Consumer Agency IT Pro Admits To Stealing 8.4 Million Records

A senior database administrator for Fidelity National Information Services, a widely used banking technology and data providor, has admitted that he stole 8.4 million customer records from the company and sold the data to a broker, who in turn sold them to marketers. He could face up to 10 years in prison but will probably get less because he confessed. We think he should have to open, read, and shred every piece of junk mail that his victims receive for the next, oh, say 10 years instead.

According to the register, for once this doesn’t appear to be a fraud-based crime:

The company [Fidelity] is unaware of any identity theft or fraudulent financial activity resulting from the theft. Rather, it believes the stolen records were used for marketing purposes.

Really, are mailing lists that expensive to buy?

“IT pro admits stealing 8.4M consumer records” [Channel Register]
(Photo: Getty)

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