed on us by other telecommunications carriers. The Regulatory
    Charge is being charged to help defray costs of various federal, state
    and local regulatory programs.

    Please note that effective 12/31/07, Sprint stopped charging:
    $1.55 Federal Programs Cost Recovery Fee
    $0.40 Federal E911
    $0.15 Federal Wireless Local Number Portability
    $1.15 Service Fee
    $1.99 Account Infrastructure Fee

    We value your business and again make every effort to provide our
    products and services at the lowest possible rates.

    The message you received in regards to new regulatory charges was sent
    out to all of our customers; however, this will not effect all
    customers in a negative manner.

    Customers who are not effected by the new regulatory charges or receive
    a net decrease in fees will still be charged Early Termination Fees if
    they decide to cancel.

    As these changes do not take effect until January 1, 2008 it is
    undetermined how this information applies to you and your account. Once your
    invoice is generated after January 1,2008 you will be able to determine
    what effects these changes have on your account and wether you are
    eligible for cancelation without Early Termination Fees.

    If you receive an invoice with these charges after January 1,2008 you
    may then call *2 to discuss cancelation.

    Your bill cycle ends on 1/16/2008. Your next invoice will be viewable
    online within 3 to 5 days after your bill cycle ends.

    You may view your bills online using the following steps.
    – Click the Billing and payments tab near the top of the screen.
    – Select Billing History and Analysis.
    – Click view and Print Bills.
    – Choose the date of the bill you are interested in.
    – For printing purposes please select PDF format.

    Should you have any further questions or concerns please reply back and
    I will be happy to assist you.

    Sprint values your business and always looks forward to the opportunity
    to provide you excellent service now and in the future. Thank you and
    have a great day!.

    What should I do? I really want to get out of sprint and have tried through the phone and through e-mail and nothing seems to work for me. Dang it! I want to be a success story too!!!!

  69. Espejel_081 says:


  70. ladyfox3 says:

    Wow that is crazy ! I read a post here about someone that stated that she received the postcard and that she told sprint that nowhere did it say (something along the lines “IF they change the fees). Unless the charges differ from state? I am from TX.

    I did forget to mention that the rep did not give me a confirmation number. He told me that there was no need and that the changes were to occur on February. I asked him if there were going to be any other fees since I was paid up and he said not. He did offer his id number and first name.

  71. Espejel_081 says:

    I think if I ask for him though, it would probably be too obvious….know what I mean. Well I am going to send them another e-mail….should I be mean?

  72. y2khardtop says:

    Wanted to follow up. This DID NOT work for me, even the supervisor told me these were fees, and that my contract could be changed at any time without it terminating my contract.

    So I filed a complaint with the FCC, and sent an email to the Sprint Press people (regarding the upcoming Pro-Rated ETF’s), and after a week or so, I was contacteb by a Senior executive at Sprint. He was very nice, thanked me for my 6 years of Sprint service, and eventually let me out of my contract.

    Bottom line, the change is fee’s does not work according to the plethora of reps I’ve spoken to. However, being a good customer might help if you ever get the right person on the phone.

  73. jpearcy says:

    I have been a nextel customer for about 8 years. This morning I called the service termination department. I spoke with someone and told them that I was going to port my number to another carrier because I didnt agree with the terms and conditions changes. That is the key from what I found out is that you dont say that you want to cancel because of the fees but because you do not agree with the terms. I even told them about how in their contract it states that if there is a material change to the terms and conditions the customer can cancel the contract without penelty. I was put on hold 4 times during my conversation while she asked her supervisor. Everytime but the last time she came back telling me I was still in a contract. I had to keep explaining things over and over. It sounds like sprint knows that they cant charge the fees so they are just dragging their feet and making it a pain to leave so alot of people will give up. I stood my ground and never changed why argument and after being on hold 4 times for about 30 mins the lady came back and told me that they would waiv the ETF. I am going to call back today to make sure that she notated it on my account info and then I will be switching to another carrier. Good luck to all, and thank you consumerist.

  74. jpearcy says:

    just following up on my post from yesterday. I was able to call back and verify that my account will not be charged an ETF. So right after that I ported my number to a different carrier.

  75. ladyfox3 says:

    Did they terminate your contract right away or until the billing cycle ends?

  76. jpearcy says:

    they said that my service would be terminated when I ported my number to another carrier. I switched that day. My friend is cancelling his service and switching to another carrier. They told him his service would be shut off feb. 4th. So It sounds like they are cutting off after the billing cycle.

  77. mlg22 says:

    I have 4 lines with sprint and i want to port the numbers ,and I know the increase is noted on my jan bill, so from what i have read on here , i have not contacted sprint yet. My question is should i notify them first before i port the numbers or port then write them and object to the ETF

  78. ladyfox3 says:

    I would probably talk to them first. They ask you at the end if you want to port the number.

  79. Espejel_081 says:

    Ok you guys so I just got my bill and hey guess what!!!?? My bill went up by $1.15..which is going to be $13.80 more that I will be paying a year. I’m sorry but I am going to call sprint and just act a fool on them! I got a second response from Sprint, and as you know they hot potatoed me around and said if they increased my bill they would REFUND me the additional charges. But of course I am not going to stand for that and ask them to cancel with no ETF. What do you guys think? I tried being nice and that obviously didn’t work…so now, they better be prepared for me. I will let you guys know tomorrow what happens : ) Until then, wish me luck!!

  80. Espejel_081 says:

    Ok, I finally canceled with Sprint!!!! I’m sorry but I had to be the rudest person in the world because I was dropping the “F*” word like there was no tomorrow, but hey, it worked! They are waiving the ETF and not charging me for porting my number! How awesome is that!!!! I am soooo excited, I am thinking about going to T-mobile now…..ahhh, yes! The sweet smell of success and freedom (for now). Anywho, you guys have any questions, just let me know : )

  81. buffbison82 says:

    okay i have made the call and as of right now they said my service contract will be canceled as of Feb. 04 2008 (the last day of current billing period) with no ETF. They said I will need to pay off the remaining balance of last month’s service and for this month’s service in feb. now, does that sound okay to everyone? is everyone else getting the same message? im just so paranoid and thinking they’ll screw me. b/c i read messages on here stating we shouldn’t pay on our bill until they cancel the service.

    my aim is buffbison82 if anyone cares to assist me. thanks!


  82. sydia21 says:

    Thanks guys, I just emailed sprint customer care and this was the response I received:

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you
    regarding the change in contract.

    I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced due to this, I understand that you have received a mail in the regards of change in contract.

    I would like to share with you a happy news for you that you can cancel you account without paying early termination fee. I have also put a supportive note on the account and you can continue with us as long as
    you want after changing your plan on month to month basis.

    Have a great day!

    Peter P.

    Guess I have good luck.

  83. mlg22 says:

    i have 4 lines, I ported one to tmobile today and i will be porting the other 3 as soon as my wifes employee account is setup on tmobile, I hope i will also be given a free pass on the ETF from sprint. Good Job espejel congrats to you

  84. Espejel_081 says:

    Thank you my friend! I just got T-mobile and there is this store that is having a really awesome sale until the end of January…the store is called TM Wireles (aka T-Mobile Wireless) and I got the new sidekick LX for $100!!! Now that is including the mail in rebate….I really hope you take advantage of this sale and you save money. Good luck!

  85. valliO says:

    Persistence is the key! I bombarded e-care with emails and was successful in having my ETFs waived. Save your emails as confirmation because retention representatives tend to tell you one thing and completely deny it later on. I switched to t-mobile via wirelessbuy.com and got a brand new sidekick lx for $50 w/ mail-in-rebate! They also have blackberries for ridiculous deals as well. Good luck!

  86. wearly1977 says:

    Sprint gave me the okay to port my numbers and cancel. I did and now are fighting to get 3 ETF’s off my account. I have faxed my email from ecare over 15 times to some dude named David Sodaval and nothing from him yet.I will keep fighing and I will win.SCREW SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. mwatt says:

    my wife and I have an ancient old Sprint “talk 15” plan because we rarely use our cell phones. Sprint sent me a letter saying my antique of a Nokia 6185 phone (about 10 years old) will no longer work after February 18 (and another letter that says Feb 25th) because of “upgrades with new wireless technology designed to enhance….blah blah blah.” That old Nokia 6185 is a dual band phone. What is Sprint really trying to do—just sell me a new phone?

  88. na238 says:

    This also worked for me. After sprint completely lost my bill (which I still have never and will never see) for the month of November following thier web upgrade I had enough. The key for me was to record every conversation you have with them, and keep calling. The first person I called lied to me over and over and was unfamiliar with the Sprint terms and conditions. He wanted me to call back after I had a bill generated with the new fees. After reading all the terms with him he was finally willing to let me speak to his supervisor. When they gave me the confirmation number for the call and asked if I had a pen ready, and I said that they could just go ahead because they were being recorded they just about died of disgust, and accused me of breaking laws and fcc regulations by recording them. I told them I live in Texas and dont need their permission to do anything. The superviser then told me he didn’t agree to talk to me now that they know they are being recorded. I was promised a call from his boss within 3 days that never happened. Never did get any names there unfortunately. The next morning I called back and told the lady I wanted to cancel because of the new terms of service, and she immediately offered 15% off. I declined (I would stay for no less than 90% off) and she waived my etf. Although she told me I could not port my numbers. That was a small concession to get away from them, even though I dont think that is legal. She however was the second most helpful person I ever dealt with at sprint in my 6 years. The most helpful person I ever dealt with was when I was lied to and overcharged and caught all of it on tape and had an attorney I am friends with mail it to the companys presidents office. Bottom line is make sure you record everything when talking to customer service. They lie and dont seem to care.

  89. ladyfox3 says:

    I cancelled with no ETF a month ago, but I wanted to wait before I got another carrier * i do not trust sprint. I got tired of waiting for Sprint to send me an email or letter making it official, so just when I was going to buy a new phone I got a sprint e-mail. THe B&*&*&%* are charging me another month plus a $25 reconnection fee. I called them back transfered me to fraud dept., never picked up, called back, busy tone after three calls. I will try again today.

  90. Anonymous says:

    I tried to get of my contract but sprint told me I was too late, what can I do, it is only april and march was the deadline.

    I want out of my contract now that I am fully informed that there are cheaper contracts with other service providers. Will someone show me a loophole to get out on?