Hey, everyone is getting debt free! “No debt” is the new “debt!” Thrill as Leo from Zen Habits pays off his car loans. Lots of good tips on how to get out of debt. [Zen Habits]


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  1. nutrigm says:

    In 3 years all of my car debts will be gone. I am planning to sell them all (I have 2 sedans and a minivan) for $ and lease 3 nice cars instead. Am I a bad consumerist?

  2. s35flyer says:

    I have been out of debt, cars, credit cards everything for last 3 years and trust me it is a wonderful thing

  3. richcreamerybutter says:

    6 kids?! plus, this guy only quit smoking 2 years ago?? and he was blogging full time while his wife wasn’t working??! plus this guy is all about buying cars. ARGH. soliciting donations so you can blog for a living under these circumstances leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t think this guy has any business dispensing advice. I’m pretty much the picture of a liberal party girl, but even I was instilled with the knowledge that if you want to earn a living, you need to plan accordingly.

    I read these lists, and most of them depress the hell out of me (with the exception of one girl’s blog that’s been featured here, tho I can’t remember the name of it at the moment). Such lists invoke panic attacks from watching all the Learning Channel shows with 25 kids living in one room and clipping coupons for generic Wonder Bread. It IS possible to get out of debt with the illusion of decadence at times if you know how.

    This year (as my first out of debt), I saved $20,000. There’s no “magic” list, just decide what’s most important and creatively cut out what you don’t need (not unlike burning more calories than you take in to lose weight). Everyone has different circumstances and lifestyles, so one solution isn’t going to work for all.

  4. martyf says:

    We’ve been clear of Debt for….umm….since 2002. It’s great. No blogging needed, either.