Newegg Honors Canceled PayPal Promotion Transactions

A couple of weeks ago, several online retailers ran a poorly managed PayPal promotion that offered sizable discounts. For Newegg, the three-day sale instead lasted less than a day, at which point Newegg was yanked from the participating retailers list on PayPal’s promotions page. But Newegg is going back and making good on orders that were in process when the deal was pulled, according to a reader who forwarded us Newegg’s email.

(Emphasis ours:)

The popularity of this promotion surpassed everyone’s expectations with over almost 16,000 orders successfully qualifying in the first few hours of the launch. The overwhelming popularity of the promotion quickly depleted all allocated funds, and once the funds were expired, we immediately removed the associated marketing materials. Unfortunately, some of our valued customers were in the process of making purchases and still under the impression that the promotion was in effect, and may have been inconvenienced or not received an expected benefit.

Newegg prides itself on always providing the highest level of customer service. Customer satisfaction is our primary mission. As a result, Newegg will review all purchases made utilizing PayPal between 2:30-5:30 P.M. (PST) on Monday, November 26th and apply the “20% off, up to $50” to each customer placing an order using PayPal during that time period.

Please know and understand that we have carefully reviewed the direct and online feedback from our customers regarding this activity. We will take all necessary steps to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction as we plan our next PayPal promotion.

What’s interesting is the promotion never stipulated that it would only last until “allocated funds” were depleted. According to DailyTech, even Newegg was surprised by this sudden detail on the day the promotion was canceled by PayPal. (A similar promotion back in April did stipulate the funds condition, so it was quite possibly a proofreading error on PayPal’s behalf.)

At any rate, we’re glad Newegg took this extra measure to do right by its customers, and we hope PayPal is paying for the extra discounts.

(Thanks to Kurt!)

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