Costco Finds Item You Accidentally Left In The Parking Lot And Holds It For You

Reader Chris bought an item at Costco, accidentally left it in the parking lot and figured that was that. Little did he know that Costco employees had found the item, made a note of it, and were just waiting around for him to return so he could grab a new one off of the shelf.

I wanted to let you know that Costco customer service is awesome. Last Sunday, My family went to Costco to shop. I saw they had a good deal on a chair mat. Right before we checked out, I went back to get it. As we were headed to the exit, my wife figures out they overcharged her for something. So (with help from a CSR) we split up so I could load the car. Well, I put the chair mat somewhere and forgot about it. (probably against the car) I realized it later that night that I had forgotten it, and had written it off. Today, I went to Costco to get a prescription filled and I thought I would ask about it. Apparently an employee found it, logged it, and put it back on the shelf. The CSR told me to get another one off the shelf and gave me a note to get through the cashiers with it. The cashier then radioed to the receipt checkers, so I didn’t even have to wait in the exit line!

Well, damn. That’s really nice! Good job, Costco.

(Photo:Rick Takagi)

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