Keep A Police-Accessible Record Of Your Serial Numbers With JustStolen

JustStolen offers a free online database where you can store information about your personal property—”Any descriptive information can be entered into the database including make, model, color, serial number and any thing else you can think of. You can even upload photographs of your items.” The company makes its data available for free to police departments everywhere, so they can locate the owners of recovered items by (for example) typing in a serial number. It’s based in Boston but, since it’s an Internet company, it can be used by consumers and police departments no matter where they’re located.

The company also runs “iSold it,” an auction service that works with police departments to liquidate unclaimed personal property; we’re guessing that’s the “???” step that comes before “3. Profit!”

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“Brookline cop works to reunite theft victims and their property” [Wicked Local]