Save $10 On T-Mobile Total Internet

A reader writes in to say he saved $10 on his T-Mobile bill when he called up to ask why there were two different “Total Internet” options on his add-ons list. Were they the same thing? Yes. So he could switch to the cheaper one without penalty and get exactly the same add-on? Sure.

Just a few hours earlier today I had spoken with a T-Mobile CS rep and he didn’t mention it to me. At that time he recapped my entire plan and the cost of each item, including my $29.99 internet plan.

I’m pretty sure they would not have
lowered my rate if I hadn’t seen it on the website and called in to
ask for it. I’m sure a lot of people would like to know they can save
$10 a month without a change in service.

(Thanks to Bamboozler!)


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  1. Trowble (XBL/PSN) says:

    $20 is still too expensive for me. Making it a $10 flat rate is more my speed though.

  2. Buran says:

    There’s gotta be a catch … oh, and what’s the point of cell internet without 3G? C’mon, T-Mobile. Everybody else has it. I didn’t even look at you when going for GSM service in part because of that.

  3. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    The reason I have the 19.99 internet add on as opposed to the 29.99 one is because I called to make a payment, and the rep TOLD ME it was available.

    Also, a few years back, I was paying $15 PER all four LINES for unlimited messaging. They TOLD ME on the phone that I could get “Unlimited messaging for families” for ONE charge of $15/mo instead of four charges. Then when the price of that dropped to 9.99, they told me that when I called in, too.

    So because the reps always look over my bill (they always check minute usage to alert me of overage) and my rate plan and other services, they have saved me quite a bit of money over the years. The few times I have called in to change my rate plan, they have given me promotional rate plans that were cheaper and were NOT available on the website.

    I have 4 phones on my account. Three are average cell phones. Mine is a Dash. We share 2000 daytime minutes, and have unlimited nights/weekends, messaging, mobile to mobile, and internet on my Dash (that I can share with my computer via usb!). I pay about $170/mo. That’s less that $45 per phone, with a mobile internet connection (albeit only 100-200kbps).

  4. rob2060 says:

    I just called and after some hassle they admitted they “no longer had the $29.99 plan”.

    They did tell me you could change it online, too, to the 19.99 plan.

  5. yg17 says:

    @Buran: No catch at all. It used to be 30 bucks a month, but it dropped to 20 back in the summer. I was using the Blackberry data plan ($20/month) for my Windows Mobile phone (worked great, and it was cheaper) but the day they reduced the price of Total Internet to 20 bucks I switched to that, so I could get Hotspot access (which I used once, for about 5 minutes in a Borders).

    Regarding 3G, I don’t see what the big deal is. Remember though, it’s not T-Mobile’s fault. They purchased the 1700MHz band from the government awhile back to deploy 3G on. The government, doing what they do best, has delayed getting off the band (they were using it for I think military communications and are moving those to other frequencies). From what I understand, T-Mobile has the 3G equipment installed on towers in several large markets, they’re just waiting for the OK from the feds to flip the switch. IIRC, they spent upwards of 4 BILLION for the 1700MHz spectrum, they won’t let it go to waste. And, EDGE really isn’t all that bad. Sure, it’s not 3G, but I have T-Mobile with EDGE (and the slower GPRS down where I go to college in bumfuck nowhere) and it isn’t that bad. At least for what I do (and I use my phone for web a lot).

    No carrier in my experience has come close to the price and quality of service that T-Mobile offers, so I can overlook 3G. Would I like 3G? Who wouldn’t. But would lack of it make me go with another carrier? Hell no

  6. krztov says:

    yeah one of t-mobiles requirements is to do a “visual audit” for CSRs, meaning if they didnt tell you, they probably got a shit quality score :)

    ah. sometimes im quite glad i no longer work there :D

  7. Bunnymuffin says:

    Some of the PDA sites have a work around for internet access using T-Mobile’s 6.99 T-zones option. I’ve been using it for months on my Dash and haven’t had any problems.

  8. dewald says:

    AS YG17 said, the $19.95 plan, identical to the $29.99 plan, has been available for a few months. I was on the $29.99 plan. I obviously was happy to see the price lowered. I was surprised that this change was not automatically made by T-Mobile, instead, once aware of the change, I had to call T-Mobile, or make the change online.

    “Important safety tip”…..
    After the change is made, make sure you check that HotSpots still works. Read what follows….

    -Late 2005, I get my first SmartPhone and add Internet data for $19.95. This did not include HotSpots. The $29.95 Internet Data/HotSpots plan would become available in early 2006 (I think I have the time line right). The $19.95 plan is dropped, but if you had it before the $29.95 was introduced, you could continue at $19.95.
    -August 2007, I am on vacation in Germany. My hotel has HotSpots. I ‘upgrade’ to the Internet Data/HotSpots $29.95 plan. Even though there is a HotSpot roaming charge, I could logon/logoff at will, and not have to buy a minimum of one hour of time.
    -September 2007 (I think) the $29.95 price is lowered to $19.95, but $29.95 users have to make the change on their own, which I do.
    -November 15, 2007, I have just returned from Europe, and I try to use HotSpots at IAD. This is the first time since I switched to the $19.95 plan I tried to use HotSpots. I can not sign on. T-Mobile says that when I went from $29.95 to $19.95, they did not ‘transfer’ the HotSpots correctly. They gave me a temporary username/password.
    -November 19, 2007. I swing by the local Borders and try HotSpots. No go. I call again. Later that evening I go by a local Starbucks and find that I can logon with my HotSpots account.
    -December 4, 2007, data stops working on my phone
    -December 5, 2007, I call T-Mo, and was told that on November 19 Internet data was turned off. Sure enough, I look online and find that I no longer have internet data, but have the HotSpot only service. Evidently when I called on November 19 to sort out my HotSpot problem, the CSR managed to turn off Internet data. The CSR on December 5 said it could take 24-48 hours to reactivate Internet Data.
    -December 7, 2007, still not Internet Data. I call again, and was told they would try again to get it working.
    -December 8, 2007, Still no Internet data. To rule out a problem with my phone (a Wing), I use two co-workers SIMs in my phone. Internet data works great. No internet data when I put my SIM in their phones (a Wing and a Dash). My SIM worked for Internet data in my old Treo.
    -December 9, 2007, I call CS again. I am told that all Windows Mobile devices on the network were currently having internet data problems. I explained the ongoing saga to the CSR, and the ‘testing’ I did Friday. She insisted I MUST have a bad SIM. She assured me my account was configured properly for Internet data (same thing I had been told earlier in the week). There were now three variables in play: bad SIM (CSR), bad configuration (my guess), and a know problem with WM devices system wide. I decided to try back on December 10, when hopefully the network wide problem would be sorted out, and I would be down to two variables.
    -December 10, 2007, At lunch time, I hear the beep telling me I have an e-mail. Internet data ‘magically’ starts working. What was the problem? Who knows. I know it was not a bad SIM.

    Moral of the story?? Make sure you test any service changes before you really need them (see November 15).

    I will say that I have been a T-Mo customer for almost five years, and have been extremely happy with my CS experiences, until what started when I switched from the $29.95 Internet data/HotSpot plan to the $19.95 plan.

  9. viqas says:

    Now, is there a way to get the 19.99 (or the 6.99 tzones option would be sweeter) plan with out a voice plan?

    My dad is paying 30 a month for a Data card plan (w/out hotspots) and it is horribly slow on his gprs card. I just want something to use a spare GSM (edge) phone on. I have verizon wireless (GSM service is horrible at my apartment) and i just want something that will let me go online while i am traveling.

  10. weave says:

    That’s bizarre. I checked their website under “plans” and the 19.99 option is not listed. If I go price out a new phone some of them allow you to pick the 19.99 total internet with hotspot option however.

    I have an ancient plan that has 19.99 total internet with 100 MMS messages. I use it on my Nokia N95 and occassionally tether my laptop. It’s no longer offered and I’m worried if I call customer service to ask questions I might lose it somehow.

    I’d love to switch to include the hotspots, especially since my phone does wifi. Just a bit nervous to call.

  11. CyGuy says:

    @Bunnymuffin: here is one of those T-Zones work-arounds to get at least some added internet functionalilty. []

    Also, let me get another plug in for OLPC’s Give One Get One program which is extended through the end of the year. Donate a $200 XO notebook to kid in a developing country, buy one for yourself for $200 (+$25 shipping) and get FREE T-Mobile HotSpot access for a year.

  12. MeOhMy says:

    Those assholes! Someone is getting a nasty phone call from me. God forbid you reward your valued customers by letting them know you cut the rate!

  13. Buran says:

    @yg17: The big deal is when you actually USE your phone for accessing the internet. There’s a reason that I don’t have an iPhone even though I really like it, and the lack of 3G is a big part of that.

    And it’s illegal to camp on spectrum that is not licensed to you so if that’s what’s really going on T-Mobile needs to drag the feds into court. They sold the spectrum, it’s no longer theirs.

  14. yg17 says:

    @Buran: I use my phone for accessing the internet all the time on T-Mobile, EDGE isn’t that bad.

    And yeah, they probably should drag them to court. But has anyone sucessfully sued the feds?

  15. gingerCE says:

    I have the individual unlimited internet plan for 6.99 but it does not include hotspot so it is slooowww. Maybe the 29.99 is family plan? Not sure, but hey, glad they’re lowering prices overall.

    Right now for family unlimited text I pay 19.99–not 14.99 or 9.99. Have they lowered the price for that? If they have, I might call in and ask for the cheaper text price.

    I do know T-Mobile has plans in between their advertised plans for customers. They offered me a family 1500 minute plan that is not advertised on their website for 10 dollar more than the 1000 minute plan.

  16. XTC46 says:

    I just upgraded my phone and the 19.99 plan was the one they offered me (this was 2 days ago)

  17. DanglinModifiers says:

    When I first got my phone I saw the $19.99 plan on-line, and asked why I was paying $29.99. Multiple reps told me the $19.99 plan wouldn’t work on my MDA. A few months ago I decided to call their bluff and switched to the $19.99 plan online. It worked fine. I’m glad to see they’re final telling people the truth on this one.

  18. MeOhMy says:

    @DanglinModifiers: There used to be a $20 Blackberry/No HotSpot plan (don’t know if they still offer it) which they would only give you if you had a ‘Berry. You could potentially score this online by telling the portal you had a ‘Berry and then signing up for the plan.

    But this is the T-Mobile Total Internet, allegedly with HotSpots, formerly $30, now $20, now screwing around required – I just unchecked the $30 box and checked the $20 box.