Sprint Mails Customers A "Get Out Of Sprint Free" Card

Sprint has mailed postcards to its customers saying that, beginning January 1st, it will stop charging so-called “recovery” fees and create new fees to replace (or possibly exceed) them. Sprint customers are now asking themselves whether or not this is a change to the Terms & Conditions—if so, then they should be able to cancel their contracts without paying an ETF, or early termination fee.

One Sprintusers.com forum member posted that a Sprint CSR read the following to him:

Sprints current policy as read by account services: “On Jan. 1st 2008 Sprint customers who have been affected by the fees, [consumer and IL customers], will have their ETF waived if they wish to terminate their contract. There will be no post-dating of cancellation where the ETF will be waived as only customers affected by the new surcharges will be eligible.”

There’s some debate on the loooong forum discussion, but a reader wrote us to say he just used the pricing change to get out of his Sprint contract ETF-free, “staying on as a customer OOC, and receiving retentions deals and perks the same day.”

../../../../../consumermediallc.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/con_sprintcard_600-thumb.jpg(Click image for larger version.)

This writer has a special hatred of Sprint from several years ago, when they debited over $1500 from my checking account (for a $120 bill) and then tried to insist it would take over two weeks to replace the stolen money. Sprint, may you rot in hell.

(Thanks to Harry and Ryan!)

“Sprint Changing Terms And Conditions Of Service” [sprintusers.com]

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