Barnes & Noble Corporate Email Address Format

Not that any of our readers have ever had a real problem with Barnes & Noble, but just in case, it’s


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  1. truebluegeeks says:

    who has ever had a problem with b&n? The place has always been great to me…other then the prices

  2. corrosive says:

    B&N was one of the worst places I have ever worked. The flaunted the labor laws daily. Every employee you see there works 10-12 hour days, but just enough to keep them at 38 hours. And Xmas time is the worst. The schedule you to work 2pm to midnight. However not if everything is not completed to the managers satisfaction you stay till it is. One night that meant 330 am. And most of us were scheduled to return at 7am. They treated the seasonals even worse, which included firing them on xmas eve with no notice. Employee theft was rampant, shoplifting was ignored. Obvious favoritism was abound at that store. Relatives being hired and given jobs in music, etc… It was fucking horrible.

    The ONLY good thing about that job was the discounts. 10-15% off everything, at the time you got discounts at gamestop as well. And at xmas it went up to 25%.

  3. SpaceCowgirl01 says:

    I am actually totally in love with Barnes & Noble right now. I have one about a block and a half from my house, and I love going there when I need a spur-of-the-moment purchase at 10:30 at night. I’ve also found three items there in the past two weeks (a lap desk, the futurama movie, and a particular final cut pro book – from the official Apple instructional line) that I couldn’t find anywhere else in my nearby mall (at Target, FYE and the Apple store, respectively).

  4. DigitalMariner says:

    @corrosive: Sounds like whatever store you were at was a bit out of control. The stores I’ve worked at no one (not even management) works more than 9 hour shifts. Everyone is gone by midnight, and almost never back early the next day. If it was that bad, why not kick it up to We Listen or your DM (especially after you left seeing as you had nothing to lose)?

    You praised the discounts, but your numbers are a bit off (lending some doubt to your story). For as long as I’ve worked there it’s been 20% CDs & DVDs/30% Books/50% Cafe/15% at Gamestop (EB Games). Two weeks a year (xmas and summer) it goes to 30% music/40% books/25% Gamestop.

    There are bound to be a few bad spots in a company this big, but there are few other retail places where I would honestly be proud to say I work there.

  5. plim says:

    uh…not sure if that’s right.

    first of all, i know someone who works at b&n corporate, and her e-mail address domain is not bn…but it is firstinitiallastname =P

    and second of all (this is more about finding the right one), if you have two people with the same firstinitiallastname combo, you don’t know if they’re gonna say jsmith1 or jasmith/jesmith, let alone if they’re both jasmith, then what?

  6. JuliaD says:

    This is not news-worthy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had a problem with them! They promised to ship my items to arrive before XMas…paid for express shipping. Now they are delayed and will arrive on Dec. 30. TERRIBLE…no I have to go to the mall tomorrow and get last minute gifts.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have this to say about JeroldCretan’s complaint: in my work at a local B&N this winter, I never once promised on-time delivery if there was the slightest chance anything could go wrong with an order, and that was expressly the company’s policy, to tell the customer not to promise if there was a chance the delivery service could cause a package to be late. In 10 years of buying at a store and ordering both in-store and online I have NEVER had a missed delivery. Very unusual that your shipment missed, and as an employee I sincerely regret that you were disappointed. BN are the best retailer I have EVER worked for, both in employee treatment and customer treatment. How many retailers actually offer to take customers to the exact product needed, all the time? How many do not acknowledge a product is in stock unless the product is in their hands? Barnes and Noble does, for one. I sincerely wish you better luck on your next trip, and please don’t give up on B&N if that’s your only disappointment.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t close the b/n at southside blvd and atlantic in jacksonville fl. It is such a wonderful place to go and unwind. The people are great they don’t just tell you were something is they show you were it is. I usually get a few books I’m interested in ,get myself a cup of coffee and find myself one of the overstuffed chairs and relax. The b/n at the Town Center is awful.The cafeis small the employees aren’t as friendly their is no place to sit and relax it’s smaller and theparking is horrible expecially at Christmas time. What do I need to do to keepyou fromclosing the store. I’ll gladely sit out side the store and get signatures plus I will give everyone I meet your e-mail address. Please please don’t close this b/n.
    Dona Zamalloa