Florida's SunPass Toll Free Number Is NOT 1-800-SUNPASS

Sometimes you need to call a company or government service and you guess at the toll free number. “SunPass” seems like a gimme—it’s got the right number of letters, it’s two words, and they’re even broken into groups of 3 and 4 just like a phone number. It’s a no brainer! But it’s also a sex line number, which a reader’s friend realized last week when she tried to get some information about Florida DOT’s prepaid toll program. The real number for SunPass is 1-888-TOLL-FLA.

This reminds us of Gizmodo’s post last week about the good time Linksys support number printed on their router packaging, which originally connected buyers to a sex chat line. (It has since been corrected.) 1-800-SUN-PASS isn’t a mistake, though—either Florida just doesn’t want to buy it, or the phone sex company doesn’t want to sell it. (The number, we mean.)

(Thanks to Chris!)
(Photo: Getty)

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