U.S. Airways Offers Employees $100 Bonus For Meeting Baggage Goals

U.S. Airways has something of a problem when it comes to transporting their customers’ belongings. They’re just not very good at it, particularly in Philadelphia.

According to USAToday, U.S. Airways is trying something different this holiday travel season. They’re offering $100 to every employee in the company if two performance goals are met.

…at least 60% of all flights must depart at the scheduled time or earlier, and mishandled bags must be limited to no more than seven bags per 1,000 bags.

U.S. Airways is already operating at 6.42 mishandled bags per 1,000 customers as of October, so they probably could have aimed a little higher. Still, there are 8 airlines worse than U.S Airways in the baggage category including Delta, Atlantic Southeast (also Delta) and American Eagle (American Airlines).

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