Save $10 On T-Mobile Total Internet

A reader writes in to say he saved $10 on his T-Mobile bill when he called up to ask why there were two different “Total Internet” options on his add-ons list. Were they the same thing? Yes. So he could switch to the cheaper one without penalty and get exactly the same add-on? Sure.

Just a few hours earlier today I had spoken with a T-Mobile CS rep and he didn’t mention it to me. At that time he recapped my entire plan and the cost of each item, including my $29.99 internet plan.

I’m pretty sure they would not have
lowered my rate if I hadn’t seen it on the website and called in to
ask for it. I’m sure a lot of people would like to know they can save
$10 a month without a change in service.

(Thanks to Bamboozler!)

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