Dangerous Toys Helping Walmart?

Parents are staying away from small toys this holiday season, says a survey from America’s Research Group, and planning instead to buy more expensive tech items.

Bad news for toy retailers like Toys R Us and electronics retailers like Circuit City, but good news for Walmart:

Wal-Mart plans to keep a steadier flow of customer traffic this year by planning out an early discounting season rather than waiting until mid-December to clear out slow-moving merchandise. Consumers’ acceptance of Wal-Mart’s flat-screen TVs and other expensive gizmos is a stark contrast to their rejection of its higher-end clothing. No one wants to say they buy their clothes at Wal-Mart, but anyone will get a Sony there.

“That’s why Circuit City and Radio Shack are closing so many stores,” [Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates, a New York-based retail consultancy], says.

Do you buy electronics at Walmart? Are staying away from small toys this year?

Toy Scare Could Help Wal-Mart


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  1. 7j6cei says:

    Nope, NEVER!!! Walmart’s staff never has any idea of how there electronics work! Plus, half the time you can’t demo products. Besides, have you ever been into the electronics section at a Walmart? Good luck trying to find what you are looking for!

  2. SaveMeJeebus says:

    When I think of Wal-Mart electronics, I think of two distinct manufacturing lines; one with quality checks and another that bypasses them to save a buck in order to meet the “dropping prices”. I don’t buy anything from Wal-Mart that I expect to keep longer than a year. And that’s if I ever go there.

  3. B1663R says:

    tough call, my 5 year old daughter has her mind set on a Polly Jet that will be recalled for sure as well as the typical onslaught of Barbie’s

    just don’t know what to do?

  4. JKinNYC says:

    I only buy electronics from NewEgg

  5. MatthewVA says:

    Walmart does cheap well. They also do “treating employees poorly” and “screwing over American taxpayers” well too.

    If I didn’t have a heart, then I would be able to get over the guilty conscious thing and count on them for things like cleaning supplies, soda and deodorant.

    When it comes to my toy/electronics needs, and feel-good-feelings this holiday season, I am for sure not going to hit Walmart up. I just don’t think they have what I am looking for: Quality, safety, and good business practices. Low/no scores in all 3 categories.

  6. nweaver says:

    For electronics, if possible go to Costco, simply because they have the best return policy in the buisness and good prices to boot.

    And you don’t feel like you’ve been bathed in slime to save $.02

  7. SaraAB87 says:

    99% of my electronics are purchased at online stores such as amazon, newegg, buy.com and others. Its just a fact that kids are wanting Ipods, computers and cellphones at younger and younger ages so parents bypass the toys to get them electronics instead. Over here the electronics departments are empty and the toy departments are full come christmas eve.

  8. Monkey4Sale says:

    I’m buying solid bars of lead for every kid in my family. And why buy electronics at walmart? A. it’s crap, and B. They only sell censored music. Don’t support companies that don’t like our freedoms.

  9. Yeah, yeah, Wal-Mart…whatever.

    But sweet merciful Christ, the lady is in danger! The toys are loose! They’re eating people!

  10. North of 49 says:

    our preschooler is getting a cheapo mp3 player cause she’s been showing jealousy that big brother has one. She’s also getting a (name brand) kiddie chair. Anything else will be from “Santa.”
    Kindergatener is on the verge of getting coal in his stocking. he too might get a (name brand) kiddie chair, but that would be it.
    Toddler is the one who is going to get a ride on toy. We just haven’t figured which yet. She’s also going to get a few more toys, but we’re going to see if we can stick to cloth dollies or edumatational stuff.
    Then again, we have a Wii and a NDS, so we can always pick up games for the kids instead of toys.

  11. theblackdog says:

    The only reason I would go near a Wal-mart these days is to buy a Wii.

    Good thing I can at least try hitting two Targets, a KMart, and a Best Buy before I will go up there :-D

  12. ahwannabe says:

    so what’s to keep the kids from eating the lead-filled electronics?

  13. rmontcal says:

    Is Dora copping a feel?

  14. UpsetPanda says:

    I hate, hate, hate with a passion the new Wal-Mart commercials with the kid getting an iPod for Christmas and the mother going “i had no idea Wal-Mart had electronics!” which is total bull because everyone knows that Wal-Mart is the number one store to go to at 3 a.m. when you need something entirely useless, OR if you’re in college, you need a place to expel massive amounts of energy.

    Wal-Mart has everything, which is why it is so popular. Chances are, you can find whatever you need at Wal-Mart, it’s just that the selection might not be as good. Need electronics? Shop online, read reviews, go to Best Buy, for heaven’s sake.

    Also, it irks me that Wal-Mart is trying to make itself into a more upscale place when there is really nothing it can do to convince anyone that going to Wal-Mart is a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

  15. lostalaska says:

    If I’m buying electronics more often than not I go to Costco because of their great return/exchange policies. Although I think I read somewhere that it recently changed because so many people were abusing it by returning their LCD or Plasma TV’s they’ve had for just under a year to “upgrade” to the bigger and better models. Or college students returning their computers after having used them for 2 semester (just short of a year).

    If I’m looking for something really specific I usually use a specialty retailer online like NewEgg or Crutchfield for the niche electronics. I’m really not a fan of ordering electronics online, but when you live in Alaska your options tend to be quite limited.

  16. synergy says:

    Sorry. I agree with Matthewva. I don’t go to Walmart. It also freaks me out how every time every one I know or come across, among the first things that come out of their mouths is how they went to Walmart for this or they got X at Walmart. It’s Walmart all the time and it’s cult-y creepy weird.

  17. ninjatales says:

    I dont shop at WalMart.

  18. etinterrapax says:

    Wouldn’t go there for anything, but especially not electronics. What you save at the counter, you’ll spend later for service and replacement.