Naughty Cough Syrup Returns

So for a while there local newscasts were soberly worried kids drinking cough medicine that only contained dextromethorpan (DXM). It seems that children of all ages were guzzling bottles of it in order to go on a cheap hallucinatory journey.

In response, the drug companies were pulling DXM-only formulas off the shelves and pushing multi-symptom formulas. Multi-symptom meant multi-ingredients, like guaifenesin. If you intentionally overdose on DXM + guaifenesin, the first stop on your magical mystery tour will include draining the high-volume draining of the contents of your stomach and bowels, through your throat and rear, respectively. But just yesterday I’m walking down the Rite Aide aisle in Brooklyn to get cold supplies for my girlfriend and there it is, a whole bunch of DXM-only cough medicine. What gives? Are we just not doing that anymore? Did the drug companies just decide the war on robotripping is over? Or did we get it wrong and DXM-only medicine never went off the market? Inquiring minds want to know.

(Photo: Editor B)

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