Sprint Hotline Success Story: “I was excited when I read about the Sprint SERO plan and how it was open to everyone on consumerist.com. The only problem was that I already had Sprint, but I was out of contract. I signed up for a new phone and plan on the SERO website. They ended up adding a new line of service and billing me 449.00 for the phone. I returned the phone, got another phone and things snowballed from there. I have spent HOURS trying to get my bill adjusted. I have been in total SPRINT HELL for the past 3 months. At one point, my 50.00 monthly plan turned into 1100.00 (with multiple phones, late fees etc.) I spent 2 hours on the phone and went through 2 supervisors before my bill was corrected, or so I thought. Two weeks later a 300.00 charge was put on my bill I was told that one of the phones I had returned they had issued a credit for had not been received, even though I had in fact returned the handset! WHAT?! Needless to say my phone service was cut off when I did not pay the 300.00+ bill. Then I saw the posting for the sprint hotline. After 30 mins on the phone with a very pleasant agent, my bill now reflects a credit balance of 16.00!! Thanks Consumerist!” The Sprint Consumerist Hotline: (703-433-4401)


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  1. SpdRacer says:

    If Sprint didn’t suck so bad would they need a dedicated number for the readers of Consumerist? I guess thats like asking if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound?

  2. Mike_ says:

    There are two stories here:

    (1) Sprint Customer Service sucks, but more importantly

    (2) The Consumerist is being bought off by Sprint for the meager price of allowing the “Executive Services” number to be referred to as the “Sprint Consumerist Hotline”. Here’s how it works:

    1. Sprint treats Customer like garbage.
    2. Customer, at his wits end, Googles for help.
    3. Customer finds The Consumerist.
    4. Customer calls 703-443-4401.
    5. Sprint treats Customer like he should have been treated all along.
    6. Customer praises The Consumerist.
    7. The Consumerist reports another “Success Story”.
    8. Sprint largely avoids negative attention.

    This sort of post does absolutely nothing for the 99% of Sprint customers who know nothing about The Consumerist, and are routinely “Effed in the A” every time they dial *2.

    Stop shilling for Sprint. Hold their feet to the fire. Demand that they treat every customer like a Consumerist reader.

  3. skechada says:

    I’m no huge fan of Sprint, but I had a very positive experience with them when I received a $24 bill for “data services” (I received 5 or so MMS messages, charged at $.03/kb). After talking with customer service and figuring out exactly where the charge came from, they completely refunded that money. Sure, I’m out of contract and they were trying to sell me on a renewal and new phone (cutting $150 of the reduced HTC Touch price and 50% off the data rate for the full two years), but I came away surprised and pleased with their service.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Michael says:

    Has anyone had any luck getting Sprint (regular customer service or Consumerist line) to allow them to switch their standard rate plan to a SERO plan…mid-contract? If so…how?

  5. nutrigm says:

    The fact that there has to be a hotline in the first place is a real shame.

  6. photomikey says:

    I hate the Sprint Consumerist hotline. It’s the only way to get service out of Sprint. How the fuck can you run a company where there is no way to get anything fixed without calling a special, secret number… and then they set things right? How can you not empower your employees to fix things? ARGH!!

  7. XTC46 says:

    Here is my current problem with sprint/palm

    They are bugging me :(


  8. girly says:

    This might sound weird, but I want to know how, when you do not have the service, you can complain about trying to contact people with that service.

    For instance, a few months ago I was trying to contact some people who use T-mobile when they went on a trip to the opposite coast. Kept getting “all circuits are busy”. I called T-mobile, but they didn’t seem equipped to help me since I was not a T-mobile customer.

    Now I want to contact someone who has an AT&T landline (I don’t have AT&T) and the phone just rings–no answer, no voicemail, rings and rings. I called AT&T and they couldn’t really help me either.

    I know that they can’t give me sensitive information, all I want to do is lodge a complaint that their service doesn’t appear to be working, but there seems to be no way to do that…

  9. 4ster says:

    I gave the Sprint Comsumerist number to a guy I know who has been in Sprint HELL lately, and it worked for him.

  10. trunk666 says:

    I work for Sprint.
    Use the shit outta that number boyz!

  11. missdona says:

    I haven’t used the hotline. But every time I have to call CS, I say Cancel-Cancel-Cancel at the prompts to get to retentions rep. It seems like the retentions reps are the only ones that have any kind of pull.

  12. Frank_Trapasso says:

    Sprint has an issue where if you order a SERO plan online, they give you the wrong plan. It’s not too helpful.

  13. timd1969 says:

    What a pleasant experience. I called the Sprint line over a missing credit after a hardware upgrade. The gentleman who answered the telephone, yes a live person answered the telephone, was polite and helpful.

    I understand that customers shouldn’t need access to a special line to get customer service. Of course, Sprint could have avoided the problem to begin with by billing me the amount indicated on the order confirmation. In the end, though it’s not my mission to reform Sprint; I just wanted my credit.

    Thanks for the Consumerist for making me aware of an alternative to *2.

  14. jhilker says:

    Well, I really need to share my experience here. I only wish I had kept a log of what I’ve done over the last three months. I did make several posts on buzzaboutwireless.com, so I’m going to try to include them here…

    Originally written 9/23/07: Yesterday I received a call asking me to complete a survey on my experience with a call placed to customer service on Monday, September 17th. At that point I realized I couldn’t distinguish that call from the many others I have placed with Sprint over the past two weeks. I decided I had better go this route. I’m really not sure how many calls I’ve placed, but it has certainly been extensive, with long hold times for my initial contact, as well as every time I’m transferred to another department. I won’t go into details on those issues, but try to give you the highlights of my experience.
    My name is John, and I currently have 5 lines on account XXX. I have had an account with Sprint PCS since 2003. Back on September 6th, I was loaned a Palm Treo 650, as I was thinking about possibly moving to a PDA phone. I called Sprint to activate the phone, and tried it for several hours. I ended up deciding against this phone, so I called Sprint back to reactivate my Sanyo MM-9000. The CSR told me I’d have to move to a Power Vision package, since the MM-9000 was an EVDO phone. I advised that I had previously had an old Vision picture package that I wanted to keep. Power Vision is not even available where I live. After some time, the CSR said they had been able to move me back to my old package.
    The following Monday, September 10th, I realized that my MM-9000 was having problems similar to what had happened previously (when charger is plugged in, the connection goes on and off, so it’s impossible to get the phone completely charged). As this phone was a refurbished replacement of one that had had a similar problem, I called Sprint again to ask them to send me another replacement. The CSR asked me to take it to a Sprint Store, but I advised that I lived over an hour from the closest store that could service it. He said that would be no problem, so he placed the order, and said I’d receive the replacement phone within 3 to 5 business days.
    On Wednesday, September 12th, I called Sprint to get a UPS tracking number for my order. After talking to several different representatives, it was finally determined that the order hadn’t been placed, because there were no available MM-9000’s. There was also no idea of knowing when a replacement would be available. I asked what other phones might be available, and was advised that I could receive the Sanyo 8500, or the Katana DLX. They gave me my choice of colors, and I was advised that the phone would be shipped out immediately. I found this to be the case, as the phone was received on Friday, September 14th.
    When I received my phone, I realized that a mailer hadn’t been sent to ship back my old phone. When I called to activate it, I asked for a mailer to be sent for my old phone, and was told it would be sent right away. As of this date I still have received said mailer. After using my phone for a while, I determined that my web access wasn’t available, so I called Sprint back. At this point it was determined that my web access had been removed. They gave me the option of adding Power Vision packages. I told them I wanted my old Vision plan back. as Power Vision is not available where I live, but it also gave me unlimited text messages on two phones, and unlimited calls after 7 pm on weeknights. I previously had a Vision Picture package at $15.00 for the first phone, and $7.50 for a 2nd line.
    The CSR I was speaking with at that point kept me on the line for over 90 minutes. At one point he placed the call on hold without telling me, and when he came back after 3 or 4 minutes, I asked him if he had put me on hold. He said he did that because his supervisor was paging him to ask him why the call was taking so long!
    He ultimately said he got me back on the same plan I had previously had, but when I checked online the next day, it only showed a Vision picture package for $5.00, which had NO text messages, and no unlimited calls after 7.
    Again, I’ve lost count of how many other calls I’ve made – hopefully you can pull up all of them – but I was finally referred over to the retentions department, and they were supposed to give me 500 text messages per line at no extra cost, along with free unlimited calls after 7. When I checked my account today, it shows unlimited messages for two lines, and 500 text messages for three! I do see that I have unlimited calls after 7 for all lines, so I think that part has been fixed. I have been placed back on a Vision Pictures package at $15/month.
    One other thing I’ve noticed is that there’s currently a credit on my account in the amount of $363.49. Last Friday, September 21st, I made one more call to try to verify what I currently have, and I also asked about this large credit. I knew that I had some credit owed for several phones I returned when I upgraded several lines during the summer, and I was also owed back an activation fee that was placed in error, but I didn’t think it would be over $300! The CSR I spoke with on Friday said there was a $329 credit for a returned phone. I told him I had a Sanyo MM-9000 that I was intending to return, but hadn’t yet received a mailer. He told me to just keep that, as they didn’t need it back if it was broken! I’m still not sure what that large credit is for, though, and I’m still holding my old MM-9000.
    From my multiple calls to Customer Service, I am left bewildered, confused, and worried as to what surprises my next few bills will bring. I certainly hope someone can sort through all of this, and please let me know what’s going on.

    Originally written 10/2/07:

    Just to add what I hope will be the final chapter in this latest saga: I appear to have my bill straightened out. Without going through my many calls to Customer Service since my last post, I’ll just focus on my last contact with Karen from southern Indiana (not India!). Karen listened to my rant, and right off asked for a number she could call me back if we got disconnected. She then proceeded to review my entire bill, and after consulting with several others, made some adjustments (she said it really looked botched up from previous futile attempts to correct it), and my bill has now dropped from just over $200 to just a hair over $120! (The $379 charge for my new phone had previously been extended out 30 days to give time for my old phone to be received – and yes, I have the tracking number as well as the RMA so I can keep an eye on that to make sure it gets where it needs to be!)

    Karen also was able to make some corrections to make sure I received the credit that had been previously promised me for my lines 3 to 5. All in all, it was a splendid experience. I only wish there were more like her throughout the organization.

    Someone at a Sprint store told me that a full 1/3 of all calls are now being handled overseas, and they’re even hiring english teachers to help their employees with their english. Seems that one of their outsourced vendors for CSR support was sold to an Indian company, which shifted all the work over there. Bad move – how long before that contract’s up? I know now that I’ll always have to have a bad signal when I begin speaking to someone I can’t understand, and then play the roulette wheel and take my chances on calling in again.

    Hopefully, all’s well that ends well. I will post here one more time after I get the next bill, to see if all is still ok.

    Originally posted 11/1/07:

    Well, I thought it would be too good to be true. I now have another bill for almost $500. Appears they still don’t have verification that the first phone I returned was ever received, even though I have verification that Sprint received the phone from UPS on 10/3. I am ready to cancel! When I transferred over to cancel the service, I was advised that I would be charged $200 for every phone on my line that’s under contract – with four phones still under contract, that’s $800 to pay for lousy customer service. I think I’m going to cancel off the line that’s out of contract, and get the cheapest plan I can get to continue the service, and slowly move my lines over to another carrier. You can bet I will check to see how their customer service rates. I’ve been advised that Alltel gets pretty high marks. Too bad it has to come to this, huh? But even good phones and an awesome network cannot cvercome lousy, incompetent customer service!

    Here we are in December now, and guess what. I got another $500 bill! By this point I found the Consumerist hotline number, so I figured, why not? I called, a very nice person took my information, and within 48 hours, had called back and told me I owed nothing for December, and that I had almost a $100 credit. Oh, if that were only the end of the story… This weekend I checked my balance online, and found that the bill had jumped to $200! At least I had a case number, so called the same person who had been so helpful only a week earlier. She was not as friendly this time. She advised that it was a “temporary credit” being added back to my bill. She was unable to not only explain why this was occurring, but also couldn’t tell me why she didn’t know about this last week, when she told me I owed nothing this month??? She asked me what she could do to make me happy. I said “how about clearing this month’s bill,” to which she promptly said she couldn’t do that when they had done nothing wrong. Minutes later, she agreed to give me back about half that amount. I told her I felt I should have more due to the amount of time I’ve been on the line, and on hold with them over the last 90 days, and she said she couldn’t do it.

    Sorry, Consumerist, but your hotline really hasn’t done it for me yet.