Maybe Landlord Will Fix Ceiling After It Collapses?

This is a video of Bucky’s liquefied bathroom ceiling:

After cleaning black mold off the ceiling daily with bleach for about two months and pleading with the new landlord, he sent the pseudo-super, who barely speaks English, to fix the leak in my bathroom.

After ripping down the almost collapsed ceiling and the neighbor’s kitchen floor, the guy discovered at least three different leaks, all converging on my ceiling.

This is a clip of him working on the problem (day 2) from the neighbor’s apartment upstairs. He states the case rather simply, “Mucho problemo!”

Bucky says the super replaced his ceiling with a drop ceiling for easy access, and now there’s some new drips. Perhaps a sequel could be in the (water)works?

Have you ever had trouble getting your landlord to do repairs? Do you have any tactics that have proved successful in encouraging the landlord to get the job done?