Travelocity Doesn't Know What A Funeral Is, You Pay Extra $279

On Nov 22 my 36 year old brother Mike died suddenly. So I quickly hoped on-line to get a flight from San Francisco to Pittsburgh, leaving Nov 24th.

After a few minutes I realized that I booked the wrong “come back to San Francisco-return” date. I called Travelocity less than 5 minutes after booking my flight information on line. I told the man I was frantic over my brother’s death and needed to change the “return flight”—he became confused. I explained my concerns a few more times to him and he said he understood.

The man on the other end of the phone didn’t know what a funeral was!!!

He said he could help me but the computers were down and he would make a note that I called right after booking my ticket so I could change it without penalty. In addition, I purchased the flight insurance.

When the funeral was over I called again and they had no record of my call. I was put on hold and the phone hung up after about 28 minutes so I called again and logged into my account with you so I could have all my info right at my fingertips…

Here is a list of a few of the problems I encountered.
-Can’t get info on flights under the “my stuff” heading–was told the web site is having problems.
-Put on hold for upwards of 40 minutes–3 times.
-Hung up on twice.
-Customer service didn’t know what a funeral was!!!
-Non English speaking customer service.
-Loud background noise of people talking and laughing.
-My account was not updated with the numerous calls I made after the receptionist said they were.
I was quoted $580.00 to change my flight after I was told there would be no charge.

I would like to cancel my flight with you on December 7th.
I would like to be reimbursed the 279.00.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter,

Jason Doctor

My brother’s death record.

I am without words……

I only get put on hold or an automated message when I try to iron this out..

michellep.jpgJason, our condolences for your loss. You have to always be careful when ordering tickets online, but we can understand how, in your grief, you made a mistake. We found some contact information that might prove helpful. First, you have to stop calling their regular customer service line. The people they hire there don’t even know what a funeral is. You can’t reason with such people. Instead, we want you to call the corporate headquarters and try to reach the office of Michelle Peluso, the President. Here is a picture we found of her. You can tell she is just dying to help you. The corporate HQ # is (682) 605-3000. We think her office lines is (682) 605-1374 and her email could be Use the techniques we describe in How To Be Customer Service Ninja, like being polite and succinct, and you may get handed off to an executive customer service rep who knows how to give you a refund, and if you’re lucky, may even know what a funeral is.

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