How To Register For Comments

Some of the protocols for registering for new comments on The Consumerist have changed. Also, there’s was a bug that was preventing people from registering since the new layout changed and it’s been fixed. Here’s a quick guide to how the commenting works.

1. Click “New User? Here’s what to do.” at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page.



2. Enter username, password, confirm password, and enter optional email address (for password recovery only). Hit submit.

registeringnewuser.jpg3. In the upper right hand corner it will say “Registering new user…” This is how you know it’s working. If everything is good, it will say, “Registration Successful.” Otherwise, it will say “Login failed,” either because the screen name is already in use or the passwords didn’t match. Check what you wanted to do and repeat step 2.

4. If you registered to comment on a specific post, you will be taken back to that post where you can enter your audition comment. If you registered from the top of the main page, you can now enter a comment on any post. This will be your audition comment before you are finally approved. We’re looking for comments that are interesting, substantial or highly amusing. So write a comment, polish up your words and post it.. Your comment will only appear once (or if) you’re approved.commentsbox.jpg

And that’s it! Let the cogent and informed discussion fly!


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  1. Half Beast says:

    Commenting on The Consumerist.
    Serious Business.

  2. glass says:

    is this why ive been commenting for almost a month now, and havent been approved? my comments are amazing. youve all been missing out.

  3. darkclawsofchaos says:

    @half-beast: Not really, or is it? Nah, we do it just to stick it to scum that we must deal with to live, and give the occasional kudos to those who goes Above and Beyond like Costco

  4. howie_in_az says:

    I do it for the chicks.

  5. Klink says:

    Does this apply to all of gawker media?

  6. Myotheralt says:

    With some of the near name calling I see here and on Giz, why cant I get commenting permissions? I promise I wont do that. Is it that I dont always use caps? please?

  7. silvanx says:

    Glad to see the audition part is still there. This is totally the ‘increased appreciation after effort’ effect at work here… make someone work harder for something, then, once they get it, they’re happier about what they get, regardless of its actual quality. I was cursing after my first comment didn’t make it, but now I’m all “Go, consumerist!” Makes me wonder how good it actually is…

  8. @Klink: I can comment on Wonkette because I can comment on Consumerist.

    And I do comment on Wonkette. Like, every day. It’s pretty pathetic, actually.

  9. Solly says:

    So, how long does it take for that first comment to be approved?
    I have yet to be able to post comments, so I am assuming my auditions have been absolute failures.
    After reading some of the comments here for the past year or so, I am amazed that I have been able to comment, until now. Right?

  10. Unnamed Source says:

    Do comments not show up in history until one is approved?

  11. glassdevaney says:

    Consumerist is Life. No Consumerist, No Life.

    wait a minute…

  12. martyf says:

    So, let me get this straight? My comments haven’t been posted – ever – and that’s because why?

    I’ve always thought it was just my imagination that the comments I post here simply vanish without a trace.

  13. treading_lightly says:

    Soooo. My first comment has not shown up in the Etsy aticle comments, and it’s been more than half and hour. Have I been rejected? Was I not cogent enough? Should I try to raise my intelligence quotient and try again? I play sudoku and Brain Age everyday. Faithfully. That must count for something …

  14. jchabotte says:

    I’ve been registered here for 6 months or more.. still haven’t gained approval..

    still can’t post comment here or at Jalopnik.. been trying almost every other day.

    I’m a sad panda.

  15. henwy says:

    Are we even sure that someone is reading the probational comments or do they just all get dumped en masse?

  16. Scatter says:

    Same here, I registered a month ago but my comments never show up. I have no idea if my account hasn’t been approved or if my comments weren’t deemed worthy.

    It’s kind of ironic that a blog specializing in consumer’s and customer service doesn’t really have a link to get account problems straightened out and leaves it’s members in limbo not knowing their status.

  17. Scatter says:

    Hello, is this thing on?

    I think i’m registered or am I? It’s funny that I can’t seem to get customer service at this blog about customer service.

  18. Testing…1…2…4?

  19. eirrom says:

    I have been registered since August 2007 and still have not been able to get my comments “approved” whatever that means.

    I was just reading another story and some typed 3 words for their lousy response and misspelled “owns”. They spelled it “ownes”. A 2nd grader can spell owns without a dictionary.

    How much longer is my genius going to be denied!

  20. Testing..1..2..4?

  21. thepennyblack says:

    Okay…look folks. I am just a bored grad student working at a call center, reading your wonderful site.

    It is very difficult be be eloquent between calls! Have a heart…

    The elitist tone of the audition explaination stifles my wit and creativity.

    My ego is hurt. It’s going to take a really big bandaid… and the bandaid’s name is “Consumerist Approval.”

  22. zomgorly says:

    How will I know if I am approved? I have not seen any confirmation emails or seen any of my comments show up? Maybe leaving a comment here will help me.

  23. god_forbids says:

    I have probably been posting for two months, without a single one showing up. All have been relevant, with most being helpful info I dug up on the web. What gives?!?!

  24. BrianneG78 says:

    Sorry I’m not pithy enough to be considered for commenting privileges. I guess I’ll have to go back to writing on my real job. At least Consumerist has taught me how to sniff out e-mail addresses so I can complain about crappy treatment from companies. Am I supposed to do the same for Consumerist to become a commenter? Should I e-mail bomb the team to get approved? Is this some weird test I don’t know about?

  25. synimatik says:

    It kind of annoys me that some of the people approved leave comments such as ‘this one time… at band camp LOL!!!11’ Yet for some reason my comments can’t be viewed anywhere. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time licking windows on the short bus.

  26. madfrog says:

    Been registered for about 2 weeks ago and as Bart Simpson once said “Still just a potatoe”. A girl has to have a dream. Someday….

  27. CrumpsBrother says:

    Either I am doing something terribly wrong, or someone at consumerist just hates me. Every comment I make seems to vaporize.

    Do I need to write an angry letter to customer service? I wish there was a website that would help me pursue gripes such as this.

  28. ben gardners boat says:

    Sooo… do we have to post comments to this post only, or can I just go all willy-nilly, posteing wherever I please, but having to wait to see if it actually shows up?

    This is a different approach to comment regulation. It’s refreshing. Here, commenting isn’t a right, it’s a privelege. Your bad comments don’t get banned. You have to prove your comment-worthiness first, then post bad comments.

    Very proactive. Pre-emptive. Whatever. Purple.

  29. mysterylodge says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. While I haven’t entirely stayed on topic, neither did the people I replied to.

    Oh well.

  30. theSuperman says:

    My comments haven’t been appearing either. And it doesnt say that I need to be approved to comment.

  31. theSuperman says:

    None of my comments appear either, and its very annoying.

  32. halothane says:

    I registered this account a month or two ago. I used to use my facebook account for commenting, but really don’t want my full name all over consumerist, plus there is that whole “stigma” associated with facebook commenters. My comments haven’t been any less insightful or off topic than the average commenter. Is there some blood oath or bovine sacrifice I’ve neglected?

    Oh, and in the interests of “full disclosure,” I registered a second account “aloriaaa,” thinking that maybe I botched the audition process somehow. Nope.

  33. PTB315 says:

    Yeah they could really stand to be a bit clearer with getting approval, I’ve been registered for awhile and none of my comments have appeared and i posted them at least a week ago, kinda pointless since the topics die off after a few days.

  34. thither says:

    Uh, these instructions are currently incorrect. There is no link to a “register for comments” page anywhere on at the moment, as far as I can tell. In order to comment, a user currently seems to need to go to and register for an account there, and then come back to this site and log in with that username and password.